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Were you ever materialistic or

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couldn't seperate nessicity from wants? And made a change?

I think one of the reasons I am drawn to MDC is to help myself reduce my needs for material things.... B.c we simply can't have brand new name brand Gymboree outfits while trying to buy a house or a second car or repay debt.

I also feel like my dh makes enough for us to not be poor AT ALL, yet, we are broke all the time.
Yet, I go to Whole Foods for a snack when I am hungry and that is not cheap. So, I need to change. How do you change?
I grew up poor. My parents weren't just poor, they sucked at prioritzing and being responsible, too. I don't want to be like that!
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I have never been materialistic but I have found that sometimes paying more $$ saves in the long wrong, which is why I prefer somethings to be name-brand.

I have learned to say "Do we need this now?" When I am making a purchase. Even if it is little. My motto has always been "Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."
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I have never been materialistic. I grew up poor. I am still pretty happy just have something functional, forget pretty, brand name or excessive. I do need to work more at allowing myself to buy quality though. and choosing wuality over excess.
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I was never hugely materialistic but I found that after college I was moving in that direction. As luck would have it, at the same time, I discovered the book Your Money or Your Life and it completely changed the way I think. I started putting more thought into purchases and really evaluating whether something was really making me happy or whether it was tying me down. That book really nipped the materialism in the bud.

Another book that helped shift my thinking even further was The Complete Tightwad Gazette. I can't recommend it highly enough!
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Thank you for the book recommendations, Theresa.
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Originally Posted by charmcitymama
The second one, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. There is a follow-up book called Getting a Life about people who were changed by YMOYL and that's next on my list of books to read!
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I Agree w the suggested titles. I recently bought a copy of TWG after checking it out so many times. But, there are some really crazy ideas but a lot of good ones as well. Its also a bit outdated about somethings just a warning.

For all the books- start smart, go to your library to see if they have it first.

Going to Whole Foods to snack is not the best thing for a budget. Cut out the amount of times you do go there.

Figure out how much a monthly payment would be on a house you would buy.
Start putting away the difference every month between the payment and your rent. This way you can get used to the payment and save for a down payment in the meanwhile. Also you will see how much you can really spend too.

Also- yes I was/am materialistic to a degree. I will take something thats of quality over just getting something. I would rather not have it if its not of good quality. But I have seen women walking aorund w Kate Spade handbags that are over $600 and they are made in China.
I used to buy Coach purses. They were made of high quality leather, lasted but were $$. I had one that I used over 10 years, another 15. Now they are canvas and some are leather and are made in China. No I will not spend all that money on that.
Birkenstocks are made in Germany. I just bought my second pair after walking the other pair thru 8 countries and 10 summers. They were worth the $100.

I have all clad pots n pans. They cook evenly and do not wear out. I have seen people have to buy new pots n pans after 15 years of use. Not these babies. The same w my LeCrueset pots. They make a mean stew as well as other things since they are cast iron. These things all lst forever.
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