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Boric Acid???

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We are having a slight problem with fleas...AHHH!!! I am going crazy.
Miles is 6 months old and a marathon crawler...so he is all over the
place on the floor.

So I went to my food co-op to look at what treatments they have for the floors....all they had was Dr. Goodpets 100% boric acid....
it proves to be effective...but I am unsure how safe it is for Miles to be on the carpet....all the time after we do the treatment....

We wanted to do fleabusters, but we NEED something right now....and we really can't afford it.

Any of you have experience with boric acid??? I have been cleaning like crazy, mopping, vacuuming, I even vacuumed one of the cats! :LOL I think she liked it.

Anyway- any thoughts would be helpful!
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I wouldn't bother with any treatment that actually says "fleas" or "pets" on it. I had a horrible flea problem with my pets about 10 years ago and the ONLY thing that worked (after I tried many, many chemical solutions) was a combo of Advantage on the cats and 20 Mule Team Borax on the floors/upholstery. Get the regular boxes of Borax laundry soap from the grocery store, spread it liberally over carpets and upholstery, and beat it in with a broom. Then leave it in for as long as you can possibly stand without vacuuming (optimally at least a couple of weeks).

The Advantage kills the fleas on the cats, and the Borax kills the fleas and their eggs in the carpet by scoring them and drying them out. It's important to leave it in the carpets as long as possible to interrupt the flea life cycle. Borax the laundry soap (which is not the same thing as boric acid) is harmless to pets and humans so you won't have to worry about leaving it down.
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