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Lots of contractions

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but they stopped...I think...last one was around 3:30 and it's now 5pm so it's been a while but I was getting concerned...I was about to call the midwife when they stopped.

They were really strong and I could feel pressure on my cervix with them...they were the real deal even though I also had some BH mixed in.

Anyway...I feel worn out.

I hope this baby stays in at least 2 more weeks...after that...come any time baby!
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Hmm, that's interesting what you said about feeling the pressure in your cervix. I have been feeling the same thing. I've been thinking they are just braxton hicks but they are a bit strong, a little more than just uncomfortable, but not painful. Sometimes I will have a bunch together, then they will go away for a while, etc. So that's an actually contraction then if you feel that in your cervix? I also feel it every so slightly in my back. Hmm.
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I've been having lots of contractions, too, and there are sometimes that I can feel them in my cervix. But for my first pregnancy, I never felt anything in my cervix, including throughout my entire labor. I think it's hit or miss as to where you feel them, but IF they're in the cervix, I'm willing to bet the cervix is doing something, kwim?

I'm only 33 weeks. I need to hang on another four. UGH. I'm tired of this.
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That's one of the ways I could always distinguish real contractions from BH...also a feeling of pressure down...like baby's head is pressing hard. Plus I feel real contractions in my back but not BH...they just feel like uterus is in a ball and real hard, intense but no pain

I had mild contractions off and on all night and a few woke me up. I also had a few really strong ones but nothing like yesterday. But they seem to be better this morning...the backache was there the whole night as well but that seemed to start easing about an hour before I got up...what a relief..I wonder if baby was posterier for a bit...it did a whole bunch of maneuvers before the backache went away.

Baby has hiccups now...usually does once a day

I need 2 more weeks and then baby can come...I do not want to have this baby in the hospital! and I want my hubby home!
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i have been having those contractions with the cervix pressure too, baby's head is down and pretty low, but the midwife checked and after a week of that i didn't have any dilation. So, they're calling it Braxton hicks. I guess its just my body getting ready.
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Keep us posted on how things are going for you!!!!
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quite a few BH today but only one real stop what I was doing and breath through it painful contractions...baby seems to have moved up a slight fraction so I think that has helped.

I took the kids to the fair tonight for about 3 hours and just walking about slowly brought on some BH. It's intense but not painful

I take that back...just had another painful one....not too bad but still...oh well...it's not labour yet...but a nice sign that my body is getting ready.
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