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I fell today... concerned

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To celebrate being off of bedrest, I went and had a pedicure today. When I got home, I got out of the car... my feet must have still been a little slick from the lotion b/c my foot slipped in my shoe and I went down in the street like a ton of bricks. I fell hard on my hands, knees, and left hip/ butt. I am SO sore! Anyway, I freaked out about the baby, so dh called our OB and they saw me in the office.

They checked the baby's heartrate strong... in the 140s, and he is moving well. She felt all around and said my uterus felt good. She said that she didn't think I needed a NST. I'm to call if I have any cramping, bleeding, or if my uterus gets sore.

Eventhough the doctor said she thinks everything is fine, I'm still a tid bit worried about an abruption. I honestly am not having symptoms of one, but I can't stop thinking about it. Does anyone know anything about the possibility of that being the case? Should I be worried?

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i know how you feel (in terms of being sore) .. i fell down 4 stairs the other day when it was rainy and the stairs were wet and slippery..i still have a huge black bruise on my arm and left hip/back..

as far as it hurting the baby im pretty sure our bodies are very good at protecting them. i asked a friend and midwife student about my fall and she said.. if i have pains or cramps or bleeding thats one thing, but probably you will be fine and i was.. she said she knows of very pregnant woman who have been in big car accidents ( even had their bellies squished) and were okay and baby was too.. scary, but comforting. take it easy for a few days and you should be fine.
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I know how you are feeling! I actually just took a fall today and it has me crying today. I just tripped on something in my room, and I was falling forward. I was able to kind of stop my fall but not really....I just changed it's direction when I pushed against the wall, and fell more on my side/butt instead of belly. My pelvis and back were already sore when I woke up, and this sure didn't help. I actually had a midwife appointment today and mentioned it to her, the heartbeat was fine and all that. But today when I got home all I wanted to do was lay down and take a nap with my 2 yr old. But I couldn't because it hurt so bad I couldn't even lay down comfortably. I would find one comfortable spot and it seemed if I barely moved a centimeter I'd have this awful pain in my hips/pelvis a little in the back. So I called the midwife, I'm waiting for her to call back to get some advice on what I should do. I'm tired and I want to lay down. It took me five minutes to get off the bed and I was in tears because it hurt no matter which way I moved.
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The only abruption I've ever heard first person about was absolutely excruciating for the mama. She said it was a passing out kind of pain (and she had done natural CB twice before). Bleeding can be hidden, so I'd focus on whether or not you have any rock hardness of the uterus that doesn't go away (you know how BH ctx go away?) or any pain in the uterus or abdomen that seems really intense.

Abruption is not something to play with, but I think the signs are usually there.

Light to you. Take good care of yourself.
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