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Good New $ Shoes ~or~ Bad Used Cheap Shoes for DC?

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I have been shopping thrift and Ebay for DD...but I can't ever seem to find SHOES for her. The used ones are usually really beat up or have hard soled bottoms. But the NEW ones are SO EXPENSIVE!!! (eg, I just priced a pair of winter boots for her from Soft Star and they are $44 + S&H!).

I am really debating the question of cost vs quality. What do you frugal gals do?
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Until recently, I bought good new shoes and used everything else. How old is your DD? I am seriously frugal, but when they're just learning to walk the right shoes are so important. My boy was also used to Robeez and wouldn't wear any hard shoes, so we have been a soft star family. If it helps at all, they are really durable and they stretch a bit; even when he was growing pretty rapidly, they always lasted us a good long time.

Now that he's older, we have purchased plain old tennis shoes and they seem to be fine.
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Shoes are difficult to find. I buy used at yard sales and thrift stores in a width that I think will be appropriate, but usually a size or two ahead of what I need right now (unless, of course I can find the size I need) I have bought Nikes, striderights, and good winterboots as much as a year in advance. Then when one of the children need new shoes, we go "shopping" in the shoe box. Usually I have at least one pair that fits by then.
Whatever you do, don't buy crappy shoes, they are really bad for foot development
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My family was in the childrens shoe business for over 50 years. My grandfather also was the only one in the region with the credentials who could correct developmental foot problems and construct the appropriate braces. That said, the proper shoes are very important for proper foot, ankle, and walking development. Cheaply made shoes and used shoes are not recommended. Used shoes are especially dangerous as each person wears their shoes differently.

Even if it is a stretch, good shoes are important. They should fit well with little movement of the foot. Laces should be able to be tied securely across the top of the foot. There should not be excessive room in the toe area. If you can measure more than one thumb joint between the tip of the shoe and the big toe, the shoe is too large. Hard soled shoes should not be worn by children learning to stand and walk. Barefoot and softsoled shoes such as Robeez are best.
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Hummm...well, DD is 1 and still getting her "walking legs". I guess I had better get the soft star. Thanks girls!
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You could try making a pair of shoes... I bought a pair of "robeez" and definately don't know how they charge so much?

I can make a pair of moccacins with a double layer of dear skin and still the cost of the leather is around 5 dollars?

For inside the house there are alot of soft slippers that would have the same effect a pair of robeez have...if not softer...robeez are pretty thin.

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We always buy new shoes for DS, but I grab used ones at garage sales for spares (his others are wet or I forgot to put them on him). His boots are also garage sale if I can find ones with liners that are in near perfect condition. With that said, once he was out of robeez, we started buying stride rite because of the cost of the ones I wanted to get.
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I try to find co-op deals (in the TP or at mom's groups) where we buy enough to qualify for a good discount. We got dd's pedoodles that way, and I'm going to try to get a co-op going for more shoes soon.
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I have some shoo shoes and adore them. we generally buy new when we can but for things like dress shoes or a spare pair they tend to be used or handy me downs. I like stride rites or munchkin for sandals and shoes. i found a pair of new birkenstocks for dd for under 20, but she won't wear them (well not yet at least) so I will hold on to them.
winter boots are always new as both dd's go outside for daycare and when home with us. tend to buy either lands end or llbean. well worth the money especially when I can get a clearance sale. this is the one area I tend to always buy new.
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I've found very nice shoes at Nordstrom rack, if you have one near you. Stride-Rite, Merrells, New Balance (even in wide! which we needed for my older ds-though I've been told recently he's not a wide foot anymore). I'm big on good shoes, good insides, support. But it drives me batty to spend so much on shoes they'll outgrow so quickly. I use froogle.com to search for cheap nice shoes too.
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There is a coop going on for Lil Jo's ( www.liljos.com ) shoes right now. They have boots. I'm not sure how much the boots are through the coop, but the soft shoes are only $16.99. If you are interested in more info, you can pm me.
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It's not worth buying cheap shoes once they get older, either. I bought cheaper shoes for my boys school shoes (they wear a uniform) and within a fortnight they look old and tatty. It really is a false economy, unfortunately.
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