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Erin Pavlina, I am curious to know what your evidence is that we don't need to combine our proteins to get the complete amino acids. Do you have any links to give?

I was wondering if getting flatulence and loose movements when you go onto legumes is possibly because of the high fibre cleaning out toxic wastes. Anyone with any ideas.

There is also the possibility that a lot of people cont. to get gas after eating legumes because their bodies don't contain the right gut flora. Due to the over use of antibiotics, and mercury leaking into the gut from mercury laden fillings a lot of people have sub optimal gut flora, and candida problems.

I second what someone said about chewing your food thoroughly helping digestion of beans. I never got a lot of gas after eating beans, but it has been minimised recently after I started chewing each mouthful 50 times. In fact I have noticed I am digesting all my foods far better now because of this, and have gained a bit of weight (I'm fairly slim) despite eating a little less than usual!!

It is such a simple thing to do, but it works.