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So today, i was walking in my room and tripped on something. I don't even remember what. I lost my balance, tried to break my fall but I just managed to fall on my butt instead of my belly. I have already been sore for a while, as far as the pelvis and hips go. I had already woken up with a low back ache too. Now I've been sore all day...but even worse, I can't lay down! It hurts too much to lay down. I am so tired. I have been crying off and on all day because I just want to lay down and rest! I did take some rescue remedy and that helped me emotionally at least. I tried arnica gel on my sore back, pelvis, lower abdomen etc. Still wasn't able to lay down.

At least DH just got home though. He is going to go to the store to get some tylenol. I will take it if I can't go to sleep any other way. I really want to fix this before labor happens! I think that's what is making me feel so emotional...part of it anyway...I've been feeling like things are getting close and welcoming it, but I really need to fix this. Going to try and get to a chiro tomorrow. There is only one in this area that takes my insurance, I hope he is experienced with prego ladies and can fit me in!

Okay, vent over. And if any of you have ideas for how to help me fix the pain naturally I am all ears!
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hugs to you April - I've been dealing with tons of pelvic pain too this week. thankfully i can lay down, but rolling over, sitting, and walking are excrutiating. i was hoping to ask my midwife today for recommendations, but there was a birth going on and they were two hours behind on appointments, and i just couldn't hang out there any longer with two hungry kids. i hope you're feeling better soon - I can't imagine laboring with pain i've been feeling - really, it's worse than cxn!
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I know I know! That's what I'm worried about...how this type of pain would be compounded with contractions. I took tylenol and slept for about 4 1/2 hours in our recliner last night. The chiro I go to opens in about an hour and a half....I will spend the day there if I have to, to see someone. I'm hoping to get adjusted and a massage too. I think things will be much better if I can do that, and then get some sleep
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I managed to get a massage and a chiro adjustment this morning....I am feeling sooo much better already. It will be nice to take a nap this afternoon, and to get sleep tonite....no nap yesterday and I slept only 4 hours last night in our recliner.

Massage and chiro rock! I'm going as often as I can before the birth.
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