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Poll Results: Which interventions did you have at your last birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% (30)
    Stripping membranes
  • 23% (54)
    breaking water
  • 6% (14)
  • 18% (43)
  • 9% (22)
  • 10% (23)
  • 18% (42)
228 Total Votes  
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couldn't vote

I had no interventions either time. Gave birth in the hospital with a committed midwife and a Bradley trained hubby, and I have "short" labors by most peolple's standards.
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I had stadol with both of my labors early on to relax a little -- did the rest naturally in the water...I like to think of it like a strong cocktail before an awkward one-night stand.

I think a homebirth would have allowed me to relax, but maybe we'll get there next time
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I couldn't vote becasue you don't have an option for "none of the above"

With my first preganancy I asked the midwife to "stip the membranes" and with my last pregnancy we did no interventions...not even checking the cervix.
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after hours and hours of labour at home my midwife offered to break my bag of waters.. i said okay but nothing but a small trickle came out..i gave birth at home with no other interventions but i had a shot of oxytocin after birth for heavy bleeding..
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Not a single intervention for me. Had a homebirth.
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My last two births 0 interventions as both were Uc's
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Nothing this last time.
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Cervadil to ripen my cervix.
Pitocin to induce labor.
Waters broken to "speed things up"
...resulting in fetal distress, failure to progress, and a somewhat emergency c-section.

this time, I've taken better care of myself, remained positive, and eliminated things that I believe complicated my pregnancy leading to my developing PIH/Pre-e and needing to be induced.
I hope to go into labor naturally and birth naturally, and safely, at home.
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I had my water broke very late, as in the bag of waters was half out of me. My dd would have been born in the caul, but her heartrate dropped a lot and wan't recovering. My mw broke the bad of water to speed things up. I did avoid an epistiotomy though, although I would have considered that a valid intervention in my situation. I turned out that dd had a very tight nuchal cord wrapped three times around her neck. She didn't breathe on her own and needed oxygen.
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Ok, so I didn't quite read the poll right. I answered about my first birth. Um, went to the hospital because my water broke. Aparently not enough. They broke it further. Then they hooked me up and started some IV for strep. Then they gave me pitocin. Then I asked for an epidural. Then they gave me an episiotimy. Then they used the vacuum. Then they gave me oxygen and I started laughing because I had gone in for a natural birth!!!
I learned my lesson the second time. I went at the last minute, as in I almost gave birth waiting for my room. They broke my water because my sac was bulging (guess he was trying to be born in the caul). Other than that, absolutely nothing.
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I had way too many interventions: induced at 42 weeks, cytotec first, then IV antibiotics for gbs+, maximum pitocin, continuous monitoring, the dr. broke my water after 8 hours (I was at 3cm), epidural after 3 more hours of contractions every minute (dd was face up, so lots of back pain). More pitocin, more epidural drugs, oxygen too, until noon the next day still only at 6cm when I had a c-section. By then (about 30 hours after I checked in to the hospital) my epidural had mostly worn off and they couldn't give me anymore so had to have several more drugs during the surgery because I was yelling "I can feel that!!!" (and the anesthesiologist was on her cell phone the whole time ). Then they kept me on the catheter and pitocin and morphine with no solid food for 3 more days (another long story...). And they had no private rooms left so dh had to go home and dd had to go to the nursery for the first night.

Definitely not what I had planned or wanted for sure. But I don't think I could have delivered dd (10 lb. 6 oz.) without a little help. I try not to tell my story to first time preggos because it was such a nightmare and hopefully they will have a wonderful birth story.
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My midwife broke my water after and hour or two of absolutley no progression. I said no the first time, hoping things would get rolling, but nothing..as soon as she broke my water I threw up, dialated the rest of the way and out he came! I don't regret it, as I don't think it was *too* much of an intervention.
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nothing on the list... but:

-IV antibiotics for GBS+
-intermittant EFM (it sure felt like an intervention!)
-cervical exams during labor - 2 or 3, can't recall
-OB present for delivery, ha ha

it was after delivery that the interventions really started - i was bleeding excessively, so i got misopristol suppositories, then pitocin through the iv, local anesthetic for stitches (didn't seem to take), lots of uterine mashing, then put under general anesthetic for possible d&c and blood transfusion. turns out there was some internal tearing the that OB missed, so she stitched me all up, no d&c, no blood transfusion.

you can tell things kinda went down hill after the OB showed up - a few minutes into my 20 minutes of pushing...
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I kind of think that fetal monitoring, IV and being at the hospital should all be considered interventions....SO this last time I had AROM and that was it....
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I was 14 days over my due date and had Cervadil and it worked to start my labour.
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last birth = none of the above, pit and methergin after third stage
2nd = same as above plus 1 dose of IV abx/heplock
1st = heplock & IV abx, episiotomy, pit and methergin after third stage
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AROM with my consent at 9.5cm (which I think was offered only bc my midwife wanted to go home- she had been there for all of ten minutes, after all). Episiotomy without my consent "because I was going to tear UP!"

My December birth and all future births will be unassisted.
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I had pitocin and then an epidural before my csection.
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