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Swelling in early pregnancy

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How much is normal? With our first (singleton), during the last two months of pregnancy my ankles swelled up to sausages. It was annoying and ugly, but normal--I thought--as it was the "home stretch" and June and July in central VA.

But now I'm in the cold autumn of Berlin, Germany, and only 12 weeks along with twins. And beginning earlier this week my ankles have already started swelling. We're only at small hotdogs right now, but the fact that there's anything at all is worrying me. I haven't gained any weight (see my earlier post!) and my belly is still pretty small although both babes are measuring normal as of my last OB appt.

I already drink 2 L of water a day and don't really have a lot of things with salt in them. What can I do to avoid this swelling? Is it something to be concerned about or yet another aspect of multiple pregnancy? Thanks!
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My ankles swelled up if I sat upright for more than 20 mins, starting at about 14 weeks IIRC.

You might want to read Barbara Lukes' book on multiple pregnancies - lots of us here benefitted from her advice.
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Mine started swelling at about 15 or 16 weeks. So it's pretty typical I think. At first I would elevate my legs, but then that didn't really work unless I spent hours a day doing it, which I couldn't.

I ended up buying support knee hi stockings. In the US I had to get a prescription so they would be covered by insurance. At first I wore them 3x a week. Then every day. They REALLY REALLY helped and actually felt good. I'd wear them during the day and of course remove them at night. They also come in colors black, navy blue, or that wonderful beige color (blech) so you can wear them to work (if you work). The knee his worked for me, but some women wear support stockings instead.

PS You need to drink WAY more than 2 Liters of water. Whatever the equivalent of 2 gallons is the right amount. I agree read Dr. Luke's book follow the guidelines, but don't stress about eating as much as she says. It's pretty difficult. It's the amount of protein that's critical. Good luck!
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More water? Yikes. I'm struggling to get down 2 L. 2 Gallons? Really? I do eat a fair amount of protein and just bought a mixer today to start with some yogurt protein powder shakes. Yes, I'm trying to get my hands on Dr. Luke's book but I need to order it from a local bookstore which takes time.

Yes, support hose will be covered by insurance. I had been hoping to avoid that route but it sounds like that's not an option. I was at the midwife today and she could already see and feel a couple of pretty painful varicose veins. Sigh. She suggested putting something at the base of my bed to raise my mattress a couple of inches. She said it really helped her. The support hose are the next step. I managed to avoid most of these "unpleasantries" with my first pregnancy. Not so with this one!

Thanks for the advice, it's very comforting to hear that this, while not preferred, is totally normal.
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Drinking tons of water also helps prevent contractions, which occur when you are dehydrated. Try to drink at least a gallon or equivalent. Don't force it down though. LOL...

As far as elevating the bed. I did that at first--for one night. It only made the reflux and heartburn worse and did very little for the swelling. Honestly, the knee hi s aren't bad at all. I was VERY reluctant at first and when I finally wore them was VERY pleasantly surprised at how good my legs felt. I know it's hard to imagine, but trust me!

Another thing, when you are pregnant with multiples your body undergoes an ENORMOUS change that moms of singletons can't imagine--everything is exagerated. Something like 3 extra quarts of blood, your lungs and chest expand to take in more oxygen. It's really amazing! No kidding. My girls are 20 months old now and I have just recently begun to feel like my body is shrinking back to it's normal size width-wise. (I'm still breastfeeding a few times a day).
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Seconding that - multiple pregnancies are vastly different. The advice routinely given pregnant women doesn't apply when you're carrying twins.

Good news is - yes, they do play together, share, hug & love each other!
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