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Sorry I was not sneaky or nosey and neither were most of my friends.
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Originally Posted by the_lissa
Sorry I was not sneaky or nosey and neither were most of my friends.
You were not in the majority, I assure you.

Your friends -- they weren't nosy or sneaky to the best of *your* knowledge.
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If that is what you want to believe, that is fine. I completely disagree. I also know my friends better than you might think. I find that attitude sad. I wonder what reaction I would get if I said seniors are really sneaky or cheap or dirty or mid-lifers or any other group. Ageism sucks.
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I never snooped in my parents stuff, either! It just never crossed my mind.

I read my DD's diary once. She had gone to spend the summer with her father, and left her diary on the bedroom floor, open to one entyr...(she's an adult now and doesn't mind me telling you) It said...Today I read my mothers journal.

ACK! I kept that hidden in the bottom of a sewing cabinet, under a bunch of stuff, right where I could keep an eye on it, I thought. I wrote things I never would have had her read! There were only two entries in her diary, teh other one was on Halloween and said "Trick or treat, smell my feet..." SO I was assuming it was left open for a reason. :

Kids. My DS also went through my room often. But there was nothing interesting in there. My youngest three just couldn't care. They'll say, "Hey, Ma, can I go look through your jewelry box, or photos, or whatever"

Also, the UA says we can't call names. Cynthia once made me change a post wher I refered to a person on the news as a stupid person. I doubt callijng your 2 yo a 'little bratty toddler' would be tolerated well.

Why is this (sneaky little teen) different?
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GOsh, you know I always figured that not calling names in the UA pertained to each other. (and that is pretty important on a message board where we debate so openly) But I can see how this rule could be applied no matter to whom we are referring.
I still think "sneaky" is a descriptoin and not a name. Whereas "bratty" is too vague. Sneaky pertains to a particular action, the action of sneaking. If one is sneaking, they are being sneaky. An objective description, and not a judgment or a name. Whereas "bratty" is just a name that means anythign the speaker wants it to mean. And so is a judgment on another behavior (which could be anything from violence, obstinance, whining, any number of a million actions that are judged to be bratty)

I really see no negative connotation to the word "sneaky" it is a method of doing things. Even a skill. A child who is particularly skilled at being sneaky may grow up to be a private detective, a journalist, a cia agent.
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Originally Posted by Pandora114
Ok: I get why the OP needs to keep medication locked.

But here's something *I* don't get.

Why is a teen allowed privacy, but a parent isn't allowed that? Seriously.

If my child doesn't respect my wishes for privacy by entering my room without permission,, then you betcha I'm installing a lock on my door.

I wouldn't enter their rooms without permission and I expect the same. If I can't get that same respect, then my door will get LOCKED. If my kids have a right to privacy I bloody well do too.

And I believe a teenager can grasp the reasoning behind that

In a house, where everyone lives together, their bedroom is the only place they can have as any form of private space. Wanting PRIVACY is totally different than hiding stuff.

Some kids need a little bit of help in regards to learning about other peoples privacy. Especially ones who are challanged with mental illness such as bi-polar.

I agree.

I was also a nosey little sneak - but it was not right.
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ITA with the concept of "privacy" being different from "hiding things;" adults are allowed to do both, of course.

And even Ned Flanders can call someone a "Sneaky Pete."
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