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I'm so sorry.
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I can't recall if I introduced myself here...I've been cruising so many discussions and lists to find info and support!

I'm Melissa and I'm about 4.5 weeks dues sometime end of Aug/early Sept. This was our 14th try. We lost our first pregancy at 5.5 weeks back in August, so I can relate to some of you being excited and also a bit anxious. One word of advice from a friend of mine - enjoy every minute with your child and love them from the start so you can always feel good that s/he has always had your love 100%.

Anne, I am terribly sorry for your news. Hugs to you and you family.

For those of you showing and having symptoms...I'm jealous! I'm just waiting for something to happen! I've been eating GREAT just in case the m/s hits me - at least I got a good start. The only "symptom" I have right now is a bit of soreness in the bbs, but now more than pms. I know, I know - enjoy it while it lasts. I would just love to throw up - ONCE!

Any other Coloradans out there?
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Anne, I am so sorry for your loss- especially as it took so long for you to get pregnant this time. But it will happen again when your body is ready. Please look after yourself.

I was writing on the August board, but haven't introduced myself on this one. I am due around August 2nd, with my 2nd child. I feel grouchy and nauseous- poor DH!! It is nothing like it was with DS though- I am not actually throwing up all day long.
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Anne, I am so sorry. I'll say an extra prayer for you.
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I am going to have another ultrasound!

I had an u/s last week, at 6.5 weeks and everything looked ok, but that was just the technician saying it, dr hadn't seen it yet. There was a gestational sac, a yolk sac, and a tiny blip, which was the start of the beating heart. It was too small to measure though and I think that's why they want to repeat, although not totally sure.

I called them last week to get the 'official results' after dr saw them, but of course they couldn't even find them and dr hadn't seen them yet anyway. So I decided not to bother with the stress of it anymore and to just accept the fact that things looked good and totally enjoy this pregnancy without any worrying (ok, with just a tiny bit of worrying LOL)

I had been ignoring the whole dr's office and had been very reassured after seeing midwife, and figured I would just take things as they came, not worry about what could be.

Today, the dr's office called. She said the dr now looked at it. It was too early to see whether it was a viable pregnancy, so they want to repeat the u/s next week. What the heck??? So why would they do it so early that they couldn't see whether it was viable? And how can you prove pregnancy is viable anyway, I think you can say no visible problems, but things still can go wrong. Geez!

I have a new u/s set up for next Monday, Dec 30th. It will be great to see a nice bean with a beating heart. Miscarriage rates really go down after seeing hb at 8wo. But of course, on the other hand, I am all worried about 'what if we don't see a beating heart???? What if something else is wrong?' I am trying to just stay optimistic, but have started stressing already anyway.

I notice that the ob office mostly makes me stress out, while my midwife usually helps me to calm down. Interesting difference.

I was so convinced that this pregnancy is a keeper, but somehow having an u/s makes me doubt myself again. I also think that my trust in my body has been really shaken up by the recurrent miscarriages I have been having before this pregnancy. I was getting past that though, with the great hcg nrs, them doubling, and the passing of all the miscarriage dates. But all back to worrying again just because of a stupid repeat u/s!

I briefly considered declining the u/s, but couldn't really do that either. It will be nice to have the reassurance that things can work out. But I could have done without the stress anticipating the ultrasound!

Karen, 8 weeks today!!!!
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Hi all. I just got a ++ this morning at 16 DPO. That makes me 4 weeks and due Sept 6 (2 days before my birthday!!). I am surprised-we thought this month was a write-off because dh was sick for most of my fertile days and we bd once 5 days before O. So far my only real symptom has been very sore nipples when nursing ds. I guess I better get use to it because he'll be nursing for a long time to come I'm hoping this pg will stick
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You'll probably have a girl if you only bd 5 days before ovulation. Congatulations
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Hey all checking in. We are in the middle of our trip out west.

Anne, I am so sorry.
Karen, hang in there and keep us posted.

I am in Fresno at present. Staying with my dear cousin (survivor of saliva gland cancer). I am having a good time. There home is like a retreat, pool, water fountains, huge, relaxing, in the mountains. We are being pampered and hanging low.

San Diego was nice. Do to my sister's generosity we hit Sea World, the zoo and Seal Beach. I cooked all this great food along with others Christmas and spent the night puking. I ate a bite of watermelon Christmas Dinner. I am still longing for the leftover Mexican Lentil Soup in my sister's fridge back in San Diego. Even though I got sick, we still had fun. Charlie is having a blast.

The last leg to San Diego on the train was a challenge which I won't go into detail on execpt for we were 7 hours late, got in at 5 a.m. and had lots of miscommunication and misinformation.

We leave for Seattle tomorrow where we stay five nights. I will check in while I am there. I hear it is cold in Minnesota so I am not anxious to head back.

We are hanging with about 15 cousins tonite. I look forward to chili and Catch a Phrase. By the way it is chilly here. Never dreamed I would freeze in California. Charlie has been great. It has been good.

Happy new year all.
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Karen - my best for the reassurance you need.

I have some questions about U/S. I'm only 5 weeks, and I hear talk about u/s as early as 6 weeks. Do any of you have resources that explain any risks or problems associated with u/s? I'm unsure how I feel about it. Thanks!
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Karen, I know just how you feel!
I've been feeling very confident in this pregnancy, and had my first dr's visit yesterday. Actually, they have a midwife that works with them, so I saw her. When she found out about my m/c last spring being due to chromosomal abnormalities, she said, did you get tested to see if it was inherited? Our previous dr suggested it, but dh and I thought that if the same thing happened again, then we would go through that, considering that 80% of miscarriages are due to chromosome problems. But, of course, now I'm freaking out. What if I made a mistake by waiting to be tested? It amazing how easily they can shake you up! The midwife was great, though, despite that. I'm trying not to worry, deep down I know everything will be ok. And I was 7 weeks Sunday, according to my last menstrual cycle, but she said I was 8 weeks 4 days. Weird, huh?
I hope everything went ok yesterday with your u/s, Karen.
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Annais, I was 7 weeks Sunday too. I have an US next week so we'll see what they say.
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Hey All,
I don't have a test to prove it yet but I know I am pregnant, I am nauseous, can smell stuff from a mile away, and my breasts are killing me. I figure my due date will be September 14th. Are any of you still nursing, it is so painful, that is how I knew I was pregnant right away. Any tips for dealing with it?
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I'm still nursing too. Last night was horrible, my 20 mo ds is teething and had a really stimulating day so he nursed ALL NIGHT (with no sleep for either of us). It was excrusiating!!! If anyone has tips on how to reduce the pain, I would also love to hear it!
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I'm nursing as well, and just in the past week it's started getting painful. I'm also finding myself squirming not just physically but psychologically now, too, a very weird feeling that borders on resentment at times, which has never happened before in my nursing relationship with DS (except in much milder form when he has gone on marathon nursing sessions when he's teething or something, and I'm just plain worn out from a long session). The resistance now kicks in almost immediately; even before I can count to ten sometimes!

Anyway, DS is 29 months, so I've found I can limit the time he nurses and he accepts that, which is a huge help. When he asks for nummies, I usually can say "Sure, for just a little bit, OK?" and then he knows what's coming and is pretty cooperative.

The other thing that's helped is to have him "Open wide!" as he's latching on; for me, it's been that initial latching that hurts the most, although that's changing, too. I've also heard of women using the discomfort while nursing as a kind of practice time for their learning how to breathe through pain, etc.; I've only been able to get in that mindset here and there!

Here's a strange thing, too: DS really favors one boob over the other, and now that one seems to be affected by the pregnancy much more differently than the other. The ignored breast is feeling more pregnant, sore, and the other feels the same as before! Very odd feeling.

Sorry these so-called suggestions aren't more helpful to those of you with younger nurslings. Good luck to you!

And I hope everyone else is doing well, too!

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Hi - just thought I'd join in and introduce myself. My name's Kelly, just found out at Christmas that I'm pregnant with #4. I'm supposedly due August 29, but since I'm always almost exactly 2 wks. past my due date, I guess that makes it Sept. 12. I'm 5 weeks now and feeling okay except that I'm REALLY tired. My main concentration with this pregnancy is to eat really healthy and to exercise consistently! I've been bad about that the last 2 pregnancies and gained a lot more weight than I should have. Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you all, and congratulations to everyone!

xo - Kelly
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Hi Kelly,

I'm in my fifth week of pregnancy also. I am so TIRED. I could sleep the day away if my 2.5 yo ds would let me (not!).

Is it true you show a lot sooner with your second? When did you show?

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I don't remember exactly when I started showing with my 2nd - but I know that it WAS much earlier (with my first I showed around 4 months).

I have a 2 yr. old also, but luckily(!) he's got 2 older siblings - 3 1/2 and 7 - to keep him busy, so that takes some of the weight off my shoulders. With 3 kids it really does seem to start to ring true that the more you have the easier it gets!

xo - Kelly
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Hi, everyone! I'm 5 weeks pg with #2 and very excited! My ds is 29 mths (just like yours, Darcy), and still nurses quite a bit. I also experience the most pain at latch-on and it helps to have him open wide. Lansinoh helps a little too.

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous bc I had a m/c in August. I was 11 wks. I guess it's normal to be uptight when you've just gone through something like that, but does anyone have any advice for dealing with these feelings? I don't want to attract all those negative vibes by focusing on the lost baby, know what I mean? We are blessed to be able to conceive quickly, but I hope this pg "sticks." Aside from sore nipples, being tired, and peeing a lot, I have no other signs of being pg. One positive with this pg is I had implantation bleeding. I also had that with ds but not with the m/c. I can't remember when my nausea started with ds. Anyone else feel "normal" until a certain week and then it hits?

I'm glad to have found you all!

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Happy to be here!

Hey everyone! Just introducing myself. I am 5 weeks pg with #2. I still can't believe it really happened again! We are so thrilled! I can understand some of the other posts about pg after m/c. We had a m/c in July. This time, I can tell that dh is a bit hesitant to bond. I do have plenty of good symptoms already, so that is good. I am peeing all the time, feeling a bit green, have a super sensitive nose, and am SOOOOO tired!

My dd is 18 months and still nursing. I haven't had any tenderness or discomfort there yet.

I am so glad to be on this board and wish everyone well! Let's enjoy these beautiful pregnancies!
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Thanks for calling me over Wooby! I feel like I've discovered this pregnancy at the earliest possible time! Tested positive 10 dpo! WOO! So now I am... 3 weeks and 4 days along. LOL! I'm counting days! Is that a bad sign that this pregnancy is gonna be loooooong and I should find some patience?

I'm already soooo tired! Slept yesterday night from 1am till noon, then fell asleep on the couch for another hour... Did the same thing yesterday!

And I can really feel my uterus.... mild random cramps here and there as well as a fullness. From what I've read the cramps are normal, but still is scary to me... I'm so worried I'm having a hard time enjoying it... everything doesn't seem quite real to me yet...

So anyways I just thought I'd pop in and say hi to everyone!!
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