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spending too much $$ on food

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We have a tight food budget. Eating has been so difficult these past couple of weeks.

I want something this hour, but not the same thing this evening.
I MUST have the chili from the restaurant down the street. I can't make it myself because just the idea of smelling chili cooking for a couple of hours sends me running to the bathroom . . . ok I'm back. (so I don't think a slow cooker will work for me a the moment : )
I am desperate to find something to eat at the store, and tend to overbuy (several times a week).
The idea of leftovers - yuck. Can't imagine eating the same thing the next day, when you've thrown it up a few hours earlier.

I seem to remember getting a little better after m/s subsided, but I still had these intense urges and I couldn't seem to get over them.

just wanted to share
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Isn't pregnancy amazing???!!!!! :LOL
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Ohh I totally feel you on that one. I'm waiting for my Thai delivery as we speak. Why are they so late? Seriously, I always, always overspend on food. Food=love to me. Wish I had some advice but I'm in the same boat! Let me know if you figure out a way.
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I'm waiting for my Thai delivery as we speak.
Oooh, I'm jealous. When we used to live in NYC we could order food from all over the globe, now it's catfish, okra and hushpuppies : Amazingly, after almost five years I've actually started to enjoy those (but still miss the other stuff)
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Catfish, okra, and hushpuppies! That sounds exotic! What exactly are hushpuppies?
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Hushpuppy- deep-fried ball of cornmeal mush.
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Cornmeal MUSH? Wow....I've got to try that!
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Thanks momma2emerson, I was working on a good definition this morning and couldn't quite get it, and then ds interrupted so the message got lost :LOL
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i'm right there with you mama.

my life revolves around when and what i can eat ALL DAY long. i have been having all out panic attacks when i can't figure out what i want to eat and i haven't eaten in a whole 2 hours.

last night i spent $50 at the grocery store (and i've already done our weekly shopping earlier in the week). i stood at the deli/prepared foods counter for the longest time. everyone kept offering to help me and i was freaking out because i was SOOOOOOO hungry and NOTHING appealed to me.

i ended up getting a few different veggie/pasta salads and we grilled some chicken.

two days ago i took dd and i out to breakfast. i ate $13 worth of food (now granted this place is pretty pricey so that wasn't all that much) but still....we can't afford for me to spend $15 (with the tip) for breakfast!

speaking of food.....time for second breakfast!! :LOL

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: We really don't have the money for me to buy something different everday but I have to! DH says not to worry about it so I try not to think about it but this is getting ridiculous. We also never have the time or energy to go to the grocery store since we both work and I am constantly sick so there's never much of anything in the house. We don't have a car, and even though we like it this way, sometimes the convenience would be nice. The cost of the fresh fruit and veggies is outrageous. And when I can eat, I have to eat right then and there. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Hm, $200 sure would come in handy right about now. I was able to get WIC so that helps with the food costs a little. Some of the items I just can't use though. Their idea of healthy and my idea of healthy are two totally different animals.
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I have been too sick to cook much at night. It makes my house smell because we don't have a kitchen fan and makes me sick all the next day. So I have been defrosting frozen meals. It has cut our grocery bills by a lot actually.

I am sure once I am in the next trimester I will make up for it.

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