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Originally posted by SDmummy
Chaka, that is a crazy dream for sure!
most of my dreams are! :LOL

Did the "friend" seem familiar to you? Did any of the characters have recognizable faces, or did you feel you related to some of the characters more than others?
no; no to the first part, yes-the girlfriend
the security lady really struck me. I remember that at this point in the dream I was there, but just looking, and I stared at her for a while.

Actually, during the entire dream, I was just watching it happen. Except when I started talking to the boy. That happens often in my dreams. Sometimes, I am watching me watch me, and the dreaming/sleeping Chaka thinks "out loud" in the dreams for the other Chakas. Like, one Chaka will want to do something and dreaming/sleeping Chaka will think 'you can do whatever you want, it's your dream'. Or, I will go back and change somethiing b/c I didn't like the way it ended. Stuff like that.

Is that confusing enough?
Thanks for the assistance figuring this out. I have no clues...
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"I feel drawn to Britain, but I've never been there. I'm very interested in the culture, tho. Never had anyone British in my life, but I watch a lot of BBC shows."

T Well, I'm british and kind of in your virtual life Are you a BBC America fanatic?
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:LOL Okay... I love BBCAmerica, but don't watch much if Changing Rooms and Ground Force are on. Love Father Ted, Graham Norton, Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served?...shows like that. Comedy, really. I like Changing Rooms, but there's only so much decorating I can take! (and both dh and I recently fell in love w/Coupling...hilarious!!)

Alright then, back on topic...
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okay, i'm going to take a crack at this dream. not many meanings are immediately obvious to me, but i love a good challenge and once i start mulling something over, sometimes ideas come...

first of all, do any of the others here also have dreams where you are not in the actual dream? that's not something i do much at all, that i can remember, and i'm wondering what that might signify. one thought is that perhaps it signifies a certain separation from or projection of one's own feelings and experiences onto other characters. just an idea...
i do think it's cool that you have an observer persona in your dream. to me, that is a step toward lucid or conscious dreaming, which is a valuable skill to develop, from what i've read. and just personally, i tend to correlate it with personal/spiritual growth, the way, through mindfulness and metitation you begin to develop an observer and to separate from the small ego, fwiw...

if it were my dream, and operating from the theory that nothing in a dream is there without your deep mind wanting to tell you something through it, i'd think about my relationship with the friend whose apartment this is (you're being driven around in a car --again. she's taking you someplace you don't want to go. you're confused.)
If it were my dream...
i'd start with the idea that i was projecting my own feelings/experiences onto these characters, just because i don't have a better idea at the moment. cooking implies different things -- nurturing comes to mind, for us moms, self-care? phones to me signify communication or a message needing to be heard, but here a fee of 50 cents is required. "sense" is a possible pun here. butter accepted in lieu of the fee. umm, a dairy product? nursing? comfort food? buttering someone up? what does butter mean to you?
so the guy talks too much, takes the butter and leaves his phone behind. cook calls the girlfriend.
there's a theme, if this were my dream, of communication and miscommunication, which continues with the questioning between guy and girlfriend, and the sexual cat and mouse game playing could be considered miscommunication too, perhaps.
"squeezing" a yes out of him, is an interesting choice of words, and i think significant. i flash on the idea of a boa constrictor, probably because of the mouse image.
she talks about unlearning cultish past and growing one's hair out, which has, to me, hippie connotations and also letting one's hair down, relaxing, loosening up.
they go to a fair. affair, comes to mind as a pun, esp. given the sexual games. running into black friends strikes me again as representing a shadow aspect (and i would like to talk at some point about how this standard dream interpretation strikes people of color...), so i would perhaps wonder if sexual orientation is an unexamined issue for self or someone close to me.
then the friends ask about a play being "put on." what's a put-on, a practical joke, too? a charade? it strikes me there's another meaning to that phrase...
tent and oval ring sound circus-y, which to me is an exaggerated, goofy form of public performance...
half lighted and half dark again speaks to me of shadow aspects. does anyone here know what left and right represent? i think in our bodies, the right half is masculine the left is feminine, so masculine side in shadow? or perhaps there are other left-right meanings to ponder...
and the character most familiar/compelling to you is the black woman (again shadow aspect) security guard. stern and silent. what is she guarding (you) against? is she the part of you that is judging you? keeping you on the straight and narrow path?
the performance with balloons and bows seems circuslike again. is your life feeling crazy, three-ring circus-y right now?
and the kid grabbing all the balloons, not letting the show go on. does that feel like a part of you somehow? maybe not wanting to go through with the big public show right now?
since i'm not sure what's going on in your life, i don't know if this resonates in any way...

all in all, i guess if this were my dream, i'd consider the themes of communication and miscommunication, maybe even within parts of myself. is your masculine side not being heard (that could be another explanation for the lesbians)? and the idea of put-ons and circuses and shows (in fact, even the dream started with a sitcom feel) do you feel like you're performing some crazy show and not being able to be authentic?
this is a complex dream, and i don't feel like i have enough experience to do it justice, but i'd like to know what, if anything seemed to strike a chord...
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Wow, Susan. You have a gift. You should charge for this.

Lots of things resonate. First, let me tell you that I've been having huge issues w/my life. I don't like living this existance full of material crap and I want to live on a farm and grow and make all my food. So, I've been pushing the urge to just leave all this mess to the side, b/c my husband can't cope with change well.

So, the circus act/sitcom explanation works there. Abt. the lesbians, light/dark meaning fem/masculine: I am in love w/myself lately. Well, more than usual. I'll have to think on that more.

Communication issues: I'm not feeling like my need to leave this pseudo-life is being heard/fully comprehended/cared abt by my husband, so maybe that's what that's about. I'm not sure. I'll have to think on that more, too.

I just re-read what I wrote abt the Friend and GF at their apt. That's very significant. See, I met my dh when I was going thru a change in life and needed someone to add stability to my rocky world. He fit the bill and I was a sexual predator of sorts at the time. Meeting him changed my sexual character (tho, I never really had problems w/acting that way), since he offered a way of thinking that I was not used to. I am a thinker and willing to change if I'm convinced that changing will benefit me. So, we've been together for 7 years, but I can never really trust him due to miscommunication issues in the beginning of our relations.

So, now, I'm going thru another major spiritual change and I need a physical change to represent that. He is not willing/able to offer that at this time, but I'm not sure I'm willing to stay with him anyway. I dont' feel I know him very well, the real him, ya know? We are not spiritually in-tune. I feel he must be sharing his deep feelings w/someone, but it's not me, so where do we go now (the GF asks to meet his friends, see?)?

I feel I am faking it in order to stay in my current relationship, and I think my dream proves that. I have more to write, but not now.


ETA: You asked abt me and dairy products. I love them, but I don't trust them anymore (hormones, foul living conditions, etc.). Butter doesn't really hold a particular meaning for me.
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hey chaka, thanks for the feedback. this is great practice for me. i had a thought finally about the british part and was going to post it when i saw you had already replied.
i was thinking about the cultural stereotype of the British (with apologies to SDMummy!) as being a rather emotionally constrained culture, with pretty rigid societal divisions, big on tradition and things like the tea ritual, and royalty and whatnot and wondering if the characters' being british might represent an artificially/externally defined/constrained social role in some way...

having read your elaborations, i think, first of all, that you have a fabulous image of yourself in that description of the girlfriend! hooray for you for being so comfortable and glowing about your own sexuality/sexual image. what do you think your detailed description of her hair might mean?

and on the butter front, "dairy products. I love them, but I don't trust them anymore" sounds kind of like what you just described about your dh!
and i think you should let the image of the security guard roll around in your head for a while, i think she's key here...
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Interesting ideas abt why the men are British. The GF wasn't and I was wondering why. Maybe she is me? The hair thing I'm not sure abt. I just remember it from the dream and something told me to write it out. I remember the dreaming Chaka was really studying her and liking her look. She was pretty sexy, ya know?

I think the GF represents me. I have been struggling w/staying in a monogmous (sp?) relationship, and I don't think I'm cut out for it. I think the GF is personification of what I'm feeling emotionally regarding my sexuality. I have issues w/my hair. Currently, I am near-bald. I like it, but sometimes I miss my long hair I used to have. But, that's a whole other dream to decipher! I think the GF, w/the hair and all, represents who I was before I had kids--sexually free and sexy w/all that hair--and how she is w/her boyfriend is representative of how I was w/my dh, and the dream is trying to show me that we don't have a good foundation for a lasting, healthy relationship. ??? I think that's it w/her. I just remember that I was really checkin' her out. She seemed so open...to everything, including the boyfriend, even tho he was not being totally honest w/her.

At some point in the dream she disappeared. I remember dream Chaka wondering where she went. I'm pretty sure she disappeared once I started studying the security lady. Then, I was in the dream. So, doesn't that sound like she's me?

abt the butter: yeah, it sounds the same. I've got a lot of handling to do, huh?
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Good evening ladies, I'm still here. But don't have much time to write. Dh and Dd are begging for me to get off. I just got on:

Wow Sueami that interpretation was incredible. I'm sorry but I won't have much to offer in that way. In school I could never interpret art, movies, poems, nothing.

Didn't you post in the BBC entertainment thread recently? Maybe that's why he was Brit, but I guess that isn't as significant. I love to hear you talking about your self image and the lesbians in your dream. Very empowering. I can really relate to those issues your having with Dh.

I've also been craving a new simpler ecological lifestyle, closer to the earth. I want to build myself a cob house. Dh. always laughs at my ideas, not wanting a second car for us and other things. He doesn't share the desire and doesn't believe that's truelly what I want.

I had about 6 dreams last night that I remembered in the morning. That happens often in the first months of stopping or starting depression medication. I don't know how that works.

I often watch my dreams like movies too and end up being one of the characters in the end. A lot of times one person is some one else later. (someone I know like a freind or even unreal characters.) their screaming for me to come so can't finish
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mamitorres: I can't wait to hear what else you have to say! I have dreams where ppl change into friends, too. Dreaming/sleeping Chaka will often wonder what happened. Sometimes, I have dreams w/ppl I have known in them, but I haven't seen those ppl in years (or even thought abt them)! I have had really vivid dreams w/no one I've ever known in them, but I felt like I -did- know them, somewhere, sometime.

The problem is, I know my dreams mean something. I just have difficulty figuring it out on my own. I'll have to check out some of the things you've read, Susan. I didn't like that website (too much movement...I concentrate better w/paper reading), but if you can recommend any really good books, I'd like to know.

Oh, wait. You probably already did...
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hey chaka, i love what you figured out about the hair! it makes great sense to me that it would represent sexuality that way. and yeah, i think she was you, or at least a part of you.
and as for books, i have two of jeremy taylor's, one is just called dream work and the other is when people fly and water runs uphill. i read dream work first and that got me going on dream interpretation. i'm still reading the second book. it has more examples of real dreams and how they were interpreted, i think, and i'm finding that really interesting and helpful.
hi mamitorres, i hope you wrote those dreams down! i wonder if going off the anti-depressants lets in a bunch of messages from your deep mind! i'd think those would be particularly interesting dreams to attend to. i hope you'll feel like sharing one or more.
(i'm still waiting for a new one that seems as meaty as chaka's.)
and, mamitorres, i wasn't great at interpreting poetry or art either, and my husband's an artist. : you can imagine how low-brow that makes me feel. (he's very nice about it though. he never makes fun of me for liking landscapes and not getting modern art.)
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Flying Dreams
My best dreams are when I fly. I feal in control of my dream. Sometimes I am afraid but then I tell myself. Remember, you can fly. "I," the real me, talk to my dreaming self.

It's scary at first like I think i'll hit tree braches or I won't know how to get down and then I tell myself to relax and visualize a scenery to fly over. And I practice how high or low I can go. I'v gone flying down long country roads, low to the ground, (before I knew how to control high or low) I've flown over mountains, over lakes, like a RL one that was next to my house but then I wanted to keep going and I remember thinking in the dream, wow I think this place must really exist, like I knew I was dreaming and that I can't fly in real life. I'm not always aware that i'm dreaming it . I've even gone floating in outerspace or someother type dimension way high up in the sky where it changes from day to night.
I can get out of scary situations by flying

Recently I was in this neighborhood that looked like a holywood movie set. I was walking past these apartment buldings in low income inner city type barrio, Some big dog was barking and scared th s out of me so I started flying, then I saw Police come to chase a criminal, who was trying to run through the alleys. I saw that man and I saw everything from above. A policeman even caught a glimpse of me, but I hid, he was checking me out, like I was hot kwim. I didn't worry thow cause He wouldn't believe his eyes anyway. But I wasn't interested. I didn't want them to see the "Criminal" cause I felt he was innocent. He was African American.

Scary dreams
Sometimes I dream I am stuck on scary unknown freeways but I'm not in a car, they are like on ramps, under overpasses and dangerous. all going different ways, converging confusing. and railroad passing through as well. Why am I a pedestrian where it is dangerous to be one?

I have something I really want to share with you guys and get some help but it is long and i'm working on the writing so I'll put it here later.
Luma, I know I still have to get back to you on the gringa thing. But don't hold your breath
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Susan: Thanks for the book titles. I completely forgot to check the beginning of the thread for recommendations. mommy-brain...

I have been thinking on the sitting security lady. I think it's fair to say that she is also a representation of me. The way she was just sitting there, watching, is probably indicative of the way I'm kinda waiting for my own butt to get into gear. At first, I thought maybe she was an outside force, b/c she could be symbolic of my mother and husband in the way she seemed to be passing judgement on me. But, I can't get her out of my head, and when I really think about, she didn't look like she was passing judgement or angry with me, so much as she looked impatient. It was more of a "hurry up and do what you're gonna do/what *are* you gonna do?" type look. Make sense?

Geez, what does it say abt me that my sexiness is personified by some blonde, white girl and my impatience is personified by a big, ol' black lady? :LOL Gotta work on that one! :LOL Maybe I've just watched too much TV in this life...
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wow mamas this is lots of good stuff!!!!!!!
look what happens when I dont check in for 2 days
chaka, meaty dream is right! you have got a lot of feedback,
I see if I can come up with something as juicy!
mamitorres, I will also write more later, these holidays are keeping me off the boards!
I had 2 dreams that I want to share when I have time,
sueami, you are really so good at this! the dreammama!
Lucy, your dream repeats in exactly the same way?
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Ok, I had a pretty weird dream last night I would like to share. Firstly, a little background. My husband has a friend from his past who has recently moved to San Diego, with bis wife and two kids. We spent a little time together, and the wife said she would call me the following week so we could go shopping ro something. Well, she never called, and me being me, I just presumed she didn't like me. Now to the dream...

I dreamt that my DHs friend called and said that his wife had been killed. She had been run over by a car. I was really upset, and thought how easily that could have been me as I stand in front of cars a lot (I don't IRL!!). I remember feeling very sad about it all. That is it- there as more that I don't remember, but this has stuck out in my mind all day. It was very realistic. I have had physic dreams before, so I tempted to e-mail her today to ask if she was ok, but I don't want to bother her.

Ok, that's it! And Luma, my reoccuring dream is always pretty much the same.
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hi all, trying to squeeze in a little computer time. we'll see if the kids cooperate.
first, a couple more thoughts for chaka. i looked up butter in a dream dictionary i have -- very interesting! it was once used in the preparation of sacrificial meats and can symbolize a source of sacred energy, or generally be associated with an urge to invoke the help of a superior force. i liked that interpretation a lot!

and your half lit half dark performance ring. maybe that's your marriage? or the dark right side is your husband's spiritual/personal growth status and the lit side your own? just a thought...

mamitorres -- from the same dream dictionary (i usually try to avoid using a dictionary, because who can say authoritatively what a dream means except the dreamer, and i like having ideas come up more intuitively, but sometimes it helps when i'm stumped) flyihng with ease and elation can mean being detached from the concernes of the material world. flying can also mean a need to get one's emotional bearings by taking an overview of the many aspects of ones life.

and the dream where you're walking through a hollywood movie set and in a barrio (an interesting combo. i wouldn't immediately put those two locales together) made me think of a couple of things.
if it were my dream, i might consider the dream dictionary's interpretation of a criminal as being someone rebelling against social or peer-group conventions. and an african american criminal could represent an aspect of me that i'm not in contact with. that i feel like rebelling against social constraints (gender roles, familial roles?) but i'm not consciously acknowledging or honoring that. (that might explain why you felt the criminal was innocent and were rooting for him.) the movie set lends credence for me to the idea of false self/a social role. a barrio could mean something about your current socio-economic situation or your socio-economic fears, maybe?

and the pedestrian on the freeway onramp dream.... the dream dictionary talks about highways as representing a fast track to greater self-awareness and personal/spiritual growth, especially if they're elevated.
taking off from there, if it were my dream, i'd consider whether i was feeling like i wanted to begin working on aspects of myself but i'm confused and frightened about how to even begin? walking is connected with being in a philosophical mood, but here you're feeling like it's dangerous to walk, to go that slow. are you feeling afraid of slowing down and thinking about what's going on, perhaps? i think a train is phallic in the freudian sense, but it also represents a journey to be taken. all in all, the feel of the dream to me is one of wanting/needing/missing a chance to go on a journey, either personal growth or maybe just a change in life circumstances, not knowing how to begin, because you're at the onramp but don't have the vehicle that lets you safely get on the freeway.

i don't know, does any of that resonate, give you an aha feeling?

and lucy, i want to offer a few ideas about your dream but my kids are rioting. i'll try to get back online a little later.
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lucy, this one's stumping me, but maybe some of these ideas will trigger something for you...
dream dictionary says traffic jams and broken down cars can represent frustration with relationships that are going nowhere. stealing a car was associated with an urge to commit adultery (?! this is why i don't use dream dictionaries a lot, but i toss it out for lack of other ideas) trying to park a car, an inability to find our place in life. nothing about getting run over by a car.

does the adultery idea ring true for you? if i heard or suspected that someone's husband i knew had had an affair, i would be struck by the worry that maybe it could happen to me too...

being run over, run down, if it were my dream, could symbolize being tired, overwhelmed. did you think to yourself that maybe she didn't call because she was was overhwlemed by the holidays, and you are/could be too if you're not careful?

that's all i can come up with right now. and i really really have to pay attn to the kids now.
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mamas ds fell asleep on the couch so here I go with my dreams, I will come back with my thoughts on yours soon
1st dream: I saw my face very upclose and I looked like I was 3-4 years old, and at the same time I looked like a very old person, my eyes were shinny and I was missing almost all the theet in one side of my mouth, I was staring at me, that child-old was staring at me and smiling-laughing, not in mockery, but laughing at me and my worries it seemed, like telling me nothing mattered. I woke up very frightened because it looked so ancient and scary too, and at the same time I was feeling that it wasnt scary, that it was a very loving message, I felt it was my own death! I was very agitated and happy at the same time.
dream#2 (some IRL feedback, my older brother is getting divorced and is really down about it, he also had a though time growing up) I dreamed I was with my mom and my sister and we were having a very "light" conversation about nothings, and then I looked to my right and saw my brother standing there alone, really reallt sad, I left my mom and sister and approached him and then he looked like he was 4-5 and so incredibly sad, I began holding him and rocking him, for a while and then when we stopped I looked at the white wall behind us and there was some mentrual blood! of mine on the wall..
I dreamed today that I was in my bellydancing class and that the room was full so I had to go to an adyacent room and the teacher was coming to see me while she was giving the class on the other room, I could hear them, then the room I was in began to fill with a bunch of girls, the ones in the bellydancing girls group IRL, so the both rooms were filled and I was in the childrens class

ta da!!!

i will come back later!
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hi luma, what great dreams! i have to admit i'm getting really frustrated. i keep waiting for some compelling, archetypal-feeling dreams to come, and i can barely remember the tiniest fragments. i tried to write down something in the night and when i opened my dream journal this morning, it just said "birthday cake, maybe for steve (dh). giant dog/bear, guarding something?" (and i know even dream fragments can have lots of material in them, but i think they really are harder to tease out) meanwhile, dh tells me about this multilayered dream about his dad bringing a toy bomb into our bedroom with two detonators and its own pouch and wiring and he was worried it would go off and injure our 1 yo son, and dh figured out that the dream was about vasectomies (you can guess what the detonators, pouch and wiring represented) and family planning issues!
it doesn't help that ds is waking so frequently at night to nurse either. ah well, eventually.

luma, it sounds like you have a handle on a major message of your first dream. it sounds very deep truth-filled.
i'm wondering in the second dream, do you remember any of the things you and your mom and sister were discussing? even if it seemed inconsequential, i'm sure there were messages in that part. i'm struck that you were with the female members of your family and the menstrual flow on the wall. was it just you and your sister and brother growing up? could he have been left out of interactions between your mom and sis? did anything significant happen to him when he was 4-5? i'm wondering what that age signifies. do you have children at that age right now?
and as for the third dream, i'm wondering, how did you feel about being in the children's bellydancing class?

i'll ponder these some more, but i should go spend some time with dh.
productive dreams, all
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chaka, just noticed there's someone on mdc with the name simonee (who seems quite well established here) and i thought immediately of your calling your son solomon-ee in the dream. dont know if there's any connection there...
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This is very exciting for me. I always have vivid dreams and usually the images stay with me all day. I have that book Dream Work, by Taylor but most of it I couldn't relate to except the end bit about the elements in each dream.
I had an extremely vivd dream a few weeks ago that images are still in my minds eye.
I was with my dh and kids walking down a street. I looked in a window and saw my best friend from way back that I have lost touch with. But my dh didn't see her. I got really excited and ran to her and tried to open the door. She was sad looking and kept shaking her head. She was say "don't open the door" but I couldn't understand her. so, I opened the door. I went flying into the room that she was in. She kept saying I shouldn't have came here, and that I entered the future. And the future was bad. I don't understand. I tried to go back out the door and there were big machines chopping up people. They were the police half person/ half machine. People were runing and everything was like a desert out side. She told me that I needed to hide, and the only place to hide was in a book. We were in a basement of another friends house. But he lived in the present and couldn't see us. We were stuck in between the future and present slipping back and forth. I needed to find a book that I had on my bookshelf in order to get back to the present. The police were trying to get me and I jumped into a book but there were no pictures and another women that I didn't know jumped in with me. Because there were no words the police mchines sent these microscoptic bugs that killed the women. I jumped out of the book and back into the basement tearing through the bookcase. I was crying "I just want to go back to my children!" My friend was there with her 2 kids and husband and kept saying you never should have opened the door. I don't understand how you could see us. Finally I found Alice in Wonderland and started reading it and jumped in, then I jumped out into my own living room. Then I woke up....
It was very strange and realistic.
What does it mean?
Also, Two nights ago I had a dream that my friends husband kissed me (it was also very vivid) I pushed him away, and told him we couldn't do this.
btw He is someone that I never thought of like that, and am not really all that attracted to. I haven't even seen him in weeks. What does that mean? Now, I am going to feel awkward around him!

Sorry so long...
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