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Do OPK's work when you are nursing?

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I have the Inverness brand test, and I just read that it doesn't work for women who are breastfeeding. Huh? I know some of you are using them and breastfeeding, right?
Of course, according to my chart I should probably be ovulating now, and the OPK has been negative for the last 4 days.
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How could that possibly be???? does prolactin supposedly block reception of LH?? If you get a scientific answer, I would love to hear it.
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Sahara, I hope that didn't sound mean. I didn't mean for it too.
I know you are just asking a legitimate question. And I would love to know the answer too.
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Hey Arduinna, no I think you sounded surprised like me! The only thing I can think of is if the test measures the LH as a ratio to another hormone, like estrogen. You do produce more estrogen while nursing, right? But still, if there's a surge I would think it should work. Maybe they just put a disclaimer on there because nursing women have such unusual cycles. Here I am CD21 and no sign of O. Ho hum
I just wish that had been written on the outside of the box.
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My initial thought was that it was just a disclaimer because nursing effects cycles. I do know that one lh test (clearplan monitor testers) do test lh in ratio to estrogen . I'm not sure what the others do. I would assume it's the same but who knows.

Does nursing elevate estrogen levels? I've never thought about it. I know it increases prolactin, but I don't know what the relation of prolactin to LH would be??
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Hi, gals. I'm afraid I can't answer any of the questions about nursing's effects on LH, etc. (I just know about the effect on prolactin itself, though I believe it also can or may affect progesterone, but that's later, right? Arrggh, and we thought PMS was complicated).

Anyway, I'm currently nursing my 28-month old DS and used my first OPKs earlier this month. I got at least one positive, or at least that's how I read it. I'll know next week if it was accurate, and I'll let you know!

Sorry I can't offer much in the meantime -- I'm curious, too!

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I got a strong positive test while nursing and got pregnant that cycle. Unfortunately I miscarried a few months later, but the test did work! I'm planning on using them when we are ready to ttc again.

Darcy~ Hope it worked for you!
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I took the Inverness test yesterday AM and it was negative. So, I went out and bought Clear Plan tests, and took both it and the Inverness yesterday at 4pm, and they were both positive. So, I guess my surge happened in the 10 hours between tests. Confirmed by a thermal shift at 5 am this morning. Seems like a tight window to me, since you are supposed to have ovulated before the temp shift. I don't know, it was definately positive, but if I had waited until today to take it I think it could have been too late. Maybe this has been my problem all along, I only have a 12 hour window.
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