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SAHMs' do you make your SO lunch?

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do you make your SO lunch for thier day at work?
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Um, that would be no. I don't make my 11yo's lunch either.
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Good heavens, no.
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Rarely. Although I should more often--when I was pregnant and working, before dc #1 was born, my dh made my breakfast and lunch every day. It was very sweet. (Plus, if I don't make it, he eats out, which gets $$.)
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i would, but he can eat cheaply at the cafeteria where he works. and it doesn't really cost anything extra because we budget an allowence for such things. if finances dictated i would make him something although i think he would prefer to do it himself, but he would have to do it before bed because he wouldn't get up early enough . ok, occasionally i hand him a microwave container of leftover dinner.
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I'm not even UP when he leaves in the morning. He makes his own lunch- but he makes such "pretty" sandwiches that his coworkers are always sure I've made it.... like a guy can't make a sandwich....

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When dh worked overnights, I would make his 'lunch' b/c it was just putting our dinner into a tupperware container.

When he moved to days, he was leaving at 5am, so NO, I wouldn't get up early to make his lunch. Now he leaves around 7:30, I still don't make his lunch b/c I'm getting 3 kids ready to leave the house (to get dd and ds1 to school and school bus) but I'll help him get ice packs, etc., ready to go if he needs a hand. ETA: He has to ask really nicely and I have to be on time w/the kids for me to help.
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NEVER. Last I heard he had two hands and a functioning frontal lobe
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Always.. it is out of but honestly, some mornings I resent getting up so early to do something he's very capable of doing.. :
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Yes. DH comes home for lunch every day, and I make him the same lunch every day...two turkey burgers with cheese cooked on the George Foreman. Takes me five minutes to make.

He doesn't expect me to have dinner made for him (we eat totally different things), so I'm okay with making his lunch. If I didn't, he'd be eating fast food for about $7 a day. With the turkey burgers, I spend $5.49 a week.
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Yes, almost every day...and I deliver it to him. Of course, that's more for my benefit than his. He is scheduled to work 55 hours a week, but generally ends up working about 65. Last week the only reason that I saw him for more than 10 minutes was because I took his lunch to him. I like being able to see him, even if just for a minute, in the middle of those long work days.
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Originally Posted by Fishygirlsmom
NEVER. Last I heard he had two hands and a functioning frontal lobe

that's pretty much how I feel. I am not up when he gets up at an obscene hour to get to work an hour early. don't ask me why he does this!
my grandma is HORRIFIED as well as his mom that I don't. well excuse me but he is a big boy now, and I simply do not have the time! in the evenings I am getting kids ready for bed. he does not do anythng to help kids get ready. never has. and I am ok with it so long as he comes in the room and hangs out while we read books. then it takes an hour longer to get my two fiesty girls to sleep.....i am bone tired! Most of the time I have not got the ebergy to go and make his lunch.
there have been a few times where I have made it after dinner while I clean the kitchen, and he complains because it is too soggy. :

my MIL and grandmother think that because I am A SAHM and he goes out into the owrk force, it is my DUTY to make him his lunch on top of everything else. i have to say it plays with my guilt alot. i wish i was the perfect wife who did everything for my husband. But then if I was...we wouldn't have anything worth while ot teach my dd's about the partnership of marriage.
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Most days yes. He comes home for lunch, and if he has to make his own it basically means he ends up driving home, prepping lunch, eating, driving back. If I make it he has a few minutes to unwind, visit, and play with DD. Not that I usually make anything fancy. Left overs, sandwiches, soup on toast, and macaroni are all common lunches here. I try to cook extra for dinner most nights so we can just warm it up the next afternoon.

Yes, he can make his own. But frankly, it means a lot to him that I have lunch ready when he comes home, so generally I do. I feel very strongly that love is reflected more by actions than words, and for me this is just another way to show DH that I love & value him.

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Nah. He cooks better than I do.
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Never. Most days I don't even make him a breakfast. Bad wife!
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