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I am a a young woman about 18 to 20 years old. I am a waitress. I am underpaid and I am tired and not comfortable with my coworkers. I feel like they are hostile.

Then they kindly say to me, go take your dinner break, in a friendly way. They tell me I have an hour. I am surprised that they are being so nice to me and an hour seems generous.

I walk down the street...my home is a house about 3 or 4 houses down from the restaurant. It is an antique, very charming. I go in and then reality kind of splits. I become an observer. I have turned into Kelly Ripa (TV talk show host currently out on maternity leave.) I am her...she is me....reality is weird. (in real life I am closer to Kelly's age but a bit older.) She is very friendly.

So there is my father...Kelly's father, rather young and boyish for a father (unlike my real life elderly father.) Kelly gives me a tour of the house and I enjoy checking out the charming antique rooms.

I see the father's bedroom...the doorway has no door but is blocked by a hanging rack of coats, many of them children's . They are TOTALLY in the way and we have to push them aside to peak in. Shades of Narnia and the "War Drobe!"

Then I see Kelly's room which she shares with a toddler and baby. The infant girl is in a bassinette sleeping and the toddler is sleeping in a small bed. There is also an adult bed for Kelly. Again I have to move coats aside as in the other bedroom. The infant girl wakes up and is obviously annoyed that I woke her up by coming into her room. She pushes up on her forearms and whines at me in an annoyed way.

That's it!

Off to read comments above.
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I am having an exam. My OB GYN is (famous author and doc) Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Everything is fine. She then hands me a tiny open container of tiny white pills and starts pushing me to take them.

What are they, I ask.

She ignores me, demands I take them.

What are they? I ask, getting annoyed.

It is the Pill (bith control.)

She says now you may feel a little moody the first few days.........

I cut her off. I tell her no way, with my family history of heart disease and start telling her sad family stories in a desparate attempt to stop her bullying.

She pouts and scowls and rolls her eyes at me for not being a good patient.
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''
Even if no one answers this post this is STILL a great place to come because in the middle of posting it I had an aha moment. She represents a care provider I had who CLAIMED to be alternative and gentle (like Dr. N really is in her books) but it was all for show, it was a big sham.

I also wonder why I couldn't just say to her no, it's MY body and I don't WANT to take the pill!
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Is there something going on right now btn. you and your OB? Are you anxious about something healthwise? Have you been thinking alot about expanding (or not) your family?
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hey momtwice, you did say no to her! :

I cut her off. I tell her no way, with my family history of heart disease and start telling her sad family stories in a desparate attempt to stop her bullying.

Is there someone telling you you shouldnt get pg?

in your other dream about the waitress, If it were my dream, in the first part with your coworkers, I would feel it has to do with my family and me being the all doing and exhausted mama, feeling tired and underpaid, and in need of a guilt free brake!
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Mind if I join in? I'm not sure if it's pregnancy hormones or just that I'm finally starting to remember dreams when I wake up, but they're generally "doozies". My most recent one was last night:

I'm standing alone on a path, at the end of it. There is a boulder marking the end of the path, and it has a pictograph of a snake on it. I am holding a walking stick that fit so comfortably in my hand that I didn't realize it was there, and whacked the pictograph of the snake 3 times. A snake came forward. I identified the snake as a rattler, although it was hooded like a cobra. The snake was not coiled, but stretched out, with head raised and hood expanded.

I remember thinking that at that range it was inevitable that I would get bitten, but I didn't. And I don't remember feeling scared...it was more of an "Oh jeez" moment.

Unfortunately, at this point, DS rolled over and smacked me in the head, so I really don't have much more to go on than that.

I've looked up most of the symbols from the dream in an online dictionary - none of which I felt defined the dream as it applied.
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Some of the moms here have AMAZING insights...this thread has been quiet lately but hopefully others will post....

The image that jumps out at me is the joy vs. pain aspect of pregnancy and birth. That same loving act that brought this pregnancy can bring pain and heartache in the birthing. But your dream seems to ME to be a friendly reassurance that the birth will go well. Just my impression!

I an ROFL at my dream last night.

I am in the beautiful large antique house of a wealthy relative. I am feeling out of place, although I am also enjoying the house.
I am sitting on the stairs when all of a sudden a goat comes to the top of the stairs and throws up on me!!!!!!!

This makes no sense because this house is urban.

Groooooosssssssssss I think. There is goat puke in my hair, on the back of my neck, on my clothes. It smells like baby formula spit up, really sour. (I nursed my first baby only a short time due to awful advice and was very sad about formula feeding and HATED the smell.)

Then there was all this confusion about finding the shower, whcih bathroom should I use, would the water be hot enough, trying to wash it off. Finally I did take a shower and got clean and was happy.

(My thoughts: about my post above, I'm not sure I will try to have more children. I do feel some conflict about that.

I think this dream may represent not feeling I deserve money or a nice home and envy of what others have. ROFL at the goat! What does THAT symbolize?)
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hOLY COW! Or should I say GOAT!

Here's what one dream website says about goats:

"They are associated with lusty vigor and relentless energy. It denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth."

So they are about money! Maybe I push away money by feeling it is vulgar, or that I don't deserve it. WOW

Looked up vomit.

"Vomiting Discharge. Release. Need to throw up thoughts and feelings that upset you."

Not sure I understand.

By the way this came from

If you do a search for "dream dictionary" there are several on line. COOL!
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hi all, sorry i've not been around lately! ds has been waking nearly hourly for the last six weeks or so, so i've been tired and have been able to remember little in the way of dreams. (and i think i've gotten overextended with the book exchange thing, it's taking up valuable posting time!)

hi tinklebelle, welcome!
what a powerful sounding dream! that snake seems like a very archetypal figure!
i have snake dreams sometimes, but they tend to be of hordes of snakes on the ground.
first, the dream dictionary says that for freudians, snakes are the idea that sexuality is not something to feel guilty about and for jung they embody dark incomprehensible and mysterious aspects of the self that must be confronted.
if this were my dream (and any interpretation i offer will always be about me, dreamers just take from various interpretations what triggers ahas for them)
i would be very struck by the sense of ancient power embodied in it. it's like you're a goddess in egypt, striking the pictograph three times -- three being symbolic of the christian trinity, the male gentialia according to freud, or relationship troubles (worried about how the younger sibling will affect your relationship with ds?) -- with a staff, summoning a deadly and powerful snake to you.
now, between the walking staff and the stretched out snake with the hood, i have to say this would be a pretty freudian dream for me! :LOL
maybe the expecting to get bit resignedly, but without fear is about girding for the pain of childbirth and knowing you'll get through it?
in general, if this were my dream, it would be about all the stuff -- old pain, fears, undifferentiated ick -- that comes up for me in the months after childbirth. i've had a lot of personal growth progress that i really feel was attributable to going through the physical rigors of childbirth, facing down pain and fear and allowing myself to release old pain that i've held without consciously knowing it was there or what it was about.
for me, birth and its aftermath is a magical, alchemical process, scary and powerful and outside of my control, rather like the encounter with the pictograph snake come to life. and i summoned it myself by getting pregnant and choosing a natural birth.

i agree with mom twice that it seems like an affirming, powerful dream. i dont' know if any of this rings any bells for you. i'd be very interested to read what mamajamz might have to say on the subject, or carmen veranda, if you're still hanging around??

momtwice, i haven't forgotten about your dreams, just having trouble getting uninterrupted computer time. I'll try again shortly, i think i'm out of luck now...

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The summoning ancient power is definitely an "aha" for me. According to my horoscope and other methods of divination I've used in the past, this particular life is supposed to be one of particularly powerful abilities, as well as the ability to make changes that will affect my future lives. I've been trying to get in touch with my higher self on as intimate a level as possible in an effort to make POSITIVE changes. I've also been trying to access the abilities I already know I have, but it's a bit like navigating a hotel room in the dark - stubbed toes & everything.

One thing I did neglect to mention was that I am NOT pregnant in the dream. I don't remember having children either, for that particular matter. Or maybe it was that they didn't matter...all that mattered was the staff, the rock, and the snake.

On a side note, I did try a daydream and apologized to the snake for summoning it without remembering my purpose.


And another side note. I seem to be going through a phase of rather prolific dreams. Is there any other place online where discussions go on? I don't want to break with the one-a-week protocol you have set up here, but I've had 4 heavy-duty dreams in the last 5 days.
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