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Amazing Video of Baby Crying in Utero!

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Amazing Video of Baby Crying in Utero!

I wanted to send this to you all, I am not even pregnant but I got this yesterday and wanted to share with you all!

This is SO cool, well sad really, because it appears this baby is just balling and there is no way to console it! My son (age 5) was really upset by it though because this baby truly appears to be VERY upset at the noise the doctors made.

(posted in "I'm Pregnant" too)
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wow. poor baby.
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That is bloody cruel.
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There's another reason to avoid u/s. Of course that's what it looks like Sebastian did in this picture. Since I watched it happen though, I know he was just "yawning".
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Don't think it was made clear on the site hosting the clip, but what I read this weekend is that the babies were reacting to loud noises rather than (or perhaps in addition to) the ultrasound.

Google says the study was published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition.
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I hope everyone reads my original post as 'this is neat because it's so amazing' NOT 'this is neat because they made this poor baby cry'! I realized it might seem to say that, although I didn't intend that. I think it's so sad, I just want to hug that poor little thing (girl I think I heard them say).

Anyway, very cool. I think I read that the fetus/baby was at 23 weeks gestation, did anyone else catch that? It's just so amazing they caught that, although if they did it on purpose then that's SO inhumane!

Part of the article with it had a quote by one of the researchers who said that babies in utero have all the same fuctions as a baby already born, just 'breathe' air differently-one gets it from the umbilical cord and one gets it from their lungs. So, they cry, suck thumbs, open eyes, etc which is so cool, I wish I knew these things when I had my first and was pregnant, although there's nothing I'd do differently.

Anyway, great luck on all your pregnancies and births! Congrats!
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I can't get it to load but I think I've seen it before a long time ago. I think it's mean that they made the baby cry. I do think it's neat that it was visable though. What it really makes me think is...I wonder if my babies have ever cried for something in-utero. I oibviously didn't know it and that makes me feel a little bad. On another note, I think it's neat to learn about in-utero babies. It's just another one of those things that shows us, collectively, how babies are real little people when they are that tiny. Not so long ago the general populus believed that newborns had no ability to feel or perceive and now we know differently. This, to me, is another one of those things. (and yes, I still think it's mean to make a baby cry on purpose, just wanted to make that clear)

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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HOw sweet and wonderful...I remember feeling hiccoughs in utero!
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My guess is that they didn't do it to make the baby cry. It was an incidental finding.

Vibroacoustic stimulation may be used during a non-stress test. If baby is sleeping during the NST, they can't get accurate results, so mom's belly may be jostled to try to rouse baby, and some practitioners use a stimulating device like the one described in the audio clip.

I've also read of it being used to try to turn breech babies (they move away from the noise), or to get baby to move so a better view of anatomy (ie. heart chambers) can be obtained.

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It was my understanding from reading the following article this was an incidental finding. Cruel or not, I understood it as, although these babies were reacting to noise, this is a normal thing for babies to do in utero in the third trimester, kind of like when you drop a pot and baby startles.


The researchers first noted the crying behavior in an ultrasound of a 33-week-old fetus. When the stimulus -- noise and vibration akin to a rumbling stomach -- was placed on the mother’s abdomen, the fetus “startled” and turned its head. That was followed by heavy breaths, jaw opening and chin quivering, according to the researchers.
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Awww, that makes me feel so sad.

I specifically remember a time when I was 32 wks PG. My girls did something like tickle me or something that made me screech loudly. Cassidy jumped like 2 inches in me, I am not exagerating. I felt really bad and hugged my belly and apologized, but now I wonder if she cried. It turns out she was also breech(didn't know), so her little ears were right there, especially since I was sitting on the floor.
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I highly highly doubt he U/S made the baby cry. Hannah was busy chewing on her hand and working her little jaw during our ultrasound.

I never never knew babies cried in utero! How sad.
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