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Which do you want?

Poll Results: Do you want a boy or a girl?

  • 25% (9)
  • 13% (5)
  • 61% (22)
    Don't care
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Do you want a boy or a girl?
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If we're having # 3 (that is if the digital test was accurate) I think I'd like a girl as I already have two boys. But, it would also be nice to have three boys. I'm leaning towards girl, but not a strong preference either way!
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I would prefer a boy for my son, but I will take ANYTHING!!!
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I have a boy and two girls I think it would be a nice change to have another boy. But I won't be dissapointed either way.
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I have to admit, I'd like a girl. I have two boys and a girl already.

I think, though, that my reasoning for "wanting" a girl is that I already feel we have a girl waiting to come into our family. We've had some Twilight Zone type experiences that lead me to believe this will be a girl, just like I had weird experiences before pg with Mace and I knew he'd be a boy. This time, my dh and I both, on different occasions, heard a little girl say "mommy" or "daddy" (depending on who was hearing it :LOL ) near us when no one else was even in the room with us. This happened a couple months ago..so I'm going to wonder until s/he comes out!
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i voted "don't care" but i'm secretly hoping it's another girl.
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Since we already have all the girl stuff.... it would be easier. Either would be fine, of course!
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Yeah, I voted "don't care" too, and it's really a lie. I WANT a girl. But it's okay if it's a boy - just as long as I get ONE girl (they're RARE in my family, regardless of the practical fact that the male is supposed to be the determining factor - there is no more than one girl in any family unit in my family for 3 generations.) So if I get to #3 and have 3 boys, then I'll be worried about number 4!
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I really really want another girl. The main reason is because I just KNOW DH and I will fight over the circumcision issue. I am absolutely against it, and he definately wants his boys to have it. Having another girl will make this a non-issue, for now anyway.
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I voted "I don't care" since I have one of each. Really, they've been easier and harder in different ways.

lacysmommy- we'll be going through the whole circ issue again ourselves if it's a boy, the result wasn't so great last time.
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I don't think I care,most days I want a boy but some days I want a girl so ....i am not sure.
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It's not so much that I don't care, but that I can't decide.
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Originally Posted by alfabetsoup
It's not so much that I don't care, but that I can't decide.

We couldn't decide for a while. Either gender seemed awesome. After I learned about timing sex for increasing chances of gender selection, I felt a little frustrated that I learned. I felt that it would be hard to just leave it up to chance. (I know that I am probably wrong). It seems odd that I agonized over it for quite a while, since either would be lovely.
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I really don't care what it is, but since you ASKED....I'd really like another girl!! :LOL I just love the thought of having 3 girls, and the cool bond they will have. I have an older brother, and some step siblings, but I never had a sister growing up.
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Though in all honesty I do not care I am hoping for a boy as this is probably my last babe and I have 2 dd's.
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I don't think I care. I also can't decide if I want to find out -- I did last time.
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I don't care. I think either would be great. I have a boy,so it would be nice to have a girl, yet I think ds would like a brother... though he's only 10 months.
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I want a living, breathing baby... that is all.
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I really had to think about this one. It doesn't matter to me really, I just want a healthy baby. However I was leaning a little more toward having a girl at first. I think about my relationship with my mama and how much I love her and would like to have that with my own daughter. The talking, the butting heads, all of it. I really miss being able to physically hug my mom, jump in her lap when I'm feeling sad, achy, sick, happy, whatever. She'd just rub my head and sing or rock or anything that was soothing. Sniff. Moms are so great. Dads can be as well but there's something about your mama. : When I think about having a son I get all gushy all over again in a totally different way. I mean, to have a son, wow... I love children.
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I'm in the "either" category but I already feel like our baby will be a girl...maybe just wishful (unconcious) thinking?
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