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OK, here's Liam's birth story finally

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I'm oht cuz this babe seems to be taking after his oldest brother and not #2, who was/is very laid back and needs his space. I was hoping for something in between, but that's ok! LOL! I had him in my Maya wrap, but I was sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy and suddenly my eyes are so itchy I can't stand it and I realized I hadn't washed the Maya wrap since we moved to our new apartment--and got rid of our cat! It was covered in cat hair! Yikes! So I threw it in w/ the diapers I was washing. Hope the hot water doesn't hurt it too badly! But SHEESH! My eyes are ITCHY! ANyway, I'm going to cut and paste for another board I belong to for my July '99er. Hope no one mindss ad that I edit wgere needed!

OK, well first, here's a picture. We finally named him Liam and decided today to give him my grandfather's name for a middle name. So Liam Martin Fiddler was born at 2:25PM Sep 10.

I was getting woken up w/ contractions early in the morning on Saturday. I kept falling back asleep in between b/c I've been having contrax all week, so this didn't seem any different. But they usually stop when I go back to sleep, so after a while, I finally just got up. I went to the bathroom, got a drink, etc, and realized they weren't quitting. So I woke dh up and got in the tub to see if they'd quit. Dh started timing them and after about 3 that were 5 min apart, over a min long, he called Julie, our midwife. This was about 7AM. Julie of course rushed over b/c of my past history (w/ Damien, I was 2cm when I got to the hospital and was pushing less than 2 hours later. W/ Jake, I was 9cm when we got to the hospital 1.5 hours after I woke up w/ contrax.) So she got here in less than half an hour. I was very impressed cuz she'd showered and everything! LOL!

Well, she checked me and I was still only 4cm but I was now fully effaced. My contrax had slowed down to 10min apart by then as well. So she had me stay out of the tub and told dh and me to take a walk. We walked around our little circle section of our complex twice and the contrax picked up again to about 5 min apart, but I just didn't feel up to walking anymore. We came back in and she checked the baby's position and that's when we realized he was not in the most optimal position. He had his back straight along my right side. And he was moving a LOT between contractions. These 2 things made my midwife think he had the cord around his neck and couldn't turn anterior like he wanted. So she had me try doing things on my hands and knees a lot, chest to the floor wiggling my butt, leaning across my birth ball, etc. The contractions pretty much stayed 10-15 min apart most of the time w/ a few bouts of 4-5 min apart here and there. When I updated that day (they had been bugging me at that board since I am 1 of the younger moms and they're mostly done having kids. LOL) and was at 7cm, I had asked her to check me b/c they had really picked up in intensity, but were still pretty far apart.

Around noon, I think, I noticed I was trickling a little water, but there was no gush. The baby finally turned posterior around then too, and my contrax picked up a little. Julie noticed and after a while, she suggested getting back in the tub. My contractions really picked up once we got in the tub and eventually the baby turned so his back was against my left side. My contractions got REALLY strong immediately. I felt a big pop in the middle of one and it was suddenly unbearable. I guess that was my water breaking. After that, there was less than 30 seconds in between the contractions, probably about 5-15 seconds. I wasn't able to breathe through them as well as I had been and I started hyperventilating a bit. But about 10 min later, I had to push. I was still in transition though, which is really odd, so I didn't want to push. I was completely flipping out, it's kinda funny in hindsight. I was whining in between that I didn't want to push and I was almost crying, but of course, when you have to push, you have to push! LOL! So 4 contractions later, his head was out and Julie unwraped the cord. Then she told me to push his shoulders out, but I could feel that he was sideways. That's the way Damien came out as well, and I only knew Liam's shoulders felt like Damien's had, so I was so scared of tearing! I didn't tear w/ D's head, but I did badly w/ his shoulders. But he also had an elbow presenting w/ his shoulders w/ his hand at his neck. So, w/ Liam, I just pushed lightly and he was out! I have a tiny tiny little "skid mark" that can't really be called a tear, it's so small. That came w/ his shoulders, not his head. I never knew it was unusual for the baby's shoulders to come out sideways that way (so his body was aligned perfectly w/ mine, his shoulders weren't turned to the side, up and down. am I making any sense?) b/c my OB never said anything about Damien. But my midwife was really surprised and said I must have an extra wide pelvis. ROFL! (and I'm only 5'3 and smallish build, so that crap about size of the mom=size of pelvis is crap!) He was a little harder to push out than ds2, I guess b/c of the shoulder thing.

Liam was very blue and didn't really try to breathe, so they used the little mask w/ the squeeze thing to puff some air into him to stimulate him and he started breathing, but he wasn't doing very well. So they suctioned him really well and gave him some oxygen for a few minutes. He perked up pretty well and has been fine since then.

It was SO INCREDIBLE to be at home through the whole thing. I was afraid if I had the baby during the day, the kids would bother me and get on my nerves, etc, but it was actually really nice and relaxing to have them playing and life going on as usual around me. I ate and drank pretty much like normal. I actually ate 2 pieces of pizza about 15 min before my contrax got really bad while I was in the tub. And the tub was really nice. It really did help w/ the pain a lot!

Anyway, we're all doing well. Liam is starting to nurse a little better. When Julie was here Monday, she gave him a neck masseage and showed us how to do it and suggested a chiropractor. The massage seemed to really help him and he's been opening much wider and thrusting his tongue less. Damien is taking it all in stride, but Jake is having a little trouble adapting, as expected. He doesn't act jealous of the baby at all and seems to really like him, but he is just SO cranky the past 2 days! But al in all, he's doing well and I think it won't be long till we're back to normal.

Oh, and I called my labor odd b/c I had such hard and fast labors w/ my first 2, I almost didn't really believe I was in labor until Julie told me I was 7cm! It was ubelievably easy until that last 10 min compared to my first 2 labors. I will never say I prefer the short, hard and fast to long again. Haivng this long labor w/ contrax mostly 10 min apart was almost relaxing! ROFL!

edited to add that he was 9lbs 6oz, 21.5" long, head circ 14.5" I can't remember if I'd posted that or not.
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What a nice birth story. And, how smart of your midwife to realize that the cord was wrapped, that way you were able to encourage the baby to move...great job!

Welcome to the world, little Liam!

(I just realized that I probably congratulated you back when you originally posted, but another congratulations won't hurt, right? hehe)
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Thanks, Lisa! You shouldn't have too much longer to go! Liam came much later than we'd expected. We were expecting him to come at 37-38 weeks and he came 2 days before my edd! LOL!
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Thanks for sharing your great story, Wendy! Woo-hoo !! I just had a short birth (1 h, 45m), and I agree about preferring the longer over the shorter--not like you have a lot of control over that though! :LOL

just curious, what position did you push in? For my first birth I pushed on the toilet a long time, and then in lithotomy : . This time I was on my knees with my arms around my DP's waist while he sat on a stool, which was so much better.

And thanks for sharing the pic--Liam is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by ZeldasMom
just curious, what position did you push in? For my first birth I pushed on the toilet a long time, and then in lithotomy : . This time I was on my knees with my arms around my DP's waist while he sat on a stool, which was so much better.

And thanks for sharing the pic--Liam is beautiful!
I was squatting supported by dh. Like I said in my post, I was kinda fighting it, so I think I may have been almost standing in between. It's kind of a blur. ROFL! I like to squat when I push. That's what I did w/ ds1 as well. I was very lucky to have a very hands off OB w/ him (her cesarian rate was 5-6% and she did accept high risk patients!) I ended up w/ an epidural w/ ds2, so of course he was lithotomy. Which just made it all the easier for my OB to give me an (unnecessary, obviously) episiotomy, of course. :

And thanks, I think he's pretty cute, too.
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congratulations! great birth story! enjoy your little baby!
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Thank-you for sharing the picture and your birth story with us! Liam is beautiful. :

Congratulations on the homebirth and the longer labor! I've been wondering about those fast labors. (Mine with dd was VERY slow even after having my membranes stripped).

Baby Liam!!!
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BTW what does "I'm oht cuz" the 'oht' mean??
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Congrats! I have to totally agree about long labors vs short labors. My previous labors were hard and short and fast and this last one was long and drawn out, it was wonderful! Enjoy your baby moon!

Doulamommy - oht means one handed typing

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