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good news!

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I went for a 2 wk visit today and the m/w told me I'm healing pretty well and can resume moderate exercise!! I'm thrilled. As many of you know, I had some bad tearing, so I'm pleased as punch to have this bit of good news.

Now if I could just figure out what to do about all the baby eye gunk and acne. Just wait it out, I guess. =)

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Coolness! I began excercisng at 2 weeks too. I'm about at my pre-pregnancy weight at 5 weeks postpartum.

About the baby eye gunk, squirt some breastmilk in her eyes, no kidding, I did that and it cleared up Treydens eyes right away. About the baby acne, time is the best cure. Trey's peaked at 4 weeks and now finally seems to be getting better.
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I am 3 weeks pp and feeling ready to exercise a little. I was back in the hospital 7 days pp due to heavy bleeding, so I am on some major vitamin/iron therapy. I am feeling much better, so I cannot wait to start exercising. I took a walk the other day with the boys and that went well. I am going to take a big walk every day.
- Kerri
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Mama--sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Do you have anemia? I do and get these terrible headaches now. Was wondering if you get headaches, too?

August--I do hope the acne goes away. I'd love to have some photos without it, but then I guess I can always touch it up with Photoshop haha.
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Yes, I have anemia even when not pregnant and I lost about 2 liters of blood after this birth which was alot for me. Uggh. My hemoglobin was only about 7 and it should be 12+. So.... I was in bed for about a week and slowly have made my way to walking, etc. I am eating alot of iron rich foods and taking supplements. I feel so much better now.
It took me a long time to get back to my size after DS1. I want to do it sooner this time. Mainly because I do not want to buy new clothes for the in between period. I cannot fit into my old pants yet.
- Kerri
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Lucky Girl! Had my six week check up yesterday and the OB jumped me up one side and down the other, all because I've started upper body training again. Didn't bother to tell her I've been walking since about a week and a half post partum.... {distance walking on sidewalks and surface streets} She'd flip... of course, she also thinks I'm under too much stress and that's what's causing my milk production issues, but I think she's nuts....
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