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testing 1-2-3!

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yesterday I had some more blood work done. They wanted to verify my ever declining Hcg level which was only at 35 last Monday so I can't imagine there is anything left.

They are also testing my Rh type and Abo group. I am not sure these two are supposed to tell me. Has anyone else had these tests? I counldn't find them in Wechler's book although I remember reading about Rh Types somewhere.

Why do I feel like I am banging my head against a wall?...
I just didn't think that it was going to be like this. I am 33 my husband is 44. I feel really pressured by time. I just never would have thought it was going to be like this. I keep getting pregnant and I have no babies.

hugs to all of you and if anyone knows anything...
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Well, if you are RH negative, and have miscarried more than once you could have antibodies that are fighting off any rh positive babies that you might conceive. That is probably the reasoning behind that. I can't think of the technical terms, maybe somebody else knows and then you can google and find more info.

If your doctor isn't explaining things to your satisfaction, or giving you a chance to ask your questions, it might be time for a different doctor! Just my opinion, but there are docs out there who do care enough to spend enough time to explain everything and answer all your questions.
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I have no idea about the tests but just wanted to give you a hug!
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Here is my limited understanding about rh. It is inherited from the father and if he is positive then there is the "presence" of the rh factor. If you are negative, there is an "absence" of the rh factor. If you get pregnant in this scenario, you will (from what I've read) be ok once, maybe twice, but you will begin producing antibodies to the rh present in the fetus' blood.

Here is a link: http://www.stanford.edu/~holbrook/Rh_Disease.html

It may explain why you don't sustain your pregnancies, but it is very treatable!

I'm pretty sure the abo stuff is just your blood type, and I've never heard of it having any bearing on a pregnancy!

I hope the tests are quick and painless for you!
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thanks so much. I remembered last night what the abo was about. Just blood type test. I have noticed that when I am pregnant, I have a very bad memory. I couldn't even remember my husband's cell phone number and I call it almost every day.

Hcg (beta) tells you if you are still pregnant. less than 5 means you are not at all pregnant. Of course I had to be less than 2 which is really really not pregnant.

My Rh type is positive. Which the MW says is all good news. I got a pat on the back and was told to just go try again and things will likely be okay.

I am not convinced that this made me feel better. She seems to think that the tests wouldn't show much and that these were all natural miscarriages.

hugs to you all!
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Oh Abigal, I'm sorry you are getting fed up. I know what you mean, what good are tests that don't tell you anything, but get you all worked up wondering if you are ok? I hope your MW is being thorough. Do you think a second opinion would be good? Or are you generally happy with her care?
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I am not sure what to do. I went to her for the first time when I found out I was pregnant and miscarried 3 days later. That is where I am. She comes highly recommended. But actually, the DO in the office said that she didn't want to wait until another miscarriage to test. They work in tandem but perhaps they are out of cync on what should be done for me. If I had more energy I would try harder, but right now I can't. I think I will just try to get through the holidays and then see what is going on.

Thanks for all the responses.
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