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Kefir question?

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I hear about how good kefir is, and i was wondering, is the store-bought kefir good for you, or do you have to make it yourself? Thanks,
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Well, I think the easy answer is this: store-bought kefir is to homemade as store-bought yogurt is to homemade yogurt. It's not bad for you, but you don't get the full benefits of the kefir (nor the ability to continue to make your own) from store-bought. It also has a different taste and consistency (again, similar to the store-bought vs. homemade yogurt issue), so if you get used to it and then decide or are able to brew your own, you'll have to readjust to the taste. PM me if you are interested in getting your own grains ... mine should have multiplied enough by now to spread them around to another (and if not yet, then probably within the next week or so).
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