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Melissa and Doug SCORE!

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I just scored a TON of Melissa and Doug toys at my TJ MAXX-if this isnt a new thing please excuse my excitement! Seriously-they had the small band in the box,large band in the box,beading box,patterns box, geometric shapes stackers,Noah Ark shpae sorter,reg. box shape sorter,stamping set,tons of puzzles, wood calendar, magentic dress up dolls, boxes of vehicle and animal magnets I mean TONS! I want to go back for more for X-mas! Check out your TJ's if you have one!
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We just got a TJ Maxx in my town a few weeks ago. They have so many great toys. Lots of Melissa and Doug. I'll definitely be doing some Christmas shopping there.
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For DD's little friends birthday gifts, I hit the Melissa and Doug section at TJ Maxx.... Mommas think I buy the toys from the expensive toy store...
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I honestly had never seen any M and D at my TJ's before! I am so excited about it can you tell?
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We love their toys!!! Got a big wood dollhouse for our son last year.
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TJ Maxx is where I buy most of my M& D stuff. I also buy tons of board books there. The prices on both are FANTASTIC! Marshall's is a good place too!!
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Hmmm. I'm glad you posted this. I've been scouring the internet looking for some M&D puzzles for cheap, I should head over and see what our TJ's and Marshalls has. It didn't even occur to me to check there.

Thanks for the tip!
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Our nearest TJ Maxx goes through cycles of being jammed with Melissa&Doug, then none at all for a few months. I don't make it there often, so I don't know the big picture, but it seems to be all-or-nothin around here.

It IS fun giving them as gifts-
they make ya look so worldly, wholesome, -and spendy. :LOL
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We don't have a TJ but we do have Marshall and they always have the M&D toys for about 1/3 of the price that they cost at the toy store right across the way in the mall!
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I've found that most of the stores like Tj Maxx and Marshalls-type stores now have Melissa and Doug toys. I am guessing that they all have the same supplier or something.

Filenes carries M&D also.
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Got my ds a Melissa & Doug train puzzle at Tuesday Morning today (half off!)
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