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Aug/Sept mamas

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HI! the other thread was getting a little long, and thought I would include the new graduates...for Sept!!!

Rock on pg mamas!!!!

I'm doing very well...gas is on hold..hopping it's 'passed' : :LOL

Very hungry...but still lots of energy!!! YAY


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Here is my whiny post...

from the other thread...I'm starting to think I may have high expectations.
But otherwise, I'm doing good! Starting to feel a bit more sick...but nothing overwhelming. And, I think (ok, I'm pretty darn sure...) it's a girl. Of course, dh thinks it's a boy. We have a bet going now!

"OK, I need your opinions: am I being difficult or do you agree with me?

I called my dr's office yesterday afternoon, and the line was busy for an hour and a half, then when I got through, I was on hold for 30 minutes before I had to hang up because dh and I had an appointment. I thought that was ridiculous, and it really didn't instill much confidence in them to me. So, I called back this morning, told them the news, all I got was"Well, you have to go in for a blood test first" blah blah blah, no congratulations, nothing...and then I mentioned that I was on hold for 30 minutes yesterday, and was that normal? And she said well, we're really busy on mondays, no apologies for wasting my time or anything. Plus I have to go to the hospital for the blood test and wait 48 hours...which I thought most dr's did in their office these days.
Then I locked my keys in the car this morning, with the battery on... I think I'm going to cry.

Do you guys think I'm being an impatient b****, or would you have been annoyed, too? I think I need a reality check.
Thanks for letting me complain."
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I replied on the other one that I would have been extremely irritated too, and may have lost it on that insensitive b**** secratery!!!!
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Thanks mamasoleil!
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I would have been furious as well. When I called my Dr 2 days before Thanksgiving because I thought I had strep throat(fever for 4 days, throat really sore...) they told me to call again Friday or Saturday if I still had the fever. I was not going to wait through the Holiday if I knew it was strep. I am not one of those people that calls all the time with a new malady. I have only gone to this Dr twice in over 4 years. I finally told her that I was uncomfortable with waiting and asked if I could just come in for a culture, she said she was pretty sure it was just a virus but that if I insisted they would do it. Well I insisted and sure enough it came back + almost immediately. Glad I went with my gut and didn't listen to the snotty nurse.
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See, I don't understand that. It's like they don't want to take the time to do their job. Good for you, Stephanie, for sticking up for yourself!
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Good news!

I called my old dr's office, and the woman I talked to was fabulous! She even moved up my appt by a week just so I'd feel better. Plus, they have a midwife that works in the office, and that's who my first appt is with! Yipee! And she said nothing about taking a blood test first.
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I am so happy you found someone more willing to work with you. Congratulations!
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Much better reception eh??? Good, glad you did that!!! It's important to feel special by the person who's going to help bring your baby into this world!!!
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Hello everyone,

So glad this thread was started, I didn't know whether I fitted into the August mommies or the September mommies *lol*

Anyways, my little angel is due approx. Sept. 1st. I will have him/her at the birthing center once again with the midwives who delivered my ds. It was a natural waterbirth and a totally amazing experieince.

All the best to you all!

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Welcome Deb!!!!

Glad to hear you'll be doing a waterbirth, that's what I'm aiming for...maybe you have some tips for me!!!
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Congratulations Deb!

And thanks everyone for listening to my complaints, and offering your support!
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I am going to have a water birth too! My fifth one. Love it! The first one was by accident, was in bath to deal with labor and she decided to come out right then! LOL The other ones were planned :-)

Today is my ultrasound, 2.5 hours from now. I am super anxious, knowing I will most likely see a heartbeat but very very very worried about getting bad news instead :-( It was way easier to be optimistic when it still was many hours away!!!! Please send heartbeat vibes my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it possible that my belly is started to pop already??? Unless I somehow have my dates wrong...I don't see how it's possible, cause I'm only 4-5 wks...??? It's not like huge or anything, but seems rounder, and unless i gained that much weight and didn't notice till now????
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mamasoleil- I feel the same way! But I think I'm just looking for an excuse I've heard that you start showing much sooner with your second...we had a friend who at 4 months with her second baby looked like she was 8 months! They thought it was twins because she was so big, but there was just one little boy in there.
Good luck Karen! I'll be sending those healthy baby vibes your way. I understand completely how you feel. I probably will be a complete nutcase when we have to do it.
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I had my first real pre-natal appointment today (before just getting to know you kinds of meetings). I'm convinced that our midwives are going to be wonderful!!! We were there for 1.5 hours talking talking talking. She made me feel SO much better about not eating super well right now. She just kept saying that I need to eat what I'm able to keep down. She even told me not to take my pre-natal vitamins if that's making it worse! And we discussed other ways to get all the right nutrients! YAY I feel better already! Dh came along and he's getting pretty excited about all this. He's so great! Anyway, just a great day after a week of feeling miserable.

Karen, I hope the ultrasound showed a strong heart!!!
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Thanks all!
Ultrasound went pretty well, although the heart was a lot harder to make out than I had hoped for. I posted a new thread with a long update on it.

Now getting ready for first prenatal with my homebirth midwife, so I better get off my butt and get stuff done :-)

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Well made my appt today....
I must say after the reception that you got Annais I was not looking forward to calling, especially since I had my yearly in the middle of Nov and my dr and I talked about how we didn't want anymore right now....: ....

But I was worried for nothing...the receptionist got very excited for me and said congrats and what a wonderful Christmas present.....makes me remember why I like my dr...(even if I don't trust dr's)....

So I go Jan 8.....

Glad to hear that the gas has passed mamasoleil ....
Also glad your appt went well Karen ....

Talk soon,
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Okay, now I know for *sure* my uterus has grown ever so slightly!!!
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Ok, well I'm only 3 weeks prego and at night my abdomin gets puffy like a little pillow and my pants feel tight.

This early already???

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