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Blister on Baby's Lip?

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My baby has a blister on her lip. I think it's from bfing. Anyone had this happen to their baby? Is the cause a bad latch?

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My DD had the same for the first few weeks of nursing. It would flake off and come back. It never seemed to bother her. I read that it is normal. Bottle fed babies can get it too I think. I guess it stopped happening to her around 6 weeks or so.
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My SIL had this with all 3 of her bf girls and I had it with my 2 dd as well. As the last poster mentioned, it never seemed to bother them and it went away within a few weeks.

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My two had it as well, I guess their lips have to adjust like our nipples have to adjust :LOL
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Yep, us too!!!!
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i've always heard them called nursing blisters, and they're prefectly normal. my dd had them come and go for two or three months.
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Mine have all had them. just at the tip of their upper lip.
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Mine also had it for the first few weeks. I think just like our nipples, their little lips are getting used to it also
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DD had this on the middle of her upper lip, came and went for the first couple of months. I'd wondered if it was a latch issue too, but it didn't seem to be.
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thanks all. nice to know this is normal.
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