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Did you/Would you: Evening Primrose Oil & the Nursing Mama

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My ds is 13 months old and still nursing and I still haven't had a period. We're planning to start ttc #2 in March, eggs willing. When I first started getting this baby lust, I felt like I should just let my body tell me when it's ready for another baby. I felt like that was the right thing to do for ds too- like my body would know when he is able to share me because he'll tell it by how much he nurses (if that makes any sense). But now, I'm getting anxious and I'm thinking of taking EPO to get things moving.

What do you all think? Did you or would you take Evening Primrose Oil (or another supplement) to get your eggs moving again or did you (or would you) wait until your body ovulated all on its own.

For what it's worth I'll add that I (stupidly) got the depo injection 3 times after my son was born. I haven't had one since June, but that could still be screwing with me, huh?

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) responding.
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We decided to wait until I started my cycle naturally. DH and I have talked about this subject a lot, because I didn't get my cycle until 15 months PP and we've been trying for 6 months now with no success. We really feel like at this point if I'm not able to get pregnant then it's not the right time, either because DS isn't ready or because my body isn't ready. It is hard waiting for things to happen!! I am only 31, so we feel like we have some time. I certainly don't think this is the right answer for everyone, and if you can encourage your body to do something with a few gentle supplements and herbs, maybe that's the best decision for you.

How's that for wishy washy?
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Thank you! I really appreciate your answer. I'm pretty sure that's how I feel, but I'm just not sure. See there, I'm even more wishy washy.

Good luck to you!
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I took EPO to regulate hormones not realizing the effect it would have on my cycles (they returned at 15 mo PP shortly after starting EPO). I regretted it immediately and stopped taking it as soon as I found out that EPO had that effect (I was probably getting close to AF anyway and was having all kinds of hormone swings that I was hoping the EPO would help with). Ds is quite spirited, and his needs are intense (to say the least) so I feel waiting until he is ready is very important, even though I would love to be pregnant already. I do still have to resist the urge to take herbs or vitamins to help nature along, but deep down I know that leaving it in nature's hands is the best decision for our family. If you are not sure yet just give it a little time Good luck!
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The Depo could definitely still be messing with your hormones! If it were me, I'd wait a bit longer. I know, easier said than done, isn't it?
((((BIG HUGS)))) Things have a way of working out just when they are supposed to!
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Question: how should i take my epo & flax combo.- should i stop taking it after o or is it safe to take all cycle?
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I did the evening primrose oil between #3 and #4 because of being impatient for another baby. And where my period usually came back around 8.5mo pp, this time it came back at 3.5mo pp and I got pregnant right away again!

It didn't work for me after #6 though, so don't set your hopes too high. It is an easy thing to try though. Only take it during the first half or your cycle, not after ovulation.

You can take flax seed oil throughout your whole cycle, but I don't have as much experience with that, so can't tell you whether it worked for me.

I always just use the directions on the bottle.

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Thanks so much you guys! Your responses were all so helpful for me. I've decided that I think I will put off the EPO a little while longer. I really do think my body is trying to ovulate- lots more cm, the old dh is lookin a lot sexier these days, and this overwhelming baby lust- so I think I'll just let it get there on its own. If after I do ovulate my cycles are all over the place, then I might think about trying the EPO to regulate them. Karen, so glad you mentioned to not take it after o- I didn't know that and my bottle doesn't say it either!

Anyway, I am sure not saying this is the right decision for everyone- just for me right now. I might be singin a totally different tune if I still haven't o'ed a few months from now.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me what yall think. I truly appreciate it!

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Re: Did you/Would you: Evening Primrose Oil & the Nursing Mama

Originally posted by lawyORmama?
But now, I'm getting anxious and I'm thinking of taking EPO to get things moving.
I don't believe EPO will get you moving. I would suggest going on a lunar schedule and trying to induce for the new moon.
This is outlined in Susun Weeds book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years.

Mammals tend to bleed /birth on the new moon ( most favorable)so about 1 week prior start with black cohosh root which is an oxystocic- cramp inducer for the uterus. EPO is a prostaglandin type herb that softens the cervix. The cervix is naturally softer during conception, but I don't see how it would help start a period.

Good luck!!!!!!
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Interesting Keysmama! I've got "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years" on my Christmas list and I'm pretty sure my dh got it for me, so I will definitely look that up.
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I'm wondering where this rumor about EPO bringing on PPO/AF got started. if it doesn't work?

I would LOVE to do it if it would work. I'm only 6 months pp and dd is nursing like a fiend, so I don't expect AF anytime soon. I can't imagine the cohosh root thing would work for me, don't know exactly why, just that it seems best for someone who should be having a period soon, just needs to hurry it up, or help it along. I'm not sure I should be having one... but I would like to have one!
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