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I recently received a Mommy's Helpers diaper as part of a charity auction set. It's a turquoise cotton diaper with a wonderfully soft velour inner, and a snap-in velour soaker.

It's a great diaper! Well made and a great fit on my little (ok, big) guy. The snap-in soaker is great because it doesn't move around at all, it's perfectly contoured to fit the diaper.

This diaper is great and I would definitely buy more!

Jennie, the owner, is SUPER sweet and a pleasure to work with. She's making me some OV wipes for a great price. I mentioned to her while we were talking via PM that the shirt (part of the charity auction set) I bought was a bit short for my DS, and for a very reasonable price she's making me a larger one!

She was really great to work with and responded SO promptly to all of my messages. I can't wait to see more of her work in the future!