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Wahhhh! I'm hurting!

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So, today I was at the park with 4 yo ds and 2 yo dd. I was helping ds on the swing and checked out where dd was, and she was on the other side of the very small playground playing with another little girl (meaning, not far from me at all). I never have had to worry about her wandering off - it's the 4 yo who takes off on me at the drop of a hat. so, i guess you can see where this is going, right? I take my eyes off her to help ds, look back and she is GONE! At first I though she went around the corner of the building to see if the library was open (we were waiting for it to open), but she wasn't there. So I look around the otherside of the building and she was CROSSING THE STREET!!!! Thankfully, it's a very small, one way street, with very little traffic, and there were no cars. OF course I freaked out and took off running to grab her. Well, she was fine, but my freaking pelvis feels like i pulled a muscle! It's been hurting a lot for the last couple of months, but now I can barely walk up the stairs to my apartment. and, of course, this has to happen while dh is gone for the week. argh!
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OMG! That must have been so freaky! My 2 yr old runs away from me a lot these days and until I am no longer pregnant I've informed Jamie he is going to accompany me to places like the park or store or anywhere Jakob can run away from me. Or I get to leave Jakob home with him. Sorry you are hurting mama, I was pretty sore on Saturday after chasing Jakob across Walmart! Maybe your DH or someone can keep the kids busy for you so you can soak in the tub and take a nap.
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