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Tips on Moving with a toddler?

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Hi! We are moving out of state (for DH's job) with DD who is 21 months old.

We could really use any tips on moving with a toddler to lower her stress level (I am anticipating- she may be fine, but since it is the first time, I want to be prepared.

We are leaving behind her play friends, and, of course, her house, so suggestions on saying goodbye and easing transitions would be great.

We are moving with only a month's notice, and still need to pick the exact city in the Bay area that we are going to move to, much less find a house, pack and move.

DD and I will fly on the day of the move while DH drives the truck, as DD doesn't drive well.

Thanks in advance!!!
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WOW moving on a months notice! That has got to be stressful. We will be moving (hopefully) in about a month. My DD (22 months) has been told she will have her very own space. She seems pretty excited about that! We let her pick the color her room will be and will let her choose the fabric for the curtains and bedding too. I dont think she is too young for that. In our case we will be able to move slowly over a few weeks....so I hope it will be easier for us that way. We plan to have the kids rooms set up first.....i.e. no boxed bedding and toys for them to see...when we move in. Seeing all the familiar stuff will be reasuring to all of us.
You are so lucky to be moving to the Bay area! It is soooo nice out there. Good luck with everything.
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We're also getting ready to move this week. We have a 7-week-old ds and a 26-month-old dd.

We'll be checking here for ideas, too. I like the one above.

We lived in San Jose for 2 years. We really wanted to get back to VA where we met, so dh started telecommuting, and we moved. Then, his company, like so many other tech. companies, laid off a bunch of people, including all telecommuters. So his new job, which he fortunately loves, is in NM. We moved to VA when dd was 2 months. Ds will be 8 weeks this time. I *really* didn't want to do this again Last time, we took the train, and I got food poisoning bad enough to be hospitalized. This time, dh is driving, and the rest of us, my mom, and 4 cats are flying. *Way* too much excitement.
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