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Natural Progesterone Cream?

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Has anyone used natural progesteronen cream during pregnancy?

I am 12 weeks along, have had 3 recent miscarriages, and have had a little spotting this week. My midwife recommends this natural progesterone cream. I'm having trouble finding unbiased sources on the web regarding pros and cons. Is it possible my placenta is not producing enough? Is it likely to help me hold onto this baby or is it just hype?

thanks for any info.
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I used it the month before I got pregnant. I think it would be perfectly safe during pregnancy. even if the benifits listed are just hype I think it would be worth a try.
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It was determined that I had low levels of progesterone, thus making it difficult for the pg to "stick" early on. I took natural progest. cream 2x daily and also took the herb vitex, which is a natural hormone balancer, for one month while ttc. That cycle, I became pg, had some early spotting and cramping (around 7 weeks), which went away after some rest and drinking some nice red raspberry leaf tea. I continued to use the progest. cream 1x daily and vitex until about 15 weeks. I don't know whether the progest would stop *your* spotting and bleeding, but because I knew that I had low progest., I knew that supplements would likely help me along.

I did not find any good resources on the pros & cons of using progest cream, but did read somewhere that using cream that was natural and was not based on "wild yam" was easier for your body to use. if you do a search on MDC, i found a lot of discussion on the ttc boards from early spring '02. Good luck and congrats!!!
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I'm bringing this thread back because wild yam progesterone cream was recommended to me by my midowfe for morning sickness, and I am not sure if I am comfortable with it. Here is an interesting article that says wild yam has been used by chemists to manufacture synthetic progesterone, but it does not actually contain any itself...and the chemical process to create the synthetic form is nothing our bodies would be able to do with the yam. So the "natural" forms of progesterone apparently don't contain any at all, unless progesterone is an added ingredient...in which case the yam is not serving a purpose other than marketing.


Then again, this is an insurance company's web site. How do you get well-researched information without bias?
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You're right Cindy - there is so much hype - it's darn near impossible to get unbiased information. Sounds like the topic of a good article for Mothering!

There is a book called, "What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About PreMenopause." It is all about how progesterone can help, and how "yam creams' do not work. I did find one that is not made from yams. Don't know if it's doing any good - I'm only using 1/2 the dose that was recommended to me, which means I'm using 1/4 t once a day. But, my skin has cleared up and I've had no more spotting. Could be coincidence . . .
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I think it would be fine. I did it too. But...my understanding is you don't need it after 9 weeks. Also........if you miss a day it can be worse than not doing.

Go to Dr. Lee's website.
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Wait, What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About PreMenopause recommends wild yam and by the way, synthetic progestin is made from pregnant horse urine.
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Check the book again - it clearly says yam based creams do not work. The book recommends natural progesterone , not synthetic, but not yam based either. I just reviewed this book for the LLLI catalog.

At any rate, I quit using it ( was only using 1/2 dose) because I was having almost daily headaches. Feel better now.
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I found a natural, non-wild-yam based cream made by Emerita that I used for the time prior to finally getting pg after 9 months of ttc. No headaches or other side effects were experienced, AND the pg stuck!! I'm now entering my last trimester and attribute the successful pg to the combination of vitex and progesterone cream. But, things affect people different...and am glad to hear MBM is feeling better!
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Glad everything is sticking Crat!
The cream I was using was called Prolief by Arbonne Intl. It was also natural and non-yam based. Don't know why I was having headaches, but I didn't like having to take Tylenol to function.

Yesterday I was reading some stats -- if you've had 3 miscarriages your chances of miscarrying on the 4th time are 40% - yikes. I'm so thankful for this little life.

mom to ds 12,
dd, 10,
ds, 6
and 3 miscarried babies -- and now 16 weeks pregnant.
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Wow! That's fantastic and am soooo happy to hear of your gift! I understand your feelings on having to take tylenol to function...I had awful nausea during my first trimester (I'm real sensitive to estrogen changes) and had headaches so bad just after my nausea went away. Luckily they lasted only a few weeks and I didn't like taking tylenol to help with the pain. I actually took junior tylenol hoping it would just take the edge off but not be so powerful as the regular tylenol... Don't know if it actually made a difference, but I only took it when I couldn't bear the headache any longer.

Hope you're doing well! ~Carey
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I take natural progesterone cream to get preggo and to stay that way.
A Dr I was going to recommended it before I was to go to a fertility Dr as she had a number women get pregnant successfully with it.
I have had one m/c, that was my second pregnancy and I didnt use the cream faithfully. My third pregnancy I sure did use it faithfully!!

I use the cream till I am 12 weeks and then taper off of it.

Edited to add my favorite cream is Progesterone Cream by Cumulus of Oregon. I get it from a health food store near by.
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can you use the cream if you haven't already done so and are 4 weeks pregnant?  I have had two early loses so I'd love to know quickly.... also I am taking Maca root powder which is a hormone balancer.... I also am nursing my 18 month old son


THanks in advance



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