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Cultured veggies?

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I got some of that yummy delicious Kim Chee made by Rejuvenative Foods and it says on the jar that it is only veggies and salt, left to ferment for 5-7 days in a stainless steel container. So my question is, if it's that easy to make, why am I paying $10 a jar for it? (It is one of my RARE grocery splurges) Does anyone have recipes? What type of container? Wouldn't glass work, too? If only I could figure it out, I would be eating this delicious healthy probiotic food every daY!!! (And that's important since I don't do dairy probiotics) Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!
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Love Kim Chee! I make it with the Nourishing Traditions recipe. It's very easy and my babies even love it! Here's one that has more ingredients:
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I have a pdf file on how to make kimchee, but I can't post it here. PM me with your email if you want it.
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I'm korean american, and I'm so glad you posted about kim chee. Kim chee is so ingrained in the korean diet. I always wanted to know whether it was probiotic. You sort of answer the question, but is there anything added to the kim chee you buy that makes it so? Certainly yitlan's recipe link is definitely different from traditional kim chee. Would all kim chee be probiotic? Or does it need to be "cultured" in a particular way?

If you're looking for a traditional recipe, I can ask my mom, who makes her own (and for all of us kids). It's a real pain though. I wouldn't want to go to the trouble. I've attempted to make it before, and it didn't ferment, it just spoiled! But I'm sure you're a better cook than me. I've been meaning to ask my mom to show me how to do it again anyway. I want to make sure I learn it before it's too late. Will post again...

BTW, if you can tolerate kim chee that is not organic, korean stores sell like huge jugs of kimchee for $10. Just look for jars that are not too bubbly at the top. Koreans value non-fermented kim chee as well. You start out eating them fresh and then letting them ferment in the fridge. Also, you can buy kimchee online at korean-based online stores. You can do a search for those.
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OMG i love love love kim chee. it is super easy to make. if you buy the wild fermentation book, there is a recipe for it. i make it kind of different, and less spicy bc ds eats more of it than i do, lol. basically it is cabbage, hot peppers, ginger, onions, carrots (opt) and garlic all chopped up and mixed together. you salt it until it tastes decidedly salty, but not unpleasantly so. you add a bit more salt in summer than in winter, to slow the fermentation when its hot. and then you pack it into a jar, really tight, and then you weight it down with a heavy rock or something for 24 hours to allow the juices to come out of the veggies to form a brine. if after 24 hours the brine doesnt cover the veggies, add a little salted water (the ratio is about 3tbsp per quart, but you would only need a fraction of a cup probably) to cover, and then weight the veggies down so the brine stays above them, and cover with a cloth or something that keeps bugs out but lets fermentation gas escape. wait 1-3 weeks, depending on the temp in your house, and it will be done! taste it every day or so, and put it in the fridge when it tastes done. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

eta it is really easy to make, the way i make it is pretty much the same process as for saurkraut. the recipe in wild fermentation is a little more complex.
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When you tried to make it, you probably didn't add enough salt, that's why it spoiled. Salt inhibits the bad bacteria from growing for a few days. Then the good bacteria multiplies by eating the sugars in the cabbage, grows strong and crowds all of the baddies out to preserve it from spoiling.

More about kimchee and the probiotic bacteria it grows: lactobacillus


My friend's mom visited from Seoul and made enormous batches that I was lucky to get a portion of. I'm down to my last few spoonfuls and I need to get her recipe too!
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