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2ww - expecting AF (Not?!) Dec. 26

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Any body else want to do the count down with me? I WILL try to not test until a reasonable amount of time has passed. Thing is, I have already started "bargaining" with myself. Ovulated 2 days early, so really I could be the 24th! 12 dpo will be the 22nd, a day on which I have read many can tell by then! 10 dpo will be the 20th...

Will the madness never end?

Love you all, especially the test obsessed!

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I am...

I am due Dec 22/23, so I will count down with you. I think I am 9dpo. I have been watching the calendar constantly and now have so many dates in my head I'm all mixed up. I forget how many days dpo before you can test!! I can't believe I haven't done it yet. Once I get started, I'm a complusive tester. It would be very cute to put a positive test in dh's stocking though.

When shall we test?
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I'll be testing on Dec. 24.

Lots of love and baby dust to us!!!
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Yay!--Finally a 2ww I'm sort of in sync with!

Depending on how long my cycles wishes to be this time, I am looking at around the 26th or so, too...and this month I had some good mittelschmerz anround halftime, preceded immediately by some very good cervical mucous.

Wishes and baby prayers!
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Baby Dust to you all! ~*~*~*~**~**~*~*~

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Okay, Gang!

Great to have some people to count down with! I love comparing possible pg symptoms so here goes!

At 8 dpo I have sore breasts, a mild crampy sensation and I am feeling tired, headachy although that could easily be from the stress of the last week or so.

That is all at the moment. What is every one else feeling?

Baby dust to alllllllllllll!

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7 dpo here today.

My breasts are sore, but they allways are after O. Woke up this morning feeling a little nauseous. I have been nauseous all day. This is exactly how I was with my ds at this point. With dd I didn't feel nauseous until 6.5 weeks. It is probably nothing, but I am a little hopeful!

and dust to all!
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So crabby!

I'm not usually a grumpy person, but I'm feeling so crabby these last few days! Even I can tell...although dh says "Really? I hadn't noticed..." Right. :
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Feeling doubtful...

I started feeling crampy early this morning in bed as I nursed ds...oh, well...it really doesn't feel like this is our month, either...still hoping against my feelings, though.
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13dpo today. I gave in and tested with an EPT-BFNNNNNNNN!!!!
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I am 5 or 6 dpo depending on what you believe, FAM or OPK!
Since my LP has only been 8-9 days long, the 26th is about right for me too. I haven't felt a single pregnant symptom.
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I am 12 DPO and not expecting to be pregnant. DH was sick so we only bd 5 days before O, not much hope there LOL. I am still a little hopeful (what can I say, I am an optimist). No symptoms other than excrutiating nipples and total exhaustion (both of which are common anyway). I guess I'll just be happy that my LP is finally longer then 8 days
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Lots of warm baby thoughts to you all.

So happy to have gotten a positve pg test after all these years.

Everyone's turn is coming. I KNOW how hard it is to wait and believe. Hang in there.

Love an blessisngs, Anne!
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