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I know exactly how you feel, Robin
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You and I share a due date! I can't wait for my first appt. either!
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Doing the Happy Dance!

Yea! I'm pregnant! Found out last week (actually one week ago today).

I miscarried our last baby (Stella- born at home) at about 12-13 weeks. That was almost a year ago that she was born. But it's weird, I don't feel any fear about losing this one. I just KNOW I'll hold this baby, full-term, in my arms. With Stella, even before I got pregnant I thought I was going to lose her.

So, dh has a new job with fabulous hours, which I am so happy about because his last job had horrible, totally unpredictable hours. Everything seems just right.

Ds is 2 and when I told him I was going to have a baby we did the happy dance together. (I don't think he's certain about what I was saying, but he could sure tell I was happy). Around here the happy dance is going around in a circle, fingers snapping, and singing "happy, happy, happy" as loud and much as you can.

Will be doing another homebirth, thinking of a waterbirth, outside as I'm due September 25 and it will surely be hot enough!

Not much sickness, but I have a great sense of smell (one of the first things that clued me in), super tired, especially in the morning, and breasts are achy when ds wants to nurse. But, he's been really understanding about "nanas hurting" and we agree to try and see how long we can go. I've also discovered that if I nurse him sitting up (me) then it hurts much less. I think it has to do with more for him to hold onto, less direct pressure on the nipple.

Anyway, I am glad to be here and look forward to going through the nest 9-10 months with you all.
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Congratulations Moonglowmama!
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Congrats moonglowmama!

Wooby - I remember from the TTC forum we were close with CD dates too! Congrats and we'll have to keep in touch.

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Well I just got back from my first "prenatal" (ie fill out LOTS of forms, get lost finding the lab, pee in a cup and have FIVE VIALS OF BLOOD TAKEN! )... The hospital smells like pee. The people there (except for the nurse I saw for the paperwork) were grumpy, and not nice at all. Blah! I want a midwife!!!!! Hopefully we can somehow make that work out... if we can somehow get a loan to pay the $3000+ we need to pay for Dh's school so I can have funds to pay a midwife.

And of *course* they dated me wrong. Knew that would happen... so their "due date" is Sept 4th (and I was told they wouldn't let someone go over by more than two weeks... so my *real* due date of Sept 17th is all thrown off).... I can already tell I'm gonna have to fight tooth and nail for what I want. Joy.

But in a brighter light at my next appointment I'll get to hear the heartbeat! Yeaaaah! I can deal with that... now I just have to wait til Feb 13th....
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Hi all ,

I'm new to the boards and really excited to get to know everyone here. I have a 16 month old daughter and baby #2 is due August 15th! It is starting to seem real, now that I can barely fit into any of my pants. : My next midwife apoointment is on Jan 31st, and hopefully I'll be able to hear the heartbeat then. I can't wait!

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Hey Kathleen!
We have the same due date!
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Looks like I'm leaving you all...

Hey all,
Went for my ultrasound yesterday.....
All was good except I had to wait 45 minutes before I could get in....I was not impressed as I had to pee soooooooooo bad.....they had an emergency come in when I got there, and there was another lady before me.....so I did understand, but my bladder didn't....lol...

Anyways, when I finally got "on the table", she took one look, gave me a cup and said pee to here or your going to burst (no shit sherlock...lol...) so that was great.....

So we finally got down to business.....she does her stuff...I told her that I was there cause we had no idea how far along I was, that the dr thought about 10 weeks (2 weeks ago, so 12 weeks...)....she says well your 15 weeks, edd July 17th..... ....I was like are you sure....
I'm excited though....I didn't really want the kids b-days to be too close....so I guess I'll meander over to the July thread...but I'll still be around here, you guys have been great!!!! I'll be 17 weeks when I go see my dr again! Holy!!!! almost 1/2 way there ....

The baby was soooo active too, she kept laughing cause everytime she'd go somewhere, he/she'd move....Once I got to pee again before she took the pictures for us to keep...the baby kept stretching out, like oh yeah, now I got room....lol...Looks alot longer then Evelyn did in either of my u/s with her....I was looking for a sign of sex, but couldn't tell....oh well...we'll know soon enough!

Take care all! I'll be around....
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Jen, congrats on leaping ahead a few weeks! I would love to be able to do that. Everyone is laughing at me because I know EXACTLY how many weeks/days along I am. Sometimes it feels like it's going so fast and other times I wish I could skip a few weeks!!!

Kathleen, I also live in Seattle! (way up north, almost in Shoreline) And I'm due Aug 13! Which midwives are you seeing? I'm going to Expecting the Best in Montlake (Michelle Sarju and Tracy Cooper). I've had two visits and dh and I both think they're going to be great.

Our latest appt. was on Tuesday (1/21) and we sort of got to hear the heart beat. I was almost 11 weeks. The midwife said she kept hearing it, but the baby is so little that it kept slipping by. I was never positive that I heard it. But she said, "wow, you have great uterine blood flow!" Now THAT'S a compliment you don't get every day!
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Annais - Hi! It's nice to have a due date buddy! Are you feeling any better these days? I'm really hoping to start getting some energy sometime soon. I think weeks 8-14 are the LONGEST and most miserable weeks of the entire pregnancy!

Hi Sharon - Always happy to meet another Seattleite! My midwife is Kathy Naughton. (She works out of the UWMC midwife clinic.) She was also my midwife when I had my daughter, and was absolutely amazing. Are you delivering at a birthing center or a hospital?

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I am 12 weeks today. Due 8/08. This is baby number two and I swear I feel fluttering. Could that be?
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