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*peeking* I think I'm in the right place...
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If you are due in June I would gues you are in the right place I should think Congrats are in order as well.
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THank you! It seems I calculated wrong and am due at the end of May.
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Congrats on your

If you're due at the tail end of May, you might want to join the June instead anyway. I think it's easier to be one of the first to deliver in an EDD group than one of the last waiting around as everyone else is really busy with new babies. Just my 2 cents.
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Thank you! That's something to think about, thanks!! Maybe I'll double time, I wonder if I can handle two groups. :LOL
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Thats so true- I'm sticking w the June board as well since my last one was born at the end of May and Mamas kept dropping off to have baby. You always knew when one came since the mama would disapear all of sudden for 2 days or so.
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