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Is it more/less fun when you're Bd'ing?

Poll Results: Is it more/less fun when you're Bd'ing?

  • 48% (14)
    Yes its more fun because we're trying to make a baby`
  • 34% (10)
    No its less fun because I'm thinking baby thoughts, not intimate thoughts
  • 17% (5)
    Other (explain poll)
29 Total Votes  
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Ok, I'm just curious if things are more or less fun when you're bd'ing as opposed to sex for the fun of it? More fun maybe because you KNOW you're trying to get pregnant? Less fun because you're thinking of babies and not the subject at hand? Less fun because Dh/Partner is feeling pressured? More fun because you're not worried about getting pregnant (like maybe you would be if you were trying NOT to get pregnant)...
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Most of the time it seems like sex isn't all that fun no matter what. Even if I think I'm having fun, other thoughts always intrude that end up prohibiting me from completely getting in the mood. The first time I ttc'd, I had sex 6 times in 8 days and it definitely wasn't fun. My hubby had already told me he's more of a once every ten days kind of guy. I ended up really trying to make it happen even though I wasn't in the mood for it. Plus I had the flu around that time.

This time around I'm being more relaxed, and if we BD some time in the ovulation timeframe, that's all I'm shooting for. In May I was going out of town, so decided to hit him up before I left even though I knew I wouldn't be ovulating for about 3 days. I ended up getting pregnant, though, and dh was actually not that thrilled because he wanted more time just to "try". So this time I'm trying to be laid back about it all so he won't accuse me of trying to kill him. Fortunately his libido seems to have increased in the past few years, probably because we normally only do the deed about once every two months.

This last time around, I'm pretty sure we did it right in the middle of ovulation, but I might have already been a day past--I'm not sure. It ended up being a lot of fun--I actually did not have any of those mood killing thoughts intruding at all! In the past when we weren't ttc, it was a lot of fun for me to see if I could get him to do it without the condom, but I never managed to get him to completely forget about it. He was always too cautious. ::sigh:: The danger element of it made it fun, though.
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We have fun regardless of whether or not we are trying, but it gives it a magical feel when we know we are intentionally trying to create a new life together. We LOVE trying. We hate the waiting afterwards, though.
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About the same amount of fun, but in a different way!

I've always really loved sex, physically, and that hasn't changed. My mental state definitely is different, tho. Before, it was all about the wildest, sexiest things I could think of, plus a side track of whatever else was on my mind. (It's very rare for me to completely stop multitasking, except for about 30 seconds before orgasm, and even that happens only about half the time...but I'm just a very multitasking kind of person, and I don't feel it diminishes my enjoyment, oddly enough!) Now, and from the very first TTC sex, I'm thinking about our bodies making the baby and the love and desire between us and the Cosmic Significance, and I'm surprised how arousing that is!
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Now, and from the very first TTC sex, I'm thinking about our bodies making the baby and the love and desire between us and the Cosmic Significance, and I'm surprised how arousing that is!
Ahhhhh thats what I need to be doing! When we're TTC all I can think of is holding babies, cuddling babies, taking care of them, ect. Puts a damper on the lovemaking! So now I try to specifically NOT think that we're ttc as much as I can! I convince myself instead that I am in the mood and want to get Dh to take care of that. :LOL Seems to be working this month!
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It's more fun for me, but not for DH. So I just have to keep him in the dark when it comes to where in my cycle I am and try to do it pretty regularly regardless.
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Depends... when we are just going for it, it's fun. Sex is always fun, and ttc just made it more so.

However, when we were ttc it always seemed like I would O the busiest week of the month, and making the time to do it when you just want to rack out is'nt quite as fun...

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When we were no longer not trying to get pregnant, I was so worried about what would happen if I actually got pregnant (I considered myself immature and irresponsible and not good mother material, but I was willing to leave the decision to the universe), that I was preoccupied the whole time we were "busy."

In retrospect, there was no sex that was as moving of body, soul, and spirit, as when we were leaving open the possibility of Dd. Wish I'd relaxed enough to enjoy all that.
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when we first started ttc is was a real thrill to be having sex with no protection and the thought that this might be the moment that changes our lives forver. several years later it was no longer fun because their was so much pressure and emotion surrounding it. now it's fun again but we're not officially ttc
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When ttc#1 I got very obessive about doing it on the right days and was kinda stressed and it was not fun at all. This time we just decided to throw out the condoms and have a lot of fun. I'm not charting this time around. Got OPK strips but just for fun, not going to stress about them. At least in theory. lol!

Dh and I are both enjoying ourselves so much more this time around. Maybe it's because we're relaxed and have been through this before, and know that we are fertile (even if it took a long time with dd).

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I feel more amorous when there is a possibility of getting PG, or when I am PG. I think it is because I think men are pervs and when there is the possibility of getting PG I feel like there is more in it for me, it seems more romantic and exciting. When DH doesn't want to conceive I feel half shut down. When I'm PG and he wants to BD I like it because it feels whole, like we are closer for some reason- he knows I am carrying his baby so it seems less perv-y to me. I wish I didn't feel so negative about men, DH would like it more if I wanted it like he does LOL!

This is why I hope DH doesn't get a V like he wants, I would never want to have sex!!
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I thinkg the possibility of creating a new human being between dh and I makes me feel even more "gushy" towards him and hence much more affectionate. Also knowing that he loves me enough to want to have a child with me...

I am definately more fiesty with the possibility of baby making!
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Dh was just happy to BE GETTING some!!! I am usually not in the mood (imbalance of some sort) but when I was ovulating, I was SOOOOO horny, so I knew, and it was exciting to think we were purposely making a new person...it was THE truest form of making LOVE...
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