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Shower today

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So my friend & mom threw me a shower today. It was really nice, even though I happen to know it was very last minute put together (they are both *very* busy though so that is understandable). They decorated with pink & white plastic rose petals, and a pink piggy bank for aaralyn Mom did an awesome job with the food & my friend did the games. We got lots of cute frilly stuff to parade our princess around (lol. poor girl i'll be playing fashion show with her "ohh you spit up. too bad, we'll have to get a clean outfit on you")

I also got some diapering stuff so I think I'm pretty well set with that now. My friend made the CUTEST diapers. It would be so wrong to let someone pee in these. hahah!!! I'll have to take pictures.

I'm so excited.
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sounds nice...

I am glad you enjoyed your shower!
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Sounds exciting! I wanna see the picture of the diapers too..
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Sounds great!
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Glad it was fun. Girls just have the cutest outfits. Enjoy dressing her up :LOL I know what you mean about cute diapers too. So you're going to let the baby poop and pee on these beautiful works of art. :LOL

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