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intervention free birth in a hosptial?

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Is it possible to have a truly intervention free birth in a hospital with a doctor and no doula? I mean, no breaking the water, no pit, no prostaglandin, no continuous monitoring, being able to get up and move around freely, the whole deal. Has anyone managed it?
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I would say it's possible but unlikely, unless you have some VERY strong support from your partner.

I had an almost completely intervention free birth in a hospital with DD. Great partner AND great doula though. My choice of doctor was also CRUCIAL, I believe.

Only interventions I had were 20 minutes total of monitoring at the very beginning, and doctor breaking my water when I was getting ready to push (he only did that AFTER asking and receiving my permission though). Other than those two things, no interventions at all. Spent most of the time in the tub and delivered on my knees. It was a fabulous birth and my one huge regret is that I did not videotape it.
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That sounds lovely. I'd be very satisfied with your birth. Actually I plan to labor at home and go to the hospital when I'm getting ready to push. Not sure that I'll make it that far, but that's the plan. I'm highly motivated, but I think Dh would be happy with an all intervention birth. It's really my thing though, and I'm sure he'll support me whatever I decide.
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It's possible - with a low risk pregnancy AND a doula. You NEED a doula in your corner!!!!
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I second the doula. I could not have done without her. My doctor was VERY stand offish as far as non invasive birth goes, but still the nurses are the ones that run the showes. Even with my doula they tried to give me a hard time. I was squating and they kept putting my bed down, they would bring me ice chips instead of snacks...
If you can get a doula, DO IT!
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i had two. in two different hospitals with midwifes not ob's though.
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I had two intervention free births (okay, one I had my membranes stripped after my water broke and no contractions for almost 9 hours, but I was at 40 weeks and 4cm/80%), with no doula, but a wonderful supportive dh, and a midwife attending (not an OB).

Both labors were less than 4 hours long, first one, membranes stripped, back labor, about 3hrs 45 minutes from the stripping. Spent it in the shower, mostly. 2nd one, 3.5 hours, m/w touched me twice, once to check when I arrived, once when I said I wanted to push. My dd was almost born in the caul, my water broke as she crowned.....

Yep, it is possible. Good support is critical!!! A great doula or a great dh, or even, I think, I could do it with just my m/w if dh were deployed. But she's one in a million.
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totally possible.

if you are ready --

my two sisters have had 3 between them. no drugs, no equipmet. nothing more than a 30 minute fetal monitor -- external -- when they arrived (and one did only did 15 minutes, then claimed she had to pee).

You just gotta be ready.

choose a good hosptial -- there are some where it just won't happen. talk to peple, knwo the stats. doula, good MW (though little sis used a OBGYN cuz she had childhood epilsey -- sp? -- and was consiered at higher risk). good birth plan -- detailed. and a big backbone. be up front, be poilt and take nonthing off anyone. Both sisters took, as i will, posters. one for teh door sayign to the effect "natural, non-medical birth, please be supportive" one for over the bed saying more or less the same thing......big sis's doula told her something kinda cool, and i am going to try to adopt this mind set -- it is like kids, if you expect a fight, you'll get one, if you smile and phrase everything as if you are preaching to the chior you seem so much more cofidnt and things are easier -- at least on you.

You also gottan be in a good place physically ...healthy pregancy, educated, wait as long as possible to go to hos, be as rested as you can coming from home, eat and drink to keep up your strenght. keep the labor going -- that whirpool might feel great, but if labor slowes, kick yourself out.

stuff like that.

I am fully confident that a totally non-medical birth can occure in a hospital setting. BUT I do not think they are the norm (not yet, maybe when our daughters are posting); and i do not think they just happen.

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Good luck!! I highly suggest you get a doula!

Is it possible to have a truly intervention free birth in a hospital with a doctor and no doula?(doubt it!) I mean, no breaking the water(they will do this if you not going "fast enough' for them ), no pit (same here ), no prostaglandin, no continuous monitoring (most hospitals require this, no if's and's or but's about it ), being able to get up and move around freely(maybe if you can refuse the epidural. But most hopitals will not allow food or drin by mouth, so you have to drag an I.V. cart with you. And this is also hard to do with a monitor straped around your belly and a needle screwed in you babys scalp, unless they have monitoring by remote methods which a lot of hospitals do not have yet... ), the whole deal. With a doula you will have a better chance of standing up for yourself...she will do it for you. Some doctors will say anything to get you to do what they want you too, even if it means to scare you by telling you your baby will die if you do not do such and such...
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I did that! Same midwife and hospital both times. A Bradley class under our belts and my hubbie as the only doula I will ever need. It really rocks the staff to see a lady giving birth the way Nature intended. Just me pacing naked with the midwife checking the heartbeat once in awhile. All she did was that and "catch" the baby. No tubes, no wires, no Iv, no eyedrops for baby, no vit K, no seperation or premature cutting of the cord. Loved it!
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possible, but statistically unlikely. If you really want an intervention free birth homebirth is the way to go.

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I did it!

I had a midwife deliver and I think there were 2-3 other nurses in the room and DH. I had no IV, no drugs, nothing except for the external baby moniter which really didn't bother me, I liked hearing that little heartbeat throughout

I didn't want an episiotomy, but ended up with one, but only after I tore a bit I think they were trying to keep me from tearing more.

Why does everybody say you have to have a Doula? What excaclty does she do?
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I had 2 unassisted births at the hospital (no birthing centers near me.) BUT . . . I did have a great ob doc (a very open-minded woman who let me take the lead in everything.)
I doubt that I would have had such a good hospital experience (twice) if it weren't for her.
I'd ask your ob doc. See what she/he says. Then if your doc is open to it make sure that she tells the nursing staff.
I had a birth plan signed by my ob that stated all those things so that the nurses would know. TUrns out I didn't even need it as I labored at home until the pushing stage for the 1st one and for my second some of the nurses remembered me so it was no problem convincing anyone the 2nd time around.
I agree, the nurses run the show. If your doc tells them it's okay for you to do unassisted then they'll back off.
Good luck!
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hey anything's possible I guess

but I just don't think the hospital environment lends itself to a normal labor and birth- being in an environment that you are most comfortable in makes for a better birth outcome. I know I would have had the epi and pitocin in the hospital because my birth didn't fit the "timetables" and wasn't within the "normal" range (i.e. it took a couple hours longer than average). I was in pain toward the end and wanted drugs (totally the nearing-transition pain talking not me) and would have taken the epidural they would be waiving in front of me.

I don't feel like a woman in labor should have to fight to get what she wants or even have to say "no I don't want that" and explain it out- a laboring woman needs to know that her caregiver is on the same wavelength as she is so she can let herself be in laborland and be vulnerable instead of trying to stay aware of things so that she doesn't get an intervention she doesn't want.

There's no reason to start out at a hospital with an OB/GYN (a surgeon) if a natural intervention free birth is what you want- at the very least a CNM hospital-based midwife would be a better choice. At best a homebirth (that is where you find the least interventions used and the most successful natural births).
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our doula is great. mom and big sister and cheer leader all roled into one. she is a freind with an education. she is emotional support. she is a resource.

there are a lot of stats on how female support in labor, no matter how great dh is, can cut interventions. i'll find them for you if you want.

Our doula is just there...she has BTDT and reminds you that YOU can too. she is encourageing, she is a great resource -- books and answeres questions, and tell stories about other women who have successed. she has training -- in childbirth education, in lactation. She knows us personally like even out MW can't (though our MW only does 4 births a month and spend an hour with us every other week). Doula knows what kind of juice i like, and will remind me to drink it in labor. she knows i like the smell of cocnut not jasmin. she knows my hopes and dreams.

she will stay with me ALL THE TIME from the time i call her till after the baby is born.

she knows a lot about all the intervention and drugs we might be offered. she make no decisions; but 1. she can suppy information, 2. she can help us think and brainstorm pros and cons, and 3. she knows what we want and can help us focus on that ("I knw you don't want pain medication, lets trys a hot shower for the next two contractions and see how you feel then"). she is not so emotionally involved; and having BTDT she can offer suggestions we might miss in the moment. she is expereinced; i may not know that every woman feels X and i might worry there is something wrong with me; she can reassure me i am normal, and she felt that way too....

Birth used to be very woman centered -- one generation guideing the next in birth and breastfeeding and so on. the old midwife catching babies; family taking care of family. now we are all more isolated; I have never seen a live birth, 150 years ago i would have seen sibs born, and freind have kids, and older sisters have kids....... a doula is a connection.

she is there for DH -- to make sure he eats, to stay with me if he needs to take a break, to answer his questions and support him as he supports me. this is our first, we both need that "everything is fine, this is what is going on, here is what to expect..." type thing. If Dh has a question or concern; he can ask her and thus not let on to me he is worried.

She will be as hands on -- or off as we want. she will hold my hand, massage me, or sit back and offer suggestions. she will come to the house and labor with us so we can delay going to the hospital as long as possible.

She is certfied http://www.dona.org/ here is where we found her.

I am sure there are others who can offer an offical defination (doula is greek for "slave" or something) and the stats are amazing. i can find all that for you tomorrow if you want. above are my impressions of how our doula makes me feel.

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I had one. I agree that the choice of doctor is crucial. We had a VERY detailed birth plan, and we got the doctor to sign by each thing we wrote, and write in what situations whatever intervention would be needed. It seemed a bit dramatic, but I felt it was nessicary. We also copied the birth plan with his signatures on it, and gove it to the hospital to be looked over and put in our file. I think this was very important, because there were things like every woman must have an IV that our doctor disagreed with, and because we went over it with the hospital and had his signatures, they made an exception for us.
I did have a doula, but she was still in training. We couldn't afford a doula and someone pointed us to a woman who was one birth away from her becoming a doula (they are required to attend a certain number of births before they are "official"). It turned out she didn't need to do anything. No one at the hospital interfered, and I was a very internal birther. It was comforting though to know that she was there if I needed her.
So to sum it up, I think it is possible, but you have to do more work and research in order to insure it. I think next time I'll be brave enough to give birth at a birth center (dh refuses to do a home birth, so it's a compromise).
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I did it. I was moving freely, not hooked to anything, and birth squatting on the floor at the hospital. However, I didn't like what happened so much after the birth. They let me hold the baby for about 45 min. to an hour and then took her across the room to bathe her and left her in the warmer screaming for another hour .
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you should also read the legal rights of child brearing woman.


and remember that even in a hos -- you can refuse most everything ...all you have to do is sign for it.

Education is the key -- to everything.

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My midwife has told me that by law, she must monitor the heartbeat for 15mins. out of every hour but besides that, she will be entirely hands off during my labor & delivery at our hospital.

During my last birth I didn't have any intervention at all except for my water being broken after the OB asking me if I wanted it. I delivered at the county hospital & hadn't ever met the OB, I was just lucky I guess. I haven't ever used a doula either. I was however, extremely bothered by the fact they wouldn't let me drink anything, ice chips only. Grr. But otherwise, no intervention!
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Originally Posted by zjande
ice chips only. Grr. But otherwise, no intervention!
That bothers me to no end. It was the same for me - and getting ice chips was difficult because I was only allowed so many. It's plain stupid to allow a laboring woman to get dehydrated! thankfully - my hospital will even "let" me have popsicles!
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