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Help! Need rabies info stat...

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My mom just called. Somehow during the night a 'coon got into the dog pen and the dogs killed it. Well now she's freaking out wondering if the dogs are going to get rabies now. One is 7 years old, the other is 4 (I think) they both had their rabies shots before we adopted them from the shelter, but haven't since : My step-dad checked them both over and he didn't see any scrapes or cuts on them at all.

They've never done anything like this, 'coons have gotten into their pen before and they usually just leave them be and let them eat their food. This time they killed it. Any advice??
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If the dogs get rabies shots now, I think that they would be protected. Call a vet to make sure, but the vaccine is very effective. Also, the virus is spread by body fluids like saliva, so I would think that letting them share the dogs' food is a really bad idea. Raccoons are one of the biggest vectors for rabies, at least in my part of the country. I know that through very sad experience--I won't even get started on that.

Rabies is such a serious thing that I would go ahead and do the vaccine, even if there is almost no chance of infection.
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If they've already been exposed, giving them the vaccine now won't do much. But, they really should have the vaccine every three years at least. If your county requires it every year, do it every year. But, even in the one year counties, the vaccine is the exact same one given in five year counties. One year vs five year depends on how likely an animal is to be exposed.
I'm sure they're fine. But she really should keep them vaccinated. You can call animal control in your county though and see how many, if any, rabies cases there have been reported in the county. Rabies really is quite rare.
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Thank-you so much! I called her, the vets office is closed already so she's going to take them in on Monday first thing and get their shots...she's freaking out thinking the vet is going to make her do all their shots, and she doesn't want to, but I told her she can probably tell the vet no and that she wants rabies and rabies only. I also told her to leave the 'my dogs killed a coon' story out because otherwise they will probably take them and quarenteen them

I didn't know they could get it from the raccoons eating their food. Know any way to get rid of coon's or do they have to kill them? My mom has several cats as well as the two dogs.
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for keeping coons away, put rags soaked in ammonia in plastic bags and put some tiny holes in the bags, lay these around the outside of the dog pen. Coons can't stand the smell of ammonia and because they travel at night they use their sense of smell mostly.
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She could always bring the dogs inside.
The vet may or may not be required to quarantine the dogs. I would still tell him, but that's just me. Most of the time a routine quarantine only involves keeping them indoors away from other animals, not actually taking them to the shelter.
The vet won't make her get all the other shots. It would be the responsible thing to do, especially with them living outside, but only rabies is required by law, because it is the only one that can be transferred to humans. She will more than likely be required to license them though.
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I did not read the other posts so I'm not sure if this was mentioned. You should call the ranger service or something like that in your area. They will take the racoon and send the brain away to see if the animal had rabies. The dogs should be quaritined for a minimum of 2 weeks. Good luck.
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Thanks! Bringing them in the house is not really an option because they are large dogs and not at all house broken, they've been outside 24/7 for 6 years and 4 years (respectivaly) they have a big semi-insulated house with straw for winter so they aren't exposed to the elements or anything. I don't think Iowa has licensing requirements, at least our county doesn't. I'll call her tomorrow to see what they did with the coon and have her call the DNR to come collect it.

Thanks for the ammonia tip!
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Thanks for all your help! My mom called the vet today and they have both dogs on reccord as having 2 rabies shots : who knew? so the vet said they should be fine and said to bring them in to have another booster, just to be safe. So they have an appointment this afternoon. My poor stepdad is going to have to wrestle these monster, running dogs into the car and take them to the vet...I'd pay $$ to see that! LOL They are good dogs, but they are not trained by any stretch of the imagination. This should be interesting...
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