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Teething vs Ear Infection

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I know that ear infections and teething are pretty similar in their symptoms - HOW do you tell the difference (other than a visit to the ped's office)??
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I don't think you really can... Teething pain happens before the teeth break through so no way to definitely determine that one and you have to be able to look in the ear to diagnose an ear infection. I've always given a dose of pain reliever and given it a day. If it persists, off to the dr.
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An infection will have a high fever. Teething won't.
Sometimes a teething baby will have a slighty higher temp than normal, but that is in response to the pain. Ever stub your toe or get hurt and feel hot all over?

There are threads in the health and healing forum that talk about ear aches.
My doctor once told me that there really is no way to see an ear infection, because it is usually behind the eardrum. If a doctor sees one, usually you will see it, too, because fluid and blood will come out of the ear.

For my children, I have always turned to traditional Ojibwe medicine, as I feel that has been around way longer than Western medicine.
For pain relief for both ear and teething I use alternating warm and cool washcloth behind the ears to help swelling and drainage.
Teething sometimes causes swelling that affects the drainage from the ears, so is often mistaken for an ear infection, because the baby grabs their ear to relieve pressure.
I also massage the ears and drainage areas to help fluid pass through.
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