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Is honey ok if it's cooked into things?

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I've been avoiding giving my dd2 honey because of the risk with botulism, but the other night at a family function, my stepmom and stepsisters brought up the fact that they thought it would be ok if honey was cooked, just not raw.

ANyone know about this?
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It makes sense. Not sure what temp you would have to bring it to. Maybe 180 degrees? But if you killed the butolism spores, I don't see why you couldn't give your babe some.
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NO! It has t be at 350 degrees for something like 30 minutes to kill the botulism. Even if you bake something, it never actually reaches that temperature, much less stay at that temperature for 30 minutes. Please don't chance it!
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well, i found this:


"I know that babies under one year are not supposed to have honey but does that apply to cooked honey as well? I am thinking of something like a honey graham cracker

Babies under one year should not have honey, either raw or baked into a product. Honey may contain botulism spores. These spores are very heat resistant and can survive even baking. Once inside an infants gut, which is still at a low acidity level, they can multiply and grow and produce a potent toxin that can be life threatening. After about a year, the acidity level of the GI tract as risen to a level that is inhospitable to the spores and renders them harmless. "
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A baby's gut can't defend itself against the botulism spores, and so they can colonize the intestinal tract, germinate and release botulinum neurotoxin. As a result, honey is not recommended for babies under a year old. It's recommended that you avoid giving baby anything that contains honey, or make sure that the cooking process kills any botulism spores that might be present. To kill botulism spores, the food must be cooked at 240 degrees Fahrenheit (this requires a pressure cooker) for at least 15 minutes. Botulism spores are very heat resistant - it takes more than six hours of boiling at 212 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the spores. The toxin is less resistant - boiling foods (at 212 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes will destroy the toxin.
This is from the Kellymom website, you can see I was off on the temperature and time, but it would be virtually impossible to kill the botulism spores. HTH
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Wow, good to know!!!
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You shouldnt give your child hunny until at least the age of 1.
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