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Jason Oliver is Here!!!

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At 4:20 on Tuesday, September 5, 2005, Jason Oliver was born into the water at our home. He weighed in at 9lbs 14oz started nursing at 5pm and hasn't really stopped since!

Ds#1 is in love w/his little brother. Doesn't really like having to wait for milk or cuddles, but it's only day 2, so we'll work it all out. He woke up this morning, looked over in the family bed and said, "Hi Baby. Cookie, Papa?" So he seems to get that Jason is here to stay and life will be changing.

Can't believe I birthed almost 10pounds of baby w/no tears! Labor started about 9 in the morning, I was 5 cm at 12:30, 6 at 3 and I got in the tub. I growled, roared and grunted Jason out and my throat is just now recovering!

Pictures and full birth story to come later...back to nursing...
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Welcome Jason Oliver and blessings to mama and family!

Isn't it bliss?!
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Congrats same size as Maverick! lol
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CONGRATS on a BIG healthy boy!!!! I hope you enjoy your sweet baby boy!!! Congrats again!!!!!
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Great job Em!!! Yeah, I know that sore throat feeling.

Welcome to the world Jason!
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CONGRATS MAMA! Welcome Jason!
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Congrats Mama! What a big boy. Welcome to the world Jason!
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Yahooooooo! Congrats Em! Was he born the same day as my August? Tuesday, the 6th or Monday the 5th?
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woo hoo! mant congrats on your (not so) wee one!
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Congratulations! Enjoy that little sweetie and post pics when you can!

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Congratulations and welcome Jason!
Enjoy your babymoon,.
_ Kerri
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Congrats! Glad everything went well.
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Just came over to say congrats after I saw your siggie had changed on the Homebirth thread. Congrats on birthing a 10lber with NO tears! Enjoy your babymoon!
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