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Relationship stress while pregnant

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I am hoping I am not alone in this situation, because I could use some encouragement. But lately dh and I have just been at each other's throats! We argue everyday it seems and I can literally feel my entire belly harden up in a contraction everytime we fight. We were getting along so well just a month ago but lately it has been so bad, bickering and fighting over everything. Maybe it is just pregnancy hormones, but I really worry it could negatively affect my pregnancy. I am so hoping to carry to 40 weeks and I worry I am ruining my chances. Did anyone here have these types of problems but still carry to full term? My life is pretty non-stressful usually. I am a SAHM to a very sweet 2 year old and I am free to lay down whenever I need to. It is just all the fighting with dh that really gets my blood pressure up.
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i discovered my ex had problems when i just discovered i got pregnant. i was all excited. he was so whats the big deal. and he started growing more and more apart. i spent my whole preg. working ft, and crying when i was home. i really thought what kind of legacy was i giving my unborn child but at 3 u couldnt have asked for such a happy, excited little girl. i am always surprised how she turned out considering how upset i was thru my whole pregnancy. i was in hell till we separated when my dd was 18 months old. it hasnt been easy but i must say what a relief it was to let go of all that emotional stuff.

so hard times i feel dont affect a baby unless u r truly depressed and cannot function (get ready, clean house, go out, or even suicidal). even then there is medication to help u thru that even during pregnancy.

oh and i constantly had high bloodpressure but not to the dangerous level. the doc was always ready though to do an emergency c section if required. gave me a list of signs to watch out for. now i was preggo with just one and not twins (though i measured like carrying twins).
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my dp and I argue off and on, and I too can feel the stress it takes on my body when we fight. sometimes it gets so bad that I just tell myself to settle down or I might put myself into labor. I had ptl at 32 weeks (almost 35 weeks now) and I needed to get put on magnesium and the whole thing, but I doubt it had anything to do with our arguments. What I have learned is just to take it as easy as possible, it's very important for the health of your babies and yourself. Twins can put a lot of stress on your body (although I'm sure you already know this ) Just try and hang in there!! Good luck!
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Use us here at MDC as much as you can to relieve stress okay? Talk with your doctor or a trusted friend and if neither of those are an option and you feel comfortable, pray to God. God was my confidant, my midwife, my husband...He was and is the greatest relationship I have ever had.

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in most cases i would never say keep it all in. maybe its bad advice now too but i am usually known as the pregnancy "bitch" i am moody and hormonal. i know this about myself so i try to avoid arguments with dh or avoid any subject that would turn heated. pregnancy puts stress on everyone. just try to relax, talk to dh about trying hard not to fight or have arguments and then just work hard and avoiding it as long as that doesnt stress you out more!!
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