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Who is past their due date?

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Well, I haven't posted in a while and here I am now. My due date was Sep 8th. I'm starting to go crazy Megan went past the due date her edd was 8/1 and I had her on 8/12. So I have been through this before. The midwives start talking about induction at 41 1/2 weeks. I had my NST yesterday. Everything is fine. I'm thinking about going to a massage threapist for acupressure on Monday. Hopefully I will go into labor by then!
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I was due 9-10 -- almost a week ago. I am expereinceing exactly what a friend of a friend did, various BH for weeks, sometimes through the night. My belly is a rock. She thought she'd be early, and then had a happy normal birth two weeks "late."

Sigh. This is my first, so I am extra anxious to hold her. I was going to post an "anyone else overdue?" thread and saw yours!

Here's to hanging in there....
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Surely, we can't be the only ones :LOL
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I've been lurking around the September DDC for several months and will finally jump in...because I SOOOO need someone else to commiserate with! I was due with my second on 9/14. I had my first between 37 and 38 weeks, my mom had both me and my brother early, and I just was SO not prepared to be late . Sigh.

I don't want to go anywhere that people know me! Someone at my son's school yesterday said, "Aren't you officially overdue now?" And I said, "Yes, so I hope I don't see you Monday!". I hope she chalked it up to preggo hormones!

Thanks for letting me know you guys are out there waiting too!
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My first child was born at 38 weeks with PROM and induction. I didn't go into labor. My 2nd child was born 11 days after the due date. It looks like this one is going to take after my second!
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I'm not late (yet!), but I feel for you guys...it's hard enough to wait when I'm still not officially 'due'.

I went into labour on my due date with my oldest, and she was born at 4:30 the next morning...so that is what you expect.

No. 2 was 12 days late - I totally did NOT expect it, which made it worse.

Hang in there (and I may be joining this thread as officially 'overdue' in a few days' time). :LOL
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I'm sure I'll be joining you ladies. My edd is tomorrow, and all signs point to "no". :LOL For now, though...feel free to join us over in the "Who's left?" thread. Kind of along the same lines...

Full moon tomorrow...
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I gave into Cervadil gel because I was less than 48 hrs from being risked out of the birth center. Chloe was born on 9/19. My 3rd daughter!!!
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crap, my DD was 9/9 and I was INSANE by the end of August. She was born 9/7. I assume you've tried ev-er-y-thing, including stripping membranes? That is what got me going. Also blue cohosh tincture in warm RRL tea, and castor oil packs (with heat) on my belly.
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I was due the 24th and am starting to feel a little crazy especially since my first came on her due date. Everyone keeps calling to ask if I've had the baby and when are they going to induce : . I talked to my dad today and he told me to "hurry up" because he's tired of waiting. UGH!
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Originally Posted by indie
Everyone keeps calling to ask if I've had the baby and when are they going to induce : .
First of all, I'm overdue too. Cycle edd: 9/10, 1st u/s: 9/20, second u/s: 9/16.

I've posted this a couple of times, but it works so well for me... :LOL
I changed my ans. machine mess. and started screening my calls last pregnancy and this one. I just start the message with the current date and announce (ONCE only each day) that we're still waiting for baby, lv. mess., blah blah... People get the info they need, and some actually get the message that all the calls are stressing me out and they back off.

DD was born at 41weeks 1 day after I had my membranes stripped (5 cm dilated at the time and no signs of active labor ).

I'm planning HB and I have a backup CNM I've been seeing at the hospital. CNM is using the 9/20 edd and she freaked out last week. She scheduled me for an u/s to check amniotic fluid and a nst for today. She doesn't know I'm planning HB (Not exactly legal round here) and I really don't want to go through with these tests and risk getting stuck at the hospital with an induction. I didn't let her check my cervix last week.
I saw my real mw last Wednesday. I was 1cm and baby at 0 station.
I have been hearing about u/s risks and I feel this is unnecessary. I am going to cancel my appointment today. I'm nervous about it. I don't want to deal with the CNM at the hospital
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