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Help me kick the sugar thing!!

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I am having a super hard time with sugar lately. I had some PPD (I didn't take such good care of myself this last pregnancy) went on zoloft (am currently weaning off) I feel much better, but i've gained 40lbs since starting the zoloft (not good postpartum!). I've been on a sugar binge for the past 9 mos. eating it everyday! Any advice on how I can get off this rollercoaster?
Things I can eat to help the cravings go away? I am taking a high quality liquid multi and a mega dose of fish oil everyday.

I feel so out of control its like my brain turns off and the sugar just jumps into my mouth

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subbing in-I need help with the sugar thing too. :
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I don't really have any info about what you can eat to make the cravings go away, but there is another thread about this "anybody else have a sugar addiction?" (sorry, I don't know how to do links). A few people have talked about what works for them, I'm dealing with the same thing ...
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The only thing that worked for me was going cold turkey. I can't do moderation when it comes to sugar. Doesn't work. Quit it cold turkey. The first few days might be hard but it will get easier faster.
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Hey, mama. Right there with ya. I struggle with sugar daily. I was part of the sugar-free threads that floated around here in spring and early summer, but we eventually disbanded. I'm back on sugar and I know many of the mamas that participated in the thread had a hard time staying clean as well. So, you are not alone - it's hard! Not impossible, I hope, but certainly a tremendous challenge.

I agree with ShannonCC, quitting cold turkey was the best way for me. Although it didn't work long term, so who knows? For now, I just try to stay away from some of the sugars that seem the least nutritive. Here's what I will use: maple syrup and maple sugar (hideously expensive), honey, & agave nectar, occasionally blackstrap molasses though I try to avoid any form of cane sugar b/c I read it's more addictive. Maple syrup, maple sugar, and molasses all have some mineral content (iron and calcium). Honey is supposed to be medicinal and agave syrup is a diabetic approved sweetener, at least in small amounts. Still, I've found that baked goods with these sweeteners are still addictive and I know they aren't helping me in the long run. Sigh. I also avoid refined grains - I only bake with 100% whole grain, so that helps, but still...

My strategy for now is this: baby steps. Avoid the big no-nos and hopefully come around over time... Right now I am looking into the link between cravings and high cortisol levels. Stress and lack of sleep (both of which I suffer from) increase cortisol levels which in turn fuels carb cravings and weight gain, particularly around the middle. The solution? More sleep, less stress. ha! If only it were that easy! I'll be lurking...

ETA: Check out Potatoes not Prozac, a great diet/craving/mood book. Also could your protein intake be too low? I've read that can cause cravings.
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I fall on and off the sugar wagon so often that I just need to get padded pants.

I go cold turkey.

For the first two days, I dang near will eat anythign with sugar. So i better make sure there is none in the house and no baking supplies. If I cant bake it and dont have it, I cannot eat it. I am honestly like a sugar crack head. I will eat the craziest things for a sugar fix if I am not careful.

When it gets really bad, I get an apple with peanut butter. That satisfies me. Fruit is my crutch for coming off of sugar.

I NEVER skip meals going off of sugar and get plenty of good fats and protein. after a few days, I am just as happy having a cup of unsweetened tea or cold water rather than sweet fruit.
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Make sure you're full when you go grocery shopping- really full. Then don't buy anything sweet. This has worked for me, but dh doesn't like sweets so won't buy them anyway. If there is nothing in the house I have been known to eat spoonfuls of honey, random pieces of old chocolate from the baking shelf, and yougurt w/ maple syrup. I have never tried to go off maple syrup and honey (my parents make m.s. and we always have a lot for oatmeal)...
It is so hard, I've eaten about ten mini mint chocolate cookies today and ice cream so obviously I really don't have any answers, just can relate, and would love to quit. For me quiting smoking was so much easier than this, not encouraging I know, sorry.
good luck
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Originally Posted by MamaE
I try to avoid any form of cane sugar b/c I read it's more addictive.
Just curious where you read that? Is it online?

I have some agave syryp in my tea some days. And sometimes I squeeze some lime in a cup of water and add some agave for a really tart limeade I'm going totally by my gut here and my gut says that honey and maple syryp would be bad for me. If I can imagine myself eating it by the spoonful then I'm not having it in the house :LOL So far the agave is working well and doesn't trigger anything (but I am using it in really tiny amounts too).

Peanut butter/cinamon/oatmeal/raisin balls hit the sweet spot for me Once a month I get a bar of unsweetened (baker's) chocolate and melt it over date rolls The rest of the month I eat the date rolls plain. I limit the chocolate because even though it has no sugar, I do seem to be in a bit of danger from it (going with my gut again).

I quit cold turkey and was completely off the stuff for three months. Then told myself I could have a dessert at a restaurant (you know how big and sugary they are!) and *immediately* fell into a binging pattern that took me over a week to crawl out of. I felt like crap that whole time but still couldn't stop what I was putting in my mouth most days. I think I just have to not have it again. I've already got some creative non-sugary treat ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I don't want to fall into that again. A few minutes of sweet taste in my mouth is not worth all the baggage that comes with it.
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I tried to go cold turkey, and did well all day - I ate my whole grains, my fruits and veggies... then at about 8 pm I ate a donut . And I don't even really like them.
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Ahhhh sugar...oh soooo SOUR! I wish it would just go away. I've done the cold turkey thing too and did great with it for a while, but like most people, sugar has been creeping it's way back into my diet more and more lately. I do know why though and it's because I've been lazy when it comes to cooking and have not been planning ahead and making the effort to have foods ready. Having a 3 year old who has been experiencing life through the eyes of his sugar addicted cousins with those neat shaped, colorful candies and pink bubble gum doesn't help much either. BUT, what does get me back on track is educating myself and reading stuff that really teaches me about sugar's negative impact. The hardest part in understanding and accepting that foods are bad is that it can take years for them to truly show their impact. Although if you start eating healthier and get rid of sugar for the most part, it will take you hours to realize how much better your body is without it. Try to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Cut up veggies to snack on throughout the day, make granola with oats, mashed bananas and peanut butter. Find a good whole wheat recipe for pancakes and top with blueberries that you have lightly heated to make them pop (they taste sweeter this way and can help you over that sugar need). Throw out all sugar laden products....just don't have them in your house and you won't be tempted. Most importantly, remember why you want to be healthier and think of it as a quest to conquer the evil sugar empire that stalks us at every turn!
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Oh sugar . . . your yummy ways are killing me softly . . .

I think I may have to do the cold turkey thing. I just can't let it go. I am pretty addictive and have given up a lot of things I used to do - smoking being the biggest. I am proud of that but sugar is hard, man!

I go on the prowl for it, kwim?

I seem to eat less of it when I get more regular exercise and knit a lot. Knitting keeps my fingers (and mind) outof the cookie jar.
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Originally Posted by ShannonCC
Just curious where you read that? Is it online?
Oh, crud. I was just hoping no one would ask! I don't recall, but I think maybe Sugar Blues by William Dufty?

Can I just bow down to you now ShannonCC? I so admire what you are doing and I can SO relate to a teensy misstep leading to days (or in my case, weeks) of bingeing. Say something to get me back off sugar, please!

I should add, re: the cane sugar, I won't buy it to bake with, but lately (in my sugar-driven bingeing madness) I'm eating an awfully lot of it in the form of ice cream. :

It's such a horrible place to be in - b/c of my sugar intake, food rules my life right now. When I am off sugar (I was off all forms for 7 weeks, or did I mention that? I just can't let it go, darnit - I have to prove I'm capable :LOL ) Anyway, when off sugar, my cravings go away and food becomes very secondary in my life. I eat (mostly) only when hungry. Sugar fuels such madness. Ah, the evil!
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O.K., FWIW, I have some ideas. First off, I have a friend that is a nutritional counselor and he says that sugar shuts down your nervous system, effectively cutting off your feelings, so maybe we should all ask ourselves, what is it we are feeling that we don't want to feel and are trying to cover up with sugar? It IS just another emotional cover-up addiction like alcohol or marijuana or sex---pick your poison.

I'm not saying I have it licked completely (no pun intended), but through my process of weaning off for longer and longer periods of time, my body has become more sensitive to it to the point where if I eat 2 cookies, I get a yeast infection. I really see it as a blessing myself. The consequences are too much too handle, therefore I am dissuaded.

Things got a lot easier for me (resisting the evil) when I started doing yoga. Something about being more aware and IN my body helped me to have more willpower to resist, but I know it doesn't work that way for everyone, as I have a best friend who has been a hardcore yoga practitioner for 5 years and has a BAD sugar addiction, but she is getting stronger and resisting more often. It has been a process for her as well.

I also think that we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. It's not easy to make such momentous changes in our lives. Let's face it, we all grew up sugar addicts. My mom never allowed my sister and I to have sugar at home, so when we went to my grandma's, we would eat so much candy and junk that we would come home and vomit. SUGAR IS CRACK!!! There is no denying that, and it's just as hard to kick as alcohol or cigarettes or any other addiction. We need to be compassionate with ourselves, and praise ourselves every time we have a victory in our process, and not expect that just because we know we shouldn't be eating it, we can stop right away. At least that has been true in my experience. It has been a very gradual process with two steps forward and one step back, for sure!

AS far as suggestions go, I started weaning off with the help of sugars that enter the bloodstream more slowly like brown rice syrup and barley malt. These sugars consist of maltose, whereas cane sugar (in all its forms), honey and maple syrup are all sucrose, the kind that floods into the bloodstream with the quickness causing the infamous "sugar highs and lows".

And last but definitely not least, HIT UP THE STEVIA!!! It has been one of my greatest allies in the fight against the white death and all it's darker "more natural" forms. I bake with it, put it in my tea, sweeten my unsweetened soymilk with it, I even put some in the peanut butter--YUM!! The great thing about stevia is that it doesn't affect your blood sugar AT ALL!! It is a sweet-tasting herb, not a true sugar. It has none of sugar's negative effects, but all the sweetness you could ever desire! Look for it in the supplement section of your local HFS. (The FDA won't allow it to be sold as a sweetener because then it might actually compete with Nutrasweet, Splenda and all the other poison chemical artificial sweeteners, but that is for another thread )

Good luck to everyone. Don't give up; if you fall off the wagon, you're only human. You can always jump back on at the next stop.
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MamaE :LOL Thanks for making me laugh And hey, don't give up on those 7 weeks! Jump back on that wagon. I love what ishtarmaia said about that

ishtarmaia, I'm prone to yeast infections too. Certain periods of my life I got tons of them. What fun! Not. I seem to be in a non-prone stage right now, don't know why. Thank goodness my sugar binge the other week didn't give me one. I don't know why but I'm not complaining! And thanks for writing your post, it has lots of great info. I didn't know that about rice syryp and barley malt. I'll have to look into it. Right now I'm using agave in very small amounts (mostly in tea) and it seems to be ok with me.
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Ah, forgot one thing. Yesterday was hard and I didn't know why. I was SO craving sweets. I didn't give in to temptation but I stuffed my face with tons of stuff trying to satisfy something I couldn't put a finger on. Then today I get my period Maybe yesterday would have been easier if I had actually looked at a calendar :LOL

My advice to everyone would be don't start your sugar free journey when you are PMSing
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Here's a great article about why we crave carbs (sugar) and how our bodies process foods to keep us fuller longer. I think most of us fail to eat properly during the day, therefore leading to carb/sugar fixes and cravings.


I already feel like I'll have a better week this week without sugar because of you guys. This is a therapeutic and very supportive thread! We should check back in regularly to report on our successes.

I went sugar free for about a month and when I started having little nibbles again here and there, I could so tell a difference! That stuff is NOT supposed to be so abundant in our foods and our bodies...it's just bad. The hard part is trying to convince a 3 year old that those candies and treats his friends and cousins are eating are not good for him. Sometimes I just want to live in the woods with only the "right" kinds of foods at our disposal!!
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Originally Posted by dswmom

to live in the woods with only the "right" kinds of foods at our disposal!!

Thanks for the article! I would also like to move away from sugar! I'm trying to find balance in our lives as far as sugar goes. We went without it for 3 years. The kids felt deprived, though. They binged whenever they got the chance. I don't want it to be the forbidden fruit, kwim?!

I've been on a sugar binge for the past 9 mos. Eating ice cream 6 out of 7 days a week! Its not good. I'm going to try to go without it today! I tried eating watermelon last night after dinner instead. Then dh went to the store thats all it took. He called on the cell to ask if I needed anything. Yup! how about a pint of B & J? It sure was yummy!
I was really mad at myself after!
Oh well, today is a new day.
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It is actually SCARY how many foods have sugar in them when you start looking at labels. Canned chipolte peppers, pasta sauce, crackers--for gosh sakes, is nothing sacred from the clutches of the white death? But part of that is our dependence on processed and packaged foods, too. Eating sugar free requires a lot of vigilance and more whole food choices in my experience.

Man, it IS hard with the kiddos. Mine go to their grandparents to spend the night about twice a month and when they come back, it seems their IQ's have dropped, and from what I've been reading lately about sugar and it's effects on children's abilities to learn, I'm not doubting it. If I had even a HALFWAY decent relationship with my MIL, there might be a chance for compromise, but she hates my guts so I just have to deal with it and realize that it is part of the kids' learning process to have their experience with sugar. I wish I could run away to the forest, too. I always thought I would NEVER let my kids get cracked out on the white death, but then reality set in: We live in AMERICA! :LOL . They are 5 & 7 and both in school this year (YAY!!), so they are being exposed to even more stuff than ever before. They go to a really awesome Montessori school that promotes good nutrition for the kids and asks parents not to pack candy and sugary snacks in lunches, but it seems a lot of folks just don't understand. I actually passed on an article from Ode magazine to one of the teachers yesterday as I thought it might be helpful for some parents. It's called "You Do What You Eat" and talks about how food affects behavior in everyone, from prisoners to school children and includes studies that prove healthy food reduces aggression. Very informative.

How's everyone doing today? I'm sugar free (so far )! Sending you all the sweetness you need in your lives WITHOUT sugar! Have a great day!
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Hi, my name is Jessica, and I too am a sugar junkie. It is very bad, as noted by the contents of my trash bags.
I am trying to cut back again, it's embarrasing how much sugar I consume. My family jokes about it, even when I'm not around
The stuff IS crack! I give it up every year for lent (I was raised Catholic, but really only participate in Lent and major holidays). I feel great then and it's not even hard after the first few days, but I can't seem to motivate now. No More Candy!!!! That must be my motto, or else I will be in serious trouble My body cannot take it much longer.
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