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When do you retire a diaper because of size?

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I have several diapers that DS is/has grown out of- I think...they are leaving red marks that don't seem to bother him at all. Does this mean I need to retire them for the next baby? They are all my favorites from a lullabydiaper custom order, and I'm SO bummed! Oh and 2 nearly new medium patty naps, he's on the LAST snaps already. I think he's officially in larges now, which I never thought would happen.

When do you retire diapers? When they leave red marks? When they can no longer be snapped? Butt crack showing? :LOL
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We have a LONG rise here, so diapers get retired when they're getting too short (which is before crack is seen...) When we have poop escape out the back- it's time for a bigger size... We've never made it anywhere close to the last snaps.


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I retire them when they leave red marks or start showing butt crack :LOL
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red marks or butt crack. Usually butt crack happens first.
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Yeah...I just noticed in the med. pattynaps, he's showing a little crack. Darn it! I guess it's time to retire half my fitted stash! Thank goodness I have a dz. ME OS! :LOL
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Crack here. We don't use fitteds, I only have a couple, and he usually only wears them at night so we don't usually get a chance to see if he's having blowouts in them. But crack always happens for us first. We've never gotten anywhere near the last snaps either (well, except that one time I made him try on my NB Mutt for the new baby )...
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when i can't snap them anymore. last snap setting is fine, but when it's a reach then it's time to put them away.
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crack showing here
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Yep, crack.
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crack for Maddie cause she's tall and thin, but something tells me it will be the snaps or aplix with nick!

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Crack. I've never gotten to tightest snaps.
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My babies have juicy thighs! We get red marks before we get crack.
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Only after I've realized I'm in denial :LOL
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just say no to crack.
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rED MARKS AND BUTT CRACK SEAL A diapers fate. nak
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