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Hi. I haven't posted since before Christmas (I think...memory is going!). I've had BAD all day sickness so just haven't really been too thrilled with writing about how I'm feeling/doing. It's been easier to just call friends and share the news and try to not think about being sick all the time. BUT I'm happy to say that the last 3 days have shown signs of improvement. I'm scared I'm jinxing myself, but while I'm still throwing up, it has lessened and the very thought of food doesn't completely revolt me. I was able to go into the cafeteria at work today and not feel like I was going to hurl. Just going down there was a huge accomplishment! So to anyone who has been feeling sick and scared it will never end, I can offer a little encouragment! I will get better!!! I didn't think so, but with all my fingers crossed, I now think it will! Phew... it's been rough. DH has truly been a godsend.

I'll be 10 weeks on Wednesday...that's 1/4 of the way there!!! I have my next midwife appointment on the 21st. I hope we get to hear the heartbeat. This is about the time we should be hearing it, right? I can't WAIT!!!

Anyone else having trouble sleeping on their stomach? I always sleep on my stomach and I can't anymore!! Annoying, but proof things are growing and that's just so exciting that I don't care if it's annoying!

I wish you all the very best and hope we can all avoid as many scary situations as possible!!!! Take care!
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Sharon glad to hear you're doing better! I've just started getting morning sickness.. no throwing up yet, but I feel sick to my stomach like I got off a roller coaster that did a bunch of loops. Slightly dizzy, and my tummy feels yucky... I think I just entered week #5, but all the different ways of figuring out weeks are confusing me greatly!
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not here anymore
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Domestic Goddess I hear you with the puffy tummy thing. Its crazy. I pretty much just found out today that I am pg on a HPT. Have to call the Dr. to get it confirmed and all that.
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Hi, all, and welcome to the new gals! I just read somewhere that August and September are the most common months for babies to be born in the U.S., and I think our growing list of mamas-to-be on this thread bears that out!

I'm almost 8 weeks along now and getting pretty sick of feeling sick. Or as that famous civil rights activist (Fanny Hamer?) put it back in the 60s, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!" (Of course, she was referring to far more serious stuff than I'm complaining about, but you get the idea!).

I'm also struggling with nervousness again. My miscarriage back in October came at the 9-week mark, and as I near that time again, I'm so anxious. I tell myself that this pregnancy feels more like my pregnancy with DS (particularly the all-day, every-day morning sickness -- ugh!), but I don't how much of that is a mind game I'm playing with myself.

I don't see the midwife for my official first prenatal appt until Feb 4th, ah it feels so far off! And with this nausea, the days just crawl by....

Anyway, I'll stop complaining now and be more thankful for what those symptoms signify -- that there's all kind of construction activity going on down there!

Good preggo vibes to one and all,
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Wow! This thread is growing! It is so exciting to have so many other mamas to share with!

I am 7 weeks and SOOOOOO tired. I cannot stay up past 7:30. I have all day morning nausea (feeling green!) and am still pottying ALL the time. My dd (19 months) is fascinated by the potty now, I guess because we spend so much time in there!

I am still harboring alot of fear about this pg due to loss this summer. Is it real? Can I let myself dream about and hope for this baby? Everyone says these feelings pass once you get past the time of the loss... Maybe when I hear the heartbeat I will feel better. I won't see my midwife for a couple more weeks, so that will still be a bit early.

Happy thoughts to us all and let's find ourselves in the blissful second trimester soon!
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I hear you, Wooby...I feel the exact same way.
I got to hear the baby's heartbeat on Thursday, which was so amazing and wonderful, but I won't be totally relaxed for a couple more weeks. Our m/c in March was at 10 weeks, so I will be relieved and less tense when we go to the dr's at 11 weeks and hear the heartbeat again (see, I'm thinking positively!).

I don't mean to be a downer, it's just on my mind.

So, we're all feeling pretty sick, and pretty tired. That's wonderful! At least that's what the midwife told me... I just want to go home and sleep. And not eat, or maybe I'll be inspired on my way home from work and think of something yummy to eat. I did that yesterday, and immediately felt sicka fter I ate it. It was still good while I ate it, though...
Take care everyone!
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I read somewhere (can't remember where!) and a friend in med school said the same thing...if you have morning sickness, it's a sign of a really strong pregnancy and your risk of miscarrage goes WAY down. I hope that's a bit of comfort to you moms who are approaching previously sad weeks....hang in there!!
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Hi all,

Glad to see so many new faces, and glad that some of you are getting into the not so sick mode.....

I've been feeling pretty good for the most part....food is pretty good right now...although chocolate is my major craving...and black olives...again...I ate those by the can my last preg...lol...:
Although that being said...dd has had some really raunchy poops lately that I have to talk myself into changing without gagging....I hope that passes soon....

I just read somewhere that August and September are the most common months for babies to be born
That is definately true up here.....of course that would take you back to Oct/Nov to conceive right...and up here that is Hunting season....atleast that's been my undoing both times....

Take care ladies, and those going for appts in the coming days, good vibes you way!

Talk soon,
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I just made my first appt. Makes it feel more real!

November/December for August/September babies. I think anyway.
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November/December for August/September babies. I think anyway.
Opps....YOu are right!

Brain fart

It always feels real for me after hearing the heartbeat....I don't know why...denial maybe...lol....

Today I went through my drawers and bagged up all my clothes that don't and won't fit me (summer stuff) and put all my maternity clothes in the drawers....
Although, I'm at the stage where my clothes don't fit, and mat clothes are still too big (pants anyways)....so I live in jogging pants, except for my one trip to town...last time I squeezed into jeans, but I don't think that will happen next time....

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Barely 5 wks so I won't be hearing a heartbeat this week
I live in jogging pants pg or not. Last time I was pg I did buy some summer maternity clothes though. I guess I will get to wear them again. They have gone through 2 others since I wore them last. Luckily my friend is due any day now so I will be borrowing any winter items I may need from her
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I got my first appt. set for Jan. 22nd- I gotta make it through another week and a half! I'll be 11 1/2 wks then- what do you think are the chances of hearing the heartbeat?

Feeling pretty good here- m/s is pretty much gone, unless I forget to eat for a good length of time. I'm not really as tired anymore either. My cravings are for anything I see advertised, smell, or just think of. :LOL Yesterday all of a sudden I thought of the really soft breadsticks and cheese I use to get at the snack bar way back in high school and wanted them! I actually thought about finding one of my friends that has a kid in hs to get me some! The only complaint I really have now is that I have no pants that fit- I've been wearing either my athletic pants (oh so comfy! ) or my df's jeans.

Speaking of maternity clothes- I have some winter size M. ones that I'm definitely not going to be wearing this summer, I would love to either trade them for M. summer ones, or sell them real cheap to another mommy. Any ideas on where I could trade them? (I'm still too new for the trading post- I about got the 25 posts, but I haven't been a member for a month yet.)
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Can I join you?

Hey Mama's!

Well I'm Finally PG again! We conceived this bundle on wha was my due date of the last child we lost and I am now 5 weeks PG! A CHRISTMAS CONCEPTION!!!!

I'm sooo happy to join you here!
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Yeah Mommy StormRaven! Welcome! I concieved on Christmas too!!!! Feels wonderful to have someone else who concieved on the same day! So neat!
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Is anyone else having trouble getting a good night's sleep?
Just curious.
Between getting up to pee every few hours and not being able to get comfortable and my mind going a mile a minute, I'm waking up exhausted!
I just want to sleep alllllll day.
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Sleep is definitely an issue for me -- between the peeing, weird dreams, DS's waking around 2:00 or 3:00 am, DH's snoring, and last but not least the DOG's snoring (!), oh and my being a light sleeper to begin with, I'm waking up exhausted! Plus, I'm finding it more difficult to go back to sleep once something wakes me up. That's definitely a first; I've always been a quick sleeper, no matter what time of day it is!

I keep saying I'm going to grab a mid-afternoon nap here at work (even bought a mat just for that), but so far it hasn't happened more than once. I really need to, though, cuz even going to bed at 8:00 p.m. isn't feeling enough.

Hope everybody's doing well,
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Hi, All! I wanted to ask if anyone else has yeast infections when they're pg? I had one the ENTIRE time I was pg with ds. I didn't have one during my second pg (m/c). I don't have any m/s, just the yeast infection, peeing, and being tired. Just wondering....
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I just had one. Boy, was that annoying!
My dh calls it "the bread thing", as in "is your bread thing any better?"
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AGH....I'm 6 wk an I just had spotting this morning.

I am trying to stay calm but inside I'm freaking out. Have a DR. appt tomorrow, hope it goes well. Wish me luck
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