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My girlfriend that we told said that she can tell that I'm preggo by my belly....: ....

I guess we better tell the relatives, or they may just "notice"...

Have a great Holiday Everyone...we're off Tuesday afternoon, but I've got so much crap to do, I doubt I'll make it online till we get home!

Talk soon,
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I am so excited to be joining you all, especially other brand new graduates from the trying to conceive page. Domestic Godess, I am due September 2. You got such an early positive I feel like I have been waiting forever to follow you, feeling pg the whole time!!!

It took me 3 years to get pg with #2 and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I will even try to love the morning sickness that I have been telling myself it is far to early to start having, even as I fought the waves of nausea feeding the cats this morning, LOL!!!


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Took me well over a year to conceive #2, glad you made it too!
Enjoy your pg, we are here for you!!!

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YAY Anne!

Congratulations! I'm glad to have somebody that shares the same due date (ok off by a day *lol*).

I wish you an easy pregnancy & delivery, and a healthy babe.


Baby #2: EDD Sept. 1/03

SAHM to Nathan: 04/18/00
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I wore my maternity jeans yesterday. My others have just gotten too tight in the last few days. I forgot about how yucky it is in that time when your own clothes are too small but maternity clothes are too big! Guess I have to dig out some big jeans. It was fun to wear maternity clothes again and *feel* pregnant. Dh confirmed that my body has defintely changed in the last week. I thought I was just getting fatter cuz of all the holiday goodies. LOL
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that makes me feel so much better!!! LOL
Yeah, I don't like this stage either, where you just feel fat, not pg!!! YUCK...ah well...for a good cause right????

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Hello ladies!

ms has begun, with a vengeance...nothing appeals to me at all. So, I was wondering, do you eat what you can stomach (within reason, of course!)? Or do you eat what you know is good for you, even though it makes you really really sick? Right now, I eat what I can stomach, but I'm wondering if I should try the latter, because I'm starting to feel guilty. Saturday night I had a bowl of tofu with soy sauce for dinner, and that's about all I had for the day. And lots of ginger ale.
I hope everyone has a great holiday!
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Annais, I say whatever you can stomach will be fine. Some empty calories are better than no calories at all. Unless you are eating nothing but Snickers bars, I think the baby will be fine. I am also a firm believer that the baby will get what they need and you will actually be the one to suffer nutritionally. Not that it is any better, but.......
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Thanks Stephanie,
That makes me feel much better!
I'm not so concerned about my nutritional needs right now, as long as the baby get what she needs.
Thanks again
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I'm right there with you Annais! I've been feeling pretty crappy for almost 2 weeks. My midwife told me to eat whatever sounds good and instead of taking my prenatal vitamin (hard on stomach) she told me to try to drink my vitamins...ie. drink good fruit juices or whatever you think will help get some of the vitamins. I feel a bit better since stopping the vitamin and am (maybe) eating a bit better too. I still have to force feed myself though. Nothing sounds good, but I feel so much better when my stomach is semi full. We were at a wedding last night and I ate so much melon, grapes and pasta salad! I actually was able to enjoy the reception!!! (of course I threw up more than usual this morning, but hey, I felt good last night!) Other midwife tips - eat white things (ice cream, rice, white bread...) because they tend to be easy to digest, eat fruits more than vegetables, drink lots, and DON'T WORRY!
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For some reason, baby #2 seems to be bringing everything on way earlier than Baby #1 did!!!

I am just 4 weeks and I feel like my pants are tight, I had some nausea yesterday and am tiiiired!!! I also feel lots of twinges in my lower abdomen.

Those of you who are becoming Mamas again, am I crazy? Other than the pregnancy test and a full feeling in my abdomen I wouldn't have known I was pg the first time.

And my breasts!!! They are killing me!

I am eating every two hours or I start to feel sick.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Every symptom tells me I am really pg which is thrilling. I am just mystified to be feeling so much so soon!

Love and Blessings to all, Anne!
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hi, i'd like to join your little group!

i'm approximately 4 weeks pregnant, tho i'm not sure. i think i must have ovulated a week early for some reason. my due date is somewhere around the end of august, i guess.

it's so weird.. i'm totally plumpin out too. my pants are already getting too tight. my belly's about the size it was when i was 5 months pregnant last time!

and coolermama, i've been feeling twinges for about a week now. odd, huh? i remember hearing that you weren't supposed to feel anything unti the 5th month or so (?) they're like twinges, but they're different than gas or anything i'm used to. they feel like tender little movements. it feels neat.
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Hey all, I just started new thread, but I wanted to let you all know my u/s yesterday at 6w4d showed TWINS!!!! They both measured 6mm and we could clearly see strong heartbeats! (It was a vaginal u/s).

We also went to the store and bought my first two maternity outfits!!!!!

We are so excited!!!!!

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Congrats again, Kathy. I am soooooo happy for all 4 of you!

I am an emotional wreck. I know my hormones are just raging. But it is Christmas Eve and I still have so much to do. I am making fleece blankets for all the kids and wanted to give them to them tonight so they could be all warm and cozy and I still have 1 to do. I did 1 this morning before the kids woke up, but now I will have to sneak away to work on the last one. I have tons of wrapping left to do(all the gifts are at my mom's house). AND we are having my entire family over tomorrow and my house is still a mess. 9 adults for dinner and 15 adults for dessert and the pies aren't even made! I am just feeling really stressed out today and needed to vent to some people who would understand. Thanks
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I'm Joining Up!

Last night I finally got up the nerve to test and it came back positive! I knew already but needed that final +++ to be sure. So far I've had sore boobs and a little more peeing than usual, no m/s yet. I didn't get it with my first so here's to hoping for a repeat.

I should be due around the 27th of August. Any idea the earliest they can verify a heartbeat with a u/s? I lost my last pregnancy at 10 weeks and found out in the OBs office, I would like to go in a little earlier for piece of mind this time.

tnrsmom - I know what your going thru, we are having 14 people tonight for turkey dinner - most are my dh's sisters in-laws, whom I do not know! But tomorrow is close family, no pressure. I'm letting my sil take over my house for tonight, we are BBQing the turkey to make room for in the oven for everything else. We bought our pies at a really good local apple ranch, any of those around you to take off the pressure? Good luck with everything!

Take care and happy holidays to all!

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Congratulations Kathy!!! That's so exciting!

Happy holidays to everyone! I hope we can all dredge up the energy to get through it all! We're getting ready to drive 14 hours to my parents' house. We love the road trip normally, but this year, I'm not so eager....why didn't we buy plane tickets?!

Have fun everyone and I'll be back in the new year!!
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I was very naughty today. I had one small cup of coffee. I feel a little guilty, but I was nearly comatose with a 3 year old and company coming and a messy house. Now I feel like scrubbing a toilet. I better go before the urge is gone. I didn't know my eyelids could open this far. Does anyone else out there partake of the evil bean? An occasional cup can't really hurt can it? O.K., I'm looking for someone to ease my guilt. Any takers?
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with my first pregnancy, i tried to quit coffee, but found i couldn't function at all without a little bit in my system. i drank half a cup a day, and my boy was healthy..

i found out i'm pregnant about a week ago, and this time, i want to quit completely. i've weaned myself from my usual 2 cups (sometimes 3) down to 3/4 of a cup sofar. i'm mixing it with Inca (beet root, chicory etc.), and hope to be done with it altogether by the end of the week. i'm going to try and replace my coffee with other kinds of energy, like making sure i get enough sleep, yoga, eating really well, etc..
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Hi, all! I tested positive last night (Christmas night!) and am still in disbelief. And I guess that I'm way scared...I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks in mid-October and I'm so afraid of losing this baby, too. I keep trying to find symptoms that resemble my pregnancy with DS (now 29 months) rather than the one I lost...a futile exercise, of course!

I even hesitated to post on this board, thinking I might jinx myself or something, but then I thought NAH! I'm going to believe this! And believe things can be OK (or even if they're not, that I'll have the strength to handle whatever comes).

I'm not sure of my due date, somewhere between 8/29 and 9/2. August 29th would be so amazingly great -- that's my beloved grandmother's birthday, and we were going to name our first girl after her anyway! So wow, if this is a girl and she comes then...wow...

Good preggo vibes to all!

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Hi all,

I'm back to TTC. Started miscarrying yesterday.

Love and blessings to all, Anne.
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