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Too small at 11 weeks?

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Hi there. New here, and 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I was just at the doctor on Tuesday where she said everything was fine. But the thing is, I'm still--mostly--in my normal clothes (minus the top button) and have actually lost a pound or two since becoming pregnanct. This is my second pregnancy--I have a 3 YO son--and everything I had heard seemed to imply that I'd already be huge.

I'm not actually complaining so long as both babes are healthy. I have just read so much (perhaps too much) about how early weight gain is correlated with going to term. My doctor hasn't measured me yet (I'm in Germany so the practices are a little different as I'm learning) but she has done an ultrasound every two weeks. The photos show the babies at 32 and 32.5 mm which she said was right on track for this age.

I'm eating quite a bit, lots of pasta, nuts, chicken, beef etc; drinking at least 1.5 L of water a day, and basically just doing my normal walking (we don't have a car so my feet are my transport). I could definately start on a protein shake, but don't want to put on weight merely for the sake of putting it on, kwim? Please someone tell me that I'm worrying for no reason and just to enjoy being small while I still can!
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You know, I lost 6 lbs my first trimester and I was able to wear my normal pants til 14 weeks. I barely even looked pregnant at that point, let alone with twins. Then starting around 15 weeks, I just popped out and haven't stopped growing. I am huge now! I also gained 22 lbs in about 8 weeks. For me, my growth just took off at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. How is your uterus measuring? That is more accurate than what your overall belly looks like.
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Just enjoy it, and tell yourself that it's the result of your fit, strong abdominal muscles .

At 11 weeks with my twins (actually, all my pregnancies) you couldn't tell I was pg at all. Heck, at 21 weeks I was still wearing regular clothes most of the time, just leaving the top button on my pants undone.

Many women do show sooner with subsequent pregnancies, but not always, and especially not if you've made an effort to get back in shape (or are blessed with great genes). My last pregnancy slipped by almost everyone unless I specifically told them, even in the last trimester.
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At 11w I didn't always look preggo- it depended on what I wore. Now at 15 1/2w there is no question :LOL I got the big 'ole belly now.
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It is so different with every pregnancy.
With my big singleton I was in maternity clothing by 8 weeks.
With my twins I didnt start maternity clothing till 20 weeks.
Then I just exploded and went from just into maternity clothes at 20 weeks to being term sized at 28 weeks! LOL
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I actually didn't start to show until about my 20th week. Trust me, you will pop out!! :LOL
I always wondered when I was going to start showing, but I wish I could take it back now, since I am so huge and uncomfortable.
Good Luck!!
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I was outgrowing my regular clothes before I even found out I was pregnant, but I didn't gain any weight in the begining because I was so sick. I definitly did not gain the 24lb by 24 weeks that is suggested, but I am now at 40 weeks and 2 days and am still pregnant and have gained almost 60lb now. As long as you are eating good I would not worry about it. The protein shakes are a really easy way to get some of the extra protein that you need and you might want to do them anyway though.
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i really wouldnt worry! but i also wouldnt worry about gaining extra weight you have two sucking it out of you and you also sound very active. protein, protein, protein!!!! you may not gain weight but make sure you are getting enough of all the right TWIN Pregnancy foods.
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Thanks so much for the reassurance. I think I will indulge in a protein shake (excuse to buy a mixer!) and settle back and enjoy!
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Hi Paula!
If you remember I lost almost 55lbs in the first trimester with the twins. I wouldn't stress too much each person is different. I didn't really look pregnant till 18 weeks and then it was a very sudden look. Almost like going to bed a regular size and waking up looking 40 weeks pregnant.
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