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A little overwhelmed with nursing my twin toddlers!

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My twins are 18 months old now...and I feel a little crazy with the huge amount of nursing they continue to enjoy. I really want them to nurse still, but I can't help thinking how much easier it was with just one toddler nursing...I feel like they should be tapering down the amount of feedings but they really are passionate about my breasts and always nurse together. They absolutely must both be at the breasts at the same time. They are SO sweet and lovely...I hate feeling this negative one way or the other...but I think I'm going crazy!!! I think it's their size now...they are rather heavy and are seldom cradled in my lap because it's always two, so they kind of sit on either side of me and push on me with their whole bodies until I'm squished.

I guess I'm not sure what I'm looking for...just some encouragement! I don't want to wean them...I just want to hear that they won't be nursing forever...right? They're not even two yet!!! Geez.

Aah, guilt. hehe

Then, there are my breasts....they seem to have just shrunk away recently! There is no lift to them whatsoever! I think this is relatively new for me and it's just thoroughly uninspiring. I think they're afraid. :LOL
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I nurse myk 23 month old twins lying on my back, basically pinned down with one on each side.
IT sometimes drives me nuts too. It would be so nice to be able to nurse one while the other is playing happily so we can really be close and bond. But instead I am pinned on my back like a farm animal! I sometimes feel really rediculous.
I also am looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel when they wont need to nurse so much any more.
My ds1 weaned (with encouragement but no tears) at 2 1/2 this last Christmas so I am thinking "maybe only 6 more months".
So while I have no answers for you, I am there down in the trenches with you doing the same thing!
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Well I am still pregnant with twins, so I have no experience but I just wanted to congratulate you for nursing them this long! I think that is wonderful! I remember having feelings like that when my ds would marathon nurse at night, and that was just one toddler. Hang in there!
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Just wanted to say WOW, well done mommy! i am breastfeeding my 7 month old (singleton) and I sometimes moan about it! Just to let you know, i think you're amazing!
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I haven't had my twins yet, but my 2.5 yr old is still nursing and when I feel a bit overwhelmed I jsut think, this is a very short time in the grand scheme of things and to just enjoy it, one day he will be all grown. I m sure its harder w/ two, I can't wait to find out! :-) Good luck to you and its awesome you have gone so long
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Mindyleigh - I can completely understand what you are feeling. My girls will be 3 in December and are still very enthusiastic nursers. I do limit when and where we nurse but that is so much easier now that they are a bit older. Nursing them by themselves is out of the question...the rare time that I do talk the other one out of nursing with her sister ends with her asking to nurse as soon as her sister is finished. How can I say no? For me it has been a bit of a rollercoaster...some days I'm totally okay with it and others I just want to yell "Can I have my boobs back, PLEASE?!" :LOL
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I definately know the feeling. The good news is, they're getting old enough to start understanding limits better. I don't remember when I implemented what, but now (at almost 2 1/2) they have to "take turns" to nurse & I usually keep each nursing session very short. I've also started telling them, in the afternoons that they can nurse "when Daddy gets home" somehow that late afternoon period was a time when they were wanting to nurse every 5 minutes & my tollerance was at a low point. Now unless someone gets hurt they, at most will ask for "quick num nums" or "ABC num nums" (nurse while I sing the ABCs, though Ashlyn's usually done before I get to G when we do this, Lexie sometimes will nurse through the whole song but often is done sooner) and I'll tell them they get that ONE time & then we're done till Daddy gets home & they abide by it. Usually when Daddy gets home they're busy telling him about their day & eating supper & playing & such so don't think to nurse more than once in the evening. Once in awhile they "attack" me as soon as Daddy walks in teh door but not often LOL.

We recently managed to get a bedtime/naptime routine down that doesn't include nursing which was the one time that I was still letting them nurse together & that has totally improved my outlook on nursing. The 2 at once thing was just getting SO uncomfortable and overwhelming. Now that we only nurse one at a time (well, once in awhile they'll both want to nurse at the same time & I'm in a mood to let them for a few minutes, but not usually) I'm handling it all a LOT better
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Thank you so much for all your encouragement! I really appreciate that. I do think to myself sometimes, "This is not forever, just a short time in the grand scheme of our lives," and that makes me feel great, since I know they're getting the very best, and lots of touch and loving as well.

Our recent development is them constantly sticking fingers in each other's mouths to break the latch, make the other cry, and then steal the boob! Too funny. I'm really enjoying it MOST of the time...just sometimes overwhelmed at how PHYSICAL the process is on my boobs, my arms, my body! :LOL

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Congrats to you on going this long. Mine are 20 mos. old and still nurse together on the EZ 2Nurse Pillow. They too fight over which boob is better. The grass is always greener...I guess! LOL... It's the boob hopping that annoys me the most. HeHe...

Just today (literally a few minutes ago) they both decided to give up their "feed" before the afternoon nap. I sat on my futon couch with the nursing pillow and waited, but they weren't interested! So, I sat for a few mintues more and then put them to bed for their nap. I kind of felt a little weird about it suddenly stopping, but my plan was to wean them from this feeding in the next few weeks anyway. Honestly I won't miss it. I could proabbly wean them from the morning feeding too, but I'm not ready yet! I'm still scared about engorgement or mastitis, which I had a few months ago believe it or not.

Down to 2 times a day for one and 3 x a day for the other.
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