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Does anyone have any to spare??? I am exhausted. I had planned on running to the bank, party store, and toy store with my boys before going to pick up my older son from school but I really just don't want to move.

It seems I used up all my energy this morning cleaning the walls, doors, and baseboards in the hallways :LOL

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Energy.....what's that ? :LOL

I dont' know if it's lack of energy or just lack of motivation, but I could use either/or right now! It seems to come in spurts and it doesn't seem to be under my concious control.
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i've got zero energy too, i'm just doing the minimum to get by, taking care of 3 y.o. ds, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning...geez, no wonder i'm so tired!
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I'm definitely missing my energy---it disappeared eight months ago! There's nothing like being nine months pregnant with three children seven and under....but even a first pregnancy, it's totally exhausting at this stage. I'm wondering where my energy went to finish making curtains and birth announcements (I love to sew and to do calligraphy). I tried doing some practice scripts for the birth announcements yesterday, and I got so tired and so fed up so quickly. Guess I shoulda done them in the seventh month while I could still bend over my drawing table!

I'm sleeping like total crap at night, because strong contractions are happening from about 10 until 3, and then the kids wake up soooo early. I'm starting to really want this baby to be born! I'm tired of being tired, tired of aching. It's wonderful to think of having a flat stomach again and swimming a real workout again. (yeah, right...with a nursing baby?? not too likely.) yawwwnnn. Time to lie down!
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